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VST RTAS - what is it?

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I have question, there is any VST to RTAS convertor.

Do you know somebody, what is RTAS doing ?


Is it another way of work of VST, less cpu usage or so ?


Im little bit confused of this.


hi spacer


as far as i know, vst is the format of softsynths you use in cubase, logic, fl, reason etc and rtas in pro tools.

with an vst to rtas convertor (or vst wrapper) you can run vst's in pro tools.


rtas and vst softsynths work exactly the same way. you can see it as a word-document: you can save it as .doc or as .rtf. It are different extensions but it's the same document. I've heard that rtas is "better" than vst, but i'm not sure about this.

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VSTi (virtual studio technology instrument) was developed by Steinberg as a Universal platform for soft synths and samplers. Not all the companies bought into it. Cubase and Nuendo use it extensively. You may also hear about VST2 and VSTi2 plugins. VST2 is simply an extension of the VST format. These pass on more parameters to the host for automation.


Are PC VSTs and VSTi compatible on Macs? Always assume the answer is no unless the developer makes it clear. If they made a Mac version, they will be sure to list that. Usually, developers will have a PC VSTi version and a Mac VSTi version, so be careful to get (and install) the right one. Usually, these days they are both on the same cd rom.




is the format used by Digidesign, the maker of Pro Tools LE, which comes bundled with the popular Digi 002 interface. RTAS will also work in Pro Tools M-Powered, which works with M-audio interfaces. RTAS plugins, however, will not work in Logic, Cubase or Sonar.





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