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V/A - Occurrance


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Artist: Various

Title: Occurrance - compiled by Djane Nem

Label: Oxygen Records

Format: CD (Jewelcase with standard 4-page inlay)

Released: May, 2006





Oxygen Records is a relatively new label, founded in Czech in 2005 by the two DJ's TV and Nem, but now based in Barcelona, Spain. The labels focus is on euphoric morning trance, and so far the first 3 releases (the compilations "Satellite" and "Parsec" and the debut album by Spectra) has had a quite high quality compared to similar releases in the scene. The newest output from Oxygen Records is the compilation "Occurance", compiled by the in-house female DJ Nem, and with a promising tracklist of well-known morning acts, plus a few interesting comeback-tracks from Native Radio and Highpersonic Whomen.



01. Setherian vs Highpersonic Whomen - Floripa Sunshine [140 BPM]

The first track is an interesting collaboration between the Brazilian DJ/producer Setherian and the Finnish progressive act Highpersonic Whomen. Finland isn't exactly well-known for progressive psytrance, but when Highpersonic Whomen, a sideproject to Haltya and Pelinpala, released their debut album "Alternative Energysource" back in 2002 it received quite good feedback, and I personally consider it one of the hidden gems of the progressive genre. With that album in mind I had quite big expectations for "Floripa Sunshine", but it never really reaches the extraordinary level of the highlights from the old album. That said, it is a good opening track though - not quite as fluid and epic as the old Highpersonic Whomen stuff, but more focused on the grooves.


02. Sound Field - One Step Above The Sun [140 BPM]

The Israeli act Sound Field is certainly established as one of the most loyal acts on Oxygen Records, so far appearing on all the labels compilations. The most well-known member of the act is Andy Yakovlev, who is also known for his projects ProSect, Sonify and ICO, and it looks like he and his acts have a bright future ahead of him. "One Step Above The Sun" is one of the best tracks I've heard by Sound Field or the other projects he's been involved in: strong on grooves, and with different catchy layers of melodies that complement each other nicely, this a very positive and energetic progressive morning-tune. Nicely done.


03. Echotek - Endless Run [140 BPM]

Echotek from Israel is up next with "Endless Run". It's a quite intense progressive morning track, and the atmosphere is slightly darker than in the first two tracks, with only a small hint of melodies. It's basically an ok tune, not downright bad, but unfortunately I find it to quite typical for his progressive/full on crossover sound which, in my opinion, hasn't really evolved in the last 3-4 years.


04. Triptych vs. Sim 1 - Silver Trip [144 BPM]

Following up is a collaboration made by the french TurboTrances in-house act Triptych, and Sim1 from South Africa, who hasn't released much on his own, but is involved in the project Silver Surfers with his countryman Nate Protoculture. Compared to Triptychs recent releases, "Silver Trip" seems more straightforward and in this case this is definitely a good thing: very euphoric and no-bullshit melodic morning full on of the best kind - awesome.


05. Setherian - What Was Lost And Forgotten [142 BPM]

"What Was Lost And Forgotten" is the compilations 2nd contribution by the brazillian DJ/producer Setherian, and it is certainly the stronger of the two. It's a stunningly beautiful piece of music running for well over 10 minutes, with some truly amazing larger-than-life pads and long, airy melodies. What's most amazing about this tune though, is the way that he avoids going into a predictable cheese-fest, with some very clever melodic twists and turns, smart grooves and surprising breaks along the way. Excellent.


06. Chromosome vs Rumble Pack - Hypochondricals [138 BPM]

The Swedish act Chromosome (also known as Andromeda and Soul Surfer) team up with Rumble Pack (also known as Blue Vortex and Natural Flow) from Switzerland on "Hypochondricals". It starts out with a very promising intro, and develops into a more or less typical uplifting Chromosome/Andromeda production with naive, playful melodies. It doesn't really contribute with anything new, but on the other hand it really works, and I consider it one of the best tracks he's been involved in lately.


07. Spectra - Insane [135 BPM]

Next up is a the Portuguese duo Spectra, who released their debut album "Beyond Belief" on Oxygen Records last year - an album I consider one of the stronger full on albums from last year, despite the obvious recycling of old full on formulas. "Insane" is surprisingly enough in a whole different ball game though - the BPM is lowered 10 BPM, and the result is a very optimistic, tribal house-inspired dance-floor groover. Good track and an interesting development from these guys.


08. Visua - Sayonara [138 BPM]

Visua from Mexico has released a couple of very good tracks lately; most noteworthy was his track on the latest "Spindrive" compilation from Spintwist Records, and "Sayonara" is certainly also a solid track. It has some very nice upbeat grooves, melodic peaks that never really go too far, and is generally a good progressive morning/daytime tune with both dancefloor friendly grooves and a positive attitude.


