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Kuro - Visions Of Mars

Guest Mascok

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Guest Mascok

Kuro - Visions Of Mars


Artist: Kuro

Title: Visions Of Mars

Label: Flying Rhino

Date: 1999


Track listing:


01. 05'51" Plastomer 1

02. 06'31" Plastomer 2

03. 06'31" Plastomer 2 (Radio Edit)

04. 06'31" Vision Of Mars




First Track is Plastomer 1. one of my old time favorite in general. its kinda

hard to explain. i love that electric synthline lead and all other melodies, i

like the kick, i love that tribal tom drum, and all those crazy background

samples!. its a blast on a dance floor, really good! and groovy!!!.

2nd Track is Plastomer 2. its almost the same as the first one, except of that

it seems KURU REdit the samples a bit. a bit slower then the first one, but

its still good!.

3rd Track is Plastomer 2 (radio edit). same track as Plastomer 2 just

Reorganized and edit.

4th Track is Vision of Mars. a beautiful ambient track. i like that bassline

that goes up and down, with in the background there are tribal drums and all

kind of effect. and there is a beautiful string of vocal choir (?) female,

lovly strings in general. listen to 4:50

very nice melody that follows the bassline. very good!.

well, if Plastomer 1 wont be here, this will be another avarge flying rhino

vinyl, but thanx to Plastomer 1 and Vision of Mars its a Kick ass Vinyl. i

think it worth buying.

just for track 1 and 4... 8/10...

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