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If you had to define genre's by one CD


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oh well that probably comes from the fact that the man initially asked for RECENT albums... of course if you go through 15 years of trance you'll find that the "definition" of certain genres changed quite drastically over the time. For instance here is an example of what was the definition of "dark" during the years:

1997: Hallucinogen - The Lone Deranger

1998: X-Dream - Radio

2000: The Delta - Send In... Send Back

2001: Parasense - Apple

2005: Ghreg on Earth - Sigilweaver


as you can see, when put in context of other releases during the same year they can be defined as "dark" but compare one with the other and these are VERY different styles...


Ahh, I didn't realise that.
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are compilations allowed? :)


Full on: Voice Of Cod -  We Are Free (pure psytrance), VA - Midnight Storm (dark, aggresive), VA - Invasion From Hyperspace (morning, melodic)


Progresive: Ticon - Zero Six After


Housier: maybe Fuzzion - Black Magic? no idea.


Tech-trance: MidiMiliz - Non Standards, and somehow Procs, but combined with dark.


Dark: Cosmo - Gravity, Ocelot - VectorSelector, VA - Crazy Goblins And Wicked Pixies


Goa: VA - Apsara, Hallucinogen - The Lone Deranger


Chill-out: Kaya Project - Elixir, VA - Albedo, Shpongle - Tales of the Inexpressible


and yes ...


Psytrance: Artifakt - Artifakts II


You have good taste. All those albums are really good.

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