09. Native Radio - Downtschaggi [140 BPM]

Last but not least is a long-awaited return of Native Radio. "Downtschaggi" is pumping progressive with a distinct tribal layer - it certainly has the Native Radio sound, but is more melodic and faster than their output on the "Chiba City Blues" album. Sadly it is maybe a bit to understated and "old" compared to similar tracks in the style, and even though the German duo don't do much wrong here, it just doesn’t leave as big an impression as I had hoped for.



Bottom line:


Oxygen Records are marketing themselves as a morning trance label, and I can only concur - the psychedelia might not be the absolute priority on "Occurrance", but the uplifting, non-stressful sounds presented on this release is definitely perfect for those blissful morning moments, after you've been digging to harder, darker beats the entire night. Like expected it is a very pleasant mix of progressive and soft full on tracks, but it is definitely more on the progressive side compared to their first compilations "Satellite" and "Parsec". Like on those releases, the quality here is pretty high, but where the two earlier compilations both had some annoying fillers, the weaker tracks on "Occurrance" weren't downright bad.


In short, "Occurrance" is another enjoyable morning-compilation from Oxygen Records, and definitely a valuable DJ-tool for the summer season.





1, 2, 4 (!), 5 (!!), 6, 7, 8










Oxygen Records: http://www.oxygenrecords.com

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Hmm... The cover picture is too stretched! :)


I love the cd from the first listen, Setherian was a pleasent surprise. Spectra & Triptych as well. Will dig the compilation once again later.


Anyone else checked this?



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brilliant compilation, brilliant review.


couldn't find better words, all facts nailed. i had the same thoughts and feelings when listening to it. keep up the good work profane :-)

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V/A - Occurrance


Posted Image


Hi-res cover: front + back


Artist: Various

Title: Occurrence – Compiled by Djane Nem

Format: CD (jewel case)

Label: Oxygen Records (Spain)

Cat. #: OXYCD004

Distribution: Arabesque

Date: 22 May 2006


Track listing:


01. 08’24” Setherian vs. Highpersonic Whomen – Floripa Sunshine

02. 08’47” Sound Field – One Step Above The Sun

03. 07’19” Echotek – Endless Run

04. 07’05” Triptych vs. Sim 1 – Silver Trip

05. 10’34” Setherian – What Was Lost And Forgotten

06. 08’17” Chromosome vs. Rumble Pack – Hypochondricals

07. 08’04” Spectra – Insane

08. 07’44” Visua – Sayonara

09. 07’35” Native Radio – Downtschaggi


.m3u-playlist: http://tinyurl.com/fmcg8 (all tracks!)




Early mornings/late nights…


Oxygen Records was based in the Czech Republic for the first three releases, but for the 4th the labe relocated to Barcelona, Spain… The musical focus remains the same though; uplifting morning trance fused with rich progressive bits and pieces… As usual the track listing reveals mainly well-known names – including a few surprises… All hand picked by the label persona Djane Nem… Let’s find out what floats her boat…


Let me take you thru the tracks…


#01: Setherian vs. Highpersonic Whomen – Floripa Sunshine [140 BPM]

Christian ‘DJ Seth’ Zahn from from Sao Paulo, Brazil is an Oxygen Records regular… Just like his debut album Multiverse, most of his tracks possess a well-balanced mix of progressive trance and uplifting morning elements… Not all his stuff has been essential for me, but he certainly has made some fine tunes… On this track he’s joined by Justin Space from Finland and AFAIK this is his first commercial HW release in over 3 years… This track is just what you’d expect – a rich, lush blend of uplifting morning trance spiked with groovy, progressive bits and pieces… It’s uplifting, lush and funky… Not bad at all, but a little edge or a couple of surprises would have been the icing on the cake…


#02: Sound Field – One Step Above The Sun [140 BPM]

Israeli producers Andy Yakovlev & Liron Atia are also Oxygen regulars… I’ve liked everything I’ve heard from these guys and their track of the 2006 PsyBooty compilation ServeEm2wice was nothing short of amazing… And sure enough, this is another sure fit hit from these elusive producers! This is phat, groovy and endlessly funky progressive trance with the slickest, smoothest progression I’ve heard in a while… The middle run with the swaying, morphing synth line is destined to send a shockwave of smiles thru the summer festivals… Fan-fucking-tastic!


