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Rip Van Hippy - Waking Up Is Hard To Do

Guest Deku81

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Guest Deku81

Rip Van Hippy - Waking Up Is Hard To Do


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Artist: Rip Van Hippy

Title: Waking Up Is Hard To Do

Label: Psy-Harmonics

Date: 1997


Track listing:


01. 05'25" Eventually

02. 05'46" No Beginning, No End

03. 06'31" Surf Mars

04. 06'53" I Couldn't Talk

05. 05'53" Dumbeka

06. 05'29" How Hip Is A Computer

07. 05'59" Oops, Wrong Comet

08. 06'39" Dude Descending A Staricase

09. 06'04" Diabet

10. 06'42" Wake Up And Start Dreaming




This is too weird for me. Blips and blops in a pattern that I don't like.

For me this is just a bunch of sounds mixed

together in a strange way. There are so many different sounds and noises in

every track that it is annoying. The melodies

never go on for a long time, they're cut off after 30 seconds or so all the

time. Some sounds are cool though, but most are

not. I never really liked Psy Harmonics stuff and this is no exception. Some

songs that are listenable like #2,#3,

and #10 but the rest I can't stand. Typical Psy Harmonics release that may

be good if you're high or anything but not my

cup o tea

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Guest step_beyond[at]yahoo[dot]com

This LP is from 1997 and is still 100% fresh unlike many other trance

releases..one of my favourite albums..I consider it a landmark cd that has

influenced many artists-Rip van Hippy's music is at the forefront of

electronic psychedelia !!!!

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Guest memetical

Absolutely lovely. Listened to this one every day for quite a while (ahem,

SOBER, deku81 ...). Only stuff that touches this is PelinPala on Demon Tea. I

wonder if PelinPala is a RVH tribute band ... :)


The Rip Van Hippy follow-up album is pretty good ... mostly at the end ... but

it definitely doesn't rock like this one.


Oh, and to those who can't dig this (namely mister first post up there), throw

away the fucking GMS + Space Tribe + Minimal Teutonic Fuckface Polka and learn

to rock properly, this CD is all class.


Tips: pick up: all Texas Faggott, Free As + Edges R Fun, Odd Harmonic,

PelinPala, Soul Oddity, and Mouse on Mars

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Guest kauha[at]hotmail[dot]com

i think it´s a great album! one of the most innovative and free albums i know


and i defenitely agree that the mister on the top row should concider taking a

few more drops of acid.

i also think that there has been lot´s of good album s after this one wich are

ass free and innovative like somebody mentioned here : keeps on korf,

PelinPala on demon Tea, ju ju Space jazz on matsuri, texas faggot on psy

harmonics all these sounds are fresh and very very difrent from your avarage


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this is a great album imo, just don't listen to it expecting pounding

dancefloor material, this stuff is more chilled out, FULL of atmosphere, lots

of indian influences but not in the same way that's been done so many times

before - it's a little more twisted here =) yep it's definitly the goods. On

another subject, I'd just like to voice my approval for memetical's taste (a

few posts up from this), mouse on mars indeed make some great tunes. In fact I

might compare some of their stuff to this rip stuff, the atmosphere is similar

even thought the styles are completely different. I'm particularly thinking of

the "Iaora Tahiti" album. Some of you out there might really like this album I

think, even though it's not trance... (No, I am not from mouse on mars or

their record company!=)

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Guest galacta

nice album!! 2 play on a peacelovin', sunny day! nice sound, but

not so dance-friendly, i couldn't talk is a fantastic track! surf mars too!!


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Guest [Anonymous]

An exellent album altogether, much better than "When Bernie was a tree" If I

have to name one track that really stands out, it definetly is "How hip is a

Computer?" ...kickass

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Very funky stuff. Weird atmosphere. "No Beginning, No End", "I Couldn't Talk" and "Diabet" are so excellent. He uses samples and cuts things up but it's still psytrance and can be very emotional, but most of all atmospheric and funky.


8/10 (some tracks are not equally superb to those above mentioned, but all are of high standard)

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