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  1. Nice compilation. Good idea. Thanks to goatrance.pl
  2. We are seeking new host for audio compilations-archives for Cosmic Flower.
  3. Dear all, Cosmic Flower are seeking new host for mp3 archiv. If you know about some good stable place, please, let us know. Thanks.
  4. It is out now, you can go there to listen http://cosmicflower.absolutno.org/index.ph...cfdcb488d23054c
  5. hi from bigbacterials.

    thx for friendship.

    good vibes fri.

    thx and bo0om

    http://lads.myspace.com/photoshow/slideshow.swf" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" quality="high" scale="noscale" wmode="transparent" flashvars="userID=297004247&bgColor=6749952&bgColor2=6684927&transitionSpeed=4&transition

  6. Actual tracklist Cosmos release: Cosmic Intro: Derek Oldman - Prophecy Seamoon - DMTones Cosmos Obsession: Galaxia - Tau Ceti (stoned driver remix FIN) Grimoire - Techy Kiva Shanti - Sirade Needle Ninja -Whooshed Cronodevir - Through the Fractal Cybernetika vs. SatanicElectro - Dreamers Skyhighatrist - So much better Shidartha - Mind Tunel dj Sexboogie - All Eternity Chaotic Synthetics - Eclectic Minds Filip Miler - Shinkansen Cosmic Gate - The Drums (Electro Monk & Lost Disciple Remix) Electrypnose - Ornic (Skyhighatrist rmx) Jikkenteki - Boom Stick Gecko Hagenith - Fury Yawning Master - Touch The Stars Big Bacterials - 1 drop Electric Project - Search for Mana Cybernetika - The Creator Spacer - Ritual
  7. Hi there, man If you are not satisfied, try some another possibility, .. vst plugin, try and find,.. it's what I would like to say to you, it's not against Reason, I don't use this soft, so I can't something more to say.. Love
  8. Nice idea, thanks for it, Faxi I sent you email. Greetings, Mirek
  9. Is it solved ? Or you want more help by this way ? Send me message, if so.. I could try another drivers, as written.. how much place you have free on your harddisc ? HAve you tried Bomes midi keyboard ? Is a util makes keyboard your pc keyboard, if you try this, is it same ?
  10. Thanks to Satanic waves, come come come, I'm looking forward to third Cosmic compilation, mates
  11. You are right, Gafell Thanks to Cybernetika, I'm glad we release this project
  12. Thanks, Synogen yep, that's why this is for We added information section to our compo .. This weekend is server offline, preparing any llittle changes. We prepare next server for downloading tracks, there will be added Download link 2 in Music section on site. Nice weekend, guyz
  13. + links for download all in archive are added (2parts).. enjoy cosmic crew
  14. I have question, there is any VST to RTAS convertor. Do you know somebody, what is RTAS doing ? Is it another way of work of VST, less cpu usage or so ? Im little bit confused of this.
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