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Distortion Orchestra - The Share Of Things To Come

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Distortion Orchestra - The Share Of Things To Come


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Artist: Distortion Orchestra

Title: The Share Of Things To Come

Label: Nephilim

Date: 1999


Track listing:


01. 11'04" Angel Z Alpha

02. 07'55" Nano Cycle

03. 08'01" Space Echo

04. 11'19" Mind Cluster

05. 07'28" Nuclear Tide

06. 08'06" Magnificent Desolation

07. 10'43" Universal Oscillator

08. 09'33" Atomic Mantra




I didn't know what to expect from this group because it was completely unknown

to me but it was a very positive surprise!!! Some great songs on it, the music

sounds pretty dreamy and the first 3 songs have many breaks and they all have

long build-ups... But except the first 3 songs they'll work on parties for

sure!! Best tracks are 4&5, good to dance, but tracks nr 1,6&7 are also

very nice!! Bom Shankar

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CHEESE ?? I can't believe that someone can say for this that is cheese, same

like for ASTRAL too....This is very good album...Good melodies and great


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Being frustrated by IMax idiotic , childish review I have forget to mention my

favourites from this album...This is very good album that has lots of old

school feel to it, but with some new, hard sounds and guitars that were used

good...It has long bulid ups and very good climaxes...best on album are NANO


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Guest psygroove

Nice album, after only owning the MP3s I just got the album in my mail

(eBay)..... For me this is one of the albums I never get bored of.. it is just

what sounds goa-trance like in my opinion, and DO did a good job with that :-]

give it a try if you like it oldschool, well produced, melodious sometimes,

pumping, harmonic, THIS is definitely NOT cheezy... 9/10 from me!!!

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