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Help With Cubase

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HI there, I have recently installed Cubase and have started messing around with it.


I need to know a few things though if possible:



1) Where can i get decent kicks and drum kits from? (for trance that is)


2) What are some really good VST plug-ins i could use for bass lines and synths etc?


Your help is appreciated!


Thank you!



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The best would to ask this in the music making section.


And for kicks, I prefer to make them myself. Creat a sine wave in sound forge, pitch bend it and some eq untill it sounds real killargh.


People say there's some nice info here : http://forum.isratrance.com/viewforum.php/forum/2


Also, give me a message on msn or something.

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a cool "bare neccessity" selection of drum samples found here:




( go to "Resources", download "copywrite-free sample pack" at the bottom )




vsti-wise... check out "NI Battery"


or a simpler, free'er one is somewhere in here:


free VSTi's !!!!!!!!!!


not to mention a whole lot of other vst stuff. How can you resist a VST plugin called "Barking Wombat"????!!!!


enjoy and good luck!

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