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V/A - Unity Dub's Voyage Into Paradise

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Guest 1400Miles   
Guest 1400Miles

V/A - Unity Dub's Voyage Into Paradise


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Artist: Various

Title: Unity Dub's Voyage Into Paradise

Label: Liquid Sound Design

Date: 2002


Track listing:


01. Unity Dub : Pastoral Journey (Into)

02. Jah Wobble And Bill Laswell : Subcode

03. Shpongle : A New Way To Say Hooray

04. Mere Mortals : Last

05. Zen Lemonade : Die Ashanti

06. Chillage People : Dr Whooo (Live At Destination Venus)

07. Global Youth : All Of The Youth

08. The Kumba Mela Experiment : Cleaning Fluid (Druids, Dreads And Sadhus Mix)

09. Sounds From The Ground : Where The Wild Things Were

10. Dub Mix Convention : But Do You Realize ?

11. UVX : Bug Dub

12. Groove Corporation : Roots Controller




'Dub' seems to be a buzz word lately and the superb LSD label updates the

psyambient crowd with a wide spectrum of the genre originating from Reggae.

Bill Bevan aka DJ Unity Dub compiled and mixed the album and didn't choose to

take prisoners. The first two tracks set the mood slowly with a deep bass and

some saxophone. Then we enter familair territory with Shpongle that in such a

setting expose their unique and weird style. Mere Mortals deliver a dark piano

ridden tune, excellent. 'Die Ashanti' is again a known track which seems

almost perpetual...Then the famous Dr.Who synths overlap the track, enter the

Chillage people. The Dr.Who theme gets the distortion treatment while at the

same time some local bigband provides some support, very 'Sabres of Paradise'

alike. Excellent trippin' stuff. Then ambient master Youth comes along with a

somewhat monotone reggae track. Kumba Mela needs no introduction as Cleaning

Fluid is one of the highlights of that proclaimed experiment it restores some

psychedelic color on this one. 'Where The Wild Things Were' is built on a

female voice sample and gets good after the break with some great basswork and

twisted, again distorted guitar solo. 'But Do You Realize?' is a sample ridden

somewhat chaotic reagae tune which slowly gets weirder and weirder until the

UVX track emerges with a nice clean guitar riddle. Very funky and impossible

not to move. A briljant transition leads us to the last track of the thus far

great journey, 'Roots Controller' with an ORBisch spacy feel. -Unity Dub's

Voyage Into Paradise- has a 'hallucinogetic' feel, hence the LSD label, to it

as there is so much weird shit going on in the tracks that you definately need

to leave the current dimension to 'Get it all...'. A grower and fine example

of excellently mixed dub-laden chillout. Only apply if you have a high

weirdness tolerance level...its closer to the ORBs early works than anything

from Ultimae or Interchill.

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PKS    2

(BFLCD56) : Liquid Sound Design is out with another voyage into paradise. The

first voyage was mixed by Alex Patterson (The Orb) last year (2001). This time

it is Bill Bevan (Unity Dub) who is going to lead the way to paradise with

some chilled vibes.


Unity Dub has picked out all the tracks for this compilation, and mixed them

together. He starts off with one of his own tracks. A very slow introduction

with some birds singing (a Wren), some running water, some kids in the

background, a little singing and waves hitting a beach. The track slowly

glides over to track 2. Track 2 is a deep track, which is very jazzy, with

some experimental slow rhythms, a trumpet and electronic sounds. Track 3 has

probably most of you heard before. A taste of Shpongles second album Tales Of

the Inexpressible (Twisted 2001). Track 4 is by Mere Mortals who release

albums on the Canadian label Interchill Records. A little jazzy, pleasant

rhythms and a beautiful female voice. Very relaxing track which reminds me of

summer. Track 5 is by the couple Zen Lemonade (Super Cozi and Gus Till). This

track is not on their album released on Dragonfly Records 2002, but you can

find it on the Mana Medicine compilation released on LSD 2001. A very nice

psyambient track. Track 6 is a new name for me (Chillage People). A pretty

special track, with some weird melodies that reminds me a bit of Norwegian

Röiksopp. Track 7 is an old track from 1995, but it sounds like it could have

bin made in 2002! The reggae dub style, with pleasant electronic sounds. Track

8 is a wellknown track from the East Of The River Ganges album released on LSD

2001. Indian dub, with pleasant melodies, Indian flute and a lot of nice

sounds. Track 9 by Sounds From The Ground is one of my favourite tracks on

this compilation. Very nice chill out! Track 10 is one of Gabriel Le Mars many

side projects. Here he cooperate with dj Reverend and Marcus Darius and call

themselves Dub Mix Convention. Deep reggae inspired dub. The next track is by

UVX. This is real reggae with vocals, but also with some electronic sounds.

Unity Dub finishes his mix with a track by Groove Corporation. This track has

a lot of cool rhythms compared to the other tracks on this compilation, but

still it goes in a pleasant tempo. A nice track with cool melodies. Nice



Liquid Sound Design mostly come out with a very dub inspired style. If you

liked Mana Medicine, Elucidations, East Of The River Ganges or Alex Pattersons

Voyage Into Paradise, you will like this one too.

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