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V/A - Tantrance 5


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V/A - Tantrance 5


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Artist: Various

Title: Tantrance 5

Label: Sub Terranean

Date: 1997


Track listing:


CD 1

01. 09'16" Miranda : Gnocchi

02. 09'52" Shiva Shidapu : India Spirit

03. 07'10" Psychaos : Dense Dawn

04. 07'12" BETH : Blighty

05. 07'13" Semsis : Sound Vandal

06. 09'13" Crop Circles : Full Mental Jackpot Remix

07. 10'00" Absolum : Biologic

08. 06'03" Hallucinogen : Synthesizzler

09. 10'10" Tandu : New Aura


CD 2

01. 05'16" Juno Reactor : Swamp Thing

02. 06'04" Zodiac Youth : False Prophet (Man With No Name Rmx)

03. 08'09" Planet BEN : Daily Delay

04. 09'24" Massimo Vinova : War Cry

05. 07'00" Lost Chamber : Sunflight 11

06. 09'00" Yaka Suki : Power Cult

07. 08'34" Paul Brtschitsch : Amorphgeocrime Trysynergie

08. 08'08" Hanana : Discorder (Blue Amazon Rmx)

09. 08'15" Astrological : Zyrkon

10. 08'51" Space Tribe : All You Need Is Spirit




CD1 is VERY interesting (except Tracks 2,4), CD2 has 8 bad Tracks :

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 !

Best Tracks are CD1 Tracks 3 and 8 (Very good new Aura ^_^) Rating : 4/10

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Guest [Anonymous]

Tantrance 5 is a compilation of the sort which was rare in those days (we?re

talking 1997 here..) because it has a fair amount of minimalistic tracks on

it, which wasn?t the style of goa which was dominant in 1997. In 1997 you had

groups like Crop Circles and Pleiadians and Miranda was still at her best. Goa

was more like the stuff Slinky Wizard used to make. Anyway, I?ll go by it from

track to track. CD 1 starts off really well with one of Miranda?s best tracks:

Gnocchi. This track has all those characteristic Miranda sounds and a hard

pumping beat. Next up is Shiva Shidapu (erez aizen) with one of his first

tracks here. It?s quite good, although maybe a little chaotic in places.

Psychaos follows with his usual acidic style and this one is no exception.

Pretty good if you like that sort of goa. BETH. is next which is actually Tim

Schuldt teaming up with 2 guys of Cydonia. Pretty storming track and great for

the partyfloor. Semsis is one of those groups which makes standard goa. If you

want to let someone know what goa sounds like, take Semsis as example. One of

his best here, in my opinion, especially that melody somewhere in the middle.

Next up a remix of Crop Circles? well known track: Full Mental Jackpot.

Great!! Even better than the original in my opinion. Absolum is next with one

of his older songs: Biologic (original). A pretty great track if you ask me.

Hallucinogen follows with Synthesizzler, which is a track you can only

appreciate if you like Simon?s style. Tandu rounds CD 1 off very nicely with

their slow song: New Aura, which is well known amongst almost all of us Goa

freaks. CD 2 starts with Juno Reactor?s Swamp Thing, which is not everyones

cup of tea because of the Guitars in it. Next up a remix from Man With No Name

from one of Zodiac Youth?s better known songs. Guitars again, so if you don?t

fancy those, you won?t like this. I like it, because I don?t dislike normal

instruments in Goa. If it?s

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Guest Le Lotus Bleu

surely the level quality the most irregular from a tantrance, i don't

understand the presence of yaka suki it's purely acid no trance here.


up on cd1 1-5-6-7 and cd2 1-2-5-7-8-9

down on cd1 4 and cd2 3-4-6-10


cd2 is very much weakest than cd1

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Very various compilation. It is good but nothing spectacular....The best songs

are CD 1: 1,2,3,5,6,8,9 and CD 2 : 2,3,4,8,9..Rest is pretty average or


CD 1 : 7/10, CD 2 : 6/10

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Label: Sub Terranean

Catalog#: SPV 089-47742

Country: Germany

Released: 1997




1-01 Miranda Gnocchi (9:18)

