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V/A - Transient Dawn


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V/A - Transient Dawn


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Artist: Various

Title: Transient Dawn

Label: Transient

Date: 1997


Track listing:


01. 07'41" Astral Projection : Ambience

02. 09'30" Messiah : Hypnosys

03. 07'33" Slide : Sarching Slowly

04. 12'13" Cosmix And Kristian : The Vision

05. 07'17" Anubis : Temple Of The Moon

06. 08'26" Medicine Drum : Slipstream

07. 10'16" Doof : Blue Sun Shrine

08. 08'05" Cosmosis : Dawn Of An Era




perfect post party music; pumping enough to keep you up there, yet it still

soothes those battered brain cells. On a par with any of the best chill out of

the last few years. I lost my copy a while ago, and when i tried get it again

from transient last year I was told it was deleted, is it still delted ? If it

is, could somebody burn me copy please ? I can make it worth their while by

exchanging it for a fine piece of dutch produce ;-))

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Guest pralien[at]shpongle[dot]com

GREAT COMPILATION ! All tracks are great and beautifully compiled but my

favourite ones are : 2,4,5,6,7,8. hehe


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This is extremely good compilation ! Morning Trance at it's best..I like all

songs, they all go perfectly with each other...best on " album " are :

HYPNOSIS ( whoooa, what a massive, melodic track, one of the best here and in

general, simply stunning ), THE VISION ( what a composition ), TEMPLE OF THE

MOON ( amazing Simon's work with fantastic female voices, great !!! ),

SLIPSTREAM ( this is really something, very powerful track, good built ), BLUE

SUN SHRINE ( maybe the best Doof track by far, after Star Above Parvatti, this

is really tears in your eyes music ) and DAWN OF AN ERA ( One of the best

Cosmosis track, sheer perfection ) ....AMBIENCE is good work by Astral but

lacks something actually to be one of the best and SEARCHING SLOWLY by Slide

is stunning too. so, one of the best MORNING compilations you can get


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Artist: Various

Title: Transient Dawn

Label: Transient Records

Date: June, 1997


01. Astral Projection : Ambience
02. Messiah : Hypnosys
03. Slide : Sarching Slowly
04. Cosmix And Kristian : The Vision
05. Anubis : Temple Of The Moon
06. Medicine Drum : Slipstream
07. Doof : Blue Sun Shrine
08. Cosmosis : Dawn Of An Era


A trip into the softer side of trance. See...it says it right there. What a great idea for a compilation. Can't be balls to the wall 100% of the time can it? And that's the way Transient plays it. Smooth and repetitively hypnotic. Let's start with the good shall we?


I agree with a lot of what was said above. Maybe not some of the superlatives, but definitely the sentiment. Hypnosis is a melodic burst of sunshine and rules this compilation while Cosmosis throws some breakbeat into a sinister goa track. The Asian tones and chunky groove made Slipstream appealing while the vocal was designed for twirling. The Posford track Temple of the Moon puts you smack dab in the center of a tribal ritual. Searching Slowly is evil and twisted kinda like a predator waiting for its prey to slip up.


Now the not so good (notice I did not say bad).


Ambience could be the most lifeless track from Astral. Wait...does that count S.F.X.? The Doof track...it's the same sequence over 8 minutes. Euphoric midtempo sunrise stuff. Hardly anything to get a chubby over. Did the Vision have to be over 12 minutes? Really?


Something for all here. Darkness, euphoria, tribal vibe, melodies...Overall very good. And whilst I wasn't bowled over by some tracks, the flow of the compilation was top notch and the sound quality was superb.



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