#03: Echotek – Endless Run [140 BPM]

Next up is another Israeli producer: Micha Yossef (One half of Neo Logic) who has released music in a steady stream since the crack of the millennium… This is a pretty typical Echotek track – it has both progressive and full-on elements – and the melodic side is the most predominant… The kick is much more emphasized than in the previous tracks, but luckily it’s accompanied by some phat, swirling reverbs which are the main attraction in this track… They sound absolutely lush, and I’m sure they’ll work absolute wonders on the dancefloor… Sure it has cheesy moments, but somehow they don’t bother me at all here… Nice track!


#04: Triptych vs. Sim 1 – Silver Trip [144 BPM]

Tritych (Charles Michaud) from France takes on South African Sim 1 (Simon Malherbe of Silver Surfers fame)… On this track there’s not much space for progressive elements – this is pure, unfiltered in-your-face psytrance… Ultra-sharp electronic hisses twirl about, accompanied by a banging bass and general party-like-it’s 1999 feeling… Uplifting party music for sure! Nicey nice!


#05: Setherian – What Was Lost And Forgotten [142 BPM]

Mr. Zahn is back with yet another piece of hybrid trance… Again it’s slick, smooth and well-polished, but I’m afraid the novelty is starting to wear off… Again I’m in desperate need of some edge which this track does not possess in a way I’d have preferred… Sorry, but this is a 10 minute snooze fest… By the time there’s finally some progression in this track it’s too late as I’m already fast asleep… Yawn!


#06: Chromosome vs. Rumble Pack – Hypochondricals [138 BPM]

The very productive Swedish producer Anders Nilsson is joined by Philip Guillaume & Andreas Maerki from Switzerland… None of these acts have been particular fav’es of mine in the past, but I gotta admit that this track has appealing elements… The rhythm section has a very nice crunch to it – and the reverbs and the twirling little melodies are very slick… It all ties up nicely, and this is a sweet little tune… Works best as home listening and as a transition tool for DJs… I’m not sure how much I’m gonna remember it in 3 months time though…


#07: Spectra – Insane [135 BPM]

Paulo Oliveira & Francisco Oliveira from Portugal released their debut album Beyond Belief on Oxygen Records in late 2005… A pretty nice album – without being overly impressive… Anyway, what we get here is a track that’s not just an extension of the album… This is in fact a change in direction for Spectra – and a change to the better mind you! As the BPM count suggests, this is pretty laid back, mellow and smooth progressive trance with epic, club trance elements… And it totally works! The subtle acid-bits are placed just right! I hope the guys continue down this path, coz it totally works… Lovely tune!


#08: Visua – Sayonara [138 BPM]

So far I’ve only heard a couple of tracks from the Mexican producer Rodrigo Roggi Montiel, but they’ve all been excellent… This track excels in being the most minimal one on the entire disc – but it still manages to maintain a funky groove… It’s a funky as it is simple! Organic, ripe progressive trance… Maybe not a hit for the dancefloor, but for home listening it works wonders... Perfect for stoned sofa trancing!


#09: Native Radio – Downtschaggi [140 BPM]

And here’s another comeback. Bastian Hoffmann & Michael Geissen from Germany hasn’t released new material for at least a couple of years… And this might just be a track made years ago – it certainly has a somewhat dated, technoid appearance… It’s very reminiscent of the minimal, teKk-trance like that swept across Germany in the early years of the new millennium… Not particularly bad, but I’m not sure how well it works on a 2006 morning trance compilation… A decent track that seems oddly out of place…


Despite a couple of less good, mediocre tracks this is still the best Oxygen Records release! There are a couple of really excellent tunes here + a couple more ‘pretty nice’ tunes… So yeah, we’re slowly getting there with Oxygen Records. Flow wise I’m not sure how well this compilation works though… The BPM count is bouncing up and down and there’s not really any coherence… Anyway, perceived individually, there’s still some excellent music here – and the CD doubles as both a DJ tool and a sofa trance remedy… The cover art work is beautiful as always with Oxygen Records… Nice!


All in all a pretty nice compilation – without being amazing! But things are picking up for Oxygen Records, and it’s still a label to look out for in the future… Both progressive trance fans and morning trancers will find something to satisfy them here… Enjoy!


Favourites: 2(!!), 3, 4, 7(!), 8,



Posted Image


External links:

Oxygen Records: http://www.oxygenrecords.com (currently n/a)

Discogs: http://www.discogs.com/release/698955

Saiko Sounds: http://tinyurl.com/z3rur

TranceShop: http://tinyurl.com/h7myq

Wirikuta: http://tinyurl.com/hpmav

Psyshop: http://tinyurl.com/gtgeu

Chaos: http://tinyurl.com/hb2te

Ajuca: http://tinyurl.com/fbedk

Juno: http://tinyurl.com/l334a

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