1-02 Shiva Shidapu India Spirit (9:54)

1-03 Psychaos Dense Dawn (7:10)

1-04 B.E.T.H. Blighty (7:10)

1-05 Semsis Sound Vandal (6:54)

1-06 Crop Circles Full Mental Jackpot (Pleiadians Remix) (9:10)

Remix - Pleiadians

1-07 Absolum Biologic (10:56)

1-08 Hallucinogen Synthesizzler (6:04)

Co-producer - Chicago , Raja Ram

1-09 Tandu New Aura (10:11)

2-01 Juno Reactor Swamp Thing (5:18)

2-02 Zodiac Youth False Prophet (Man With No Name Remix) (6:05)

Remix - Man With No Name

2-03 Planet B.E.N. Daily Delay (8:08)

2-04 Massimo Vivona War Cry (9:25)

2-05 Lost Chamber Sunflight 11 (4:10)

2-06 Yaka Suki Power Cult (8:55)

2-07 Paul Brtschitsch Amorphgeocrime Trysynergie (8:35)

2-08 Havana Discorder (Blue Amazon Remix) (11:49)

Remix - Blue Amazon

2-09 Astrological Zyrkon (8:16)

2-10 Space Tribe All You Need Is Spirit (8:49)


From my review on discogs:

Different strokes for different folks! From very good tracks to crap, mediocre and forgettable to excellent this double cd album contains it all.


I believe it's somewhat sought after (though if you find it in a 2nd hand store you'll probably be able to pick it up for next to nothing) and I expect a reason for this would be the inclusion of Pleiadians side-project Crop Circles on cd 1. Let's jump right to that one, then :D


Well, Full Mental Jackpot is one sweet tune, too! Very true to the Pleiadians sound, yet, with a distinct characteristica separating it from IFO. At least when you know it! ;o) More upbeat, perhaps.


Anyhow, this cd is packed with loads of other cool tracks. Tandu, Psychaos, Semsis, and Lost Chamber comes to mind, and, off course, the very nice opener from Miranda. These are prime examples of melodic psytrance from back in the days.


Another listener might choose other favourites, though. For instance, I would probably love Juno Reactor, Bth and Zodiac Youth (MWNN remix) if it weren't for the freaking distorted guitar sounds going fucking ballistic here! And I'm just not into the tracks here neither from Shiva Shidapu (in the words of one Homer Simpson: BORING!), Planet B.E.N. or Hallucinogen. But that should just be taste.


In addition to these instant hits & shits there's quite an amount of "bobblers" here. For instance, I'm not quite sure how I'm gonna feel about Absolom, Massimo Vivona, Hanana, and others down the line, but they certainly have potential to go either way :huh:


Well, that's the main characteristica of trance compilations. You get so freaking much music in your face it takes time to take it all in. But hours of musical exploration & fun should be guaranteed here.


... and I picked it all up at a 2nd hand store for only 7 euro :D

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Guest Cosmogenesis

Only 7 euros for this great compilation! You're a very lucky man!

Nice review, guy. Authentic goa tunes in Tan Trance 5 like Tandu-new aura, or Miranda - gnocchi. How can I forget one of the most "craziest" tracks from psychaos, with his simply amazing high undulances : dense dawn.

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Only 7 euros for this great compilation! You're a very lucky man!

Nice review, guy. Authentic goa tunes in Tan Trance 5 like Tandu-new aura, or Miranda - gnocchi. How can I forget one of the most "craziest" tracks from psychaos, with his simply amazing high undulances : dense dawn.


Hey there man, glad you liked it. Yeah, I could hardly believe my luck myself. Actually this 2nd hand dude got hold of 2 copies in like 2-3 months so a friend of mine also got a copy. each 7 euro!


... then again, I've burnt my fingers on some other cds over the years, so I still have some way to go before break even :)

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