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S-range - Space


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2001 was much deeper , more subtle ... Space 'flashes' a bit to much in some

parts , sounds like some mediocre psytrance sometimes . can't really compare

Space to Electric Roundabout which was much better and wasn't that full-on ...

but this doesn't mean I don't like this cd , no no ... some tracks realy are

masterpieces like "the one" and "ilha bela" , a very smooth trance-house

hybrid full of emotions and a nice groove ... I don't like Space , ugly melody

in the end . same for Freak Out ... overall the production qualty is clear and

coverart is fresh too , but a bit more focused on commercial progressive

trance imo ...

my favourites are 2,4,6(!) and 7 ... well let's say , I give it a 7/10 just

like Goblim.

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S-range - Space


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Artist: S-range

Title: Space

Label: Spiral Trax

Date: 2003


Track listing:


01. Ten 4

02. The One

03. Freak Out

04. Test Tones

05. Space

06. Ilha Bela

07. Star Alliance

08. Dimension Jump




Second album from S-Range. Before this album I didn't like S-Range

and I didn?t enjoy his last album 2001 very much, thought it was quite boring

and low quality. But after hearing SRange live in December where he played

these new tracks I changed my mind. This is a very melodic album, some mixture

between 2001 and melodic/morning trance. At the same time it's pretty full on

in its style. Ten 4 begins directly with a 'pling-plong' melody with a full on

bassline. Very uplifting. The One is darker, but kind of the same style. Very

good. Freak Out sounds a bit like Human Blue, nothing special to say about it.

Test Tones is the highlight on the cd. A lot of space-samples used, including

?the five tones? from movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind. At the end

this track sounds a bit old school, very nice. Space is also sort of Human

Blue style. First half of the track is pretty calm, but second half is pretty

cheesy with its kind of hoover-sounds. Ihla Bela (whatever that means) is a

slower track, which makes it a bit boring. Star Alliance is again a very good

track. Very uplifting. Dimension Jump is kind of cheesy, but not bad. It ends

this album with a nice anthem. Overall a very uplifting and melodic album,

which hopefully can help bring more melodies to the psytrance scene. The whole

album is very Space oriented (surprised?) - A lot of samples and spacey

sounds. Not overused samples though, they fit in well. Best tracks would have

to be 1, 2, 4(!) and 7. If you like Human Blue's last album or morning/melodic

trance, buy this one. But don?t compare it with 2001 because Space is a lot

better, especially the production quality which is great. I also want to

recommend the SRange track on 'Ease Division' compilation, which is the best

track on that comp. Hope for more from SRange in the future. Overall rating


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I really like S-Range's great morning trance album "2001" for its hypnotic,

soothing and melodic qualities. Somehow "2001" stood out from the other

morning trance albums by Human Blue, Matenda (a much under-rated act in my

opinion) and Atmos for me, maybe because it had a sci-fi element and created

soundscapes that it was easy to get lost in (helped by the very nice recording

which has lots of space between the sounds). I think that "Space" is even

better, it is really great to see an artist progressing. S-Range builds on his

unique style here by structuring the tracks more overtly, bringing even more

melody and melodic progression into rhythmic changes, and expanding on his

science fiction themes; so if you liked "2001", expect more of the same, but

slightly less restrained, less hypnotic, more melodic, and with more detail.

Silfors has created a special record here; lots of tinkling of interstellar

ice sprinkles his intergalactic mission to the stars. Unlike much of the

full-on stuff, he encounters fewer growly threatening aliens on this journey

to the stars, and instead finds civilisations of haunting beauty that

challenge preconceptions. Could this be the soundtrack for a new generation's

uplift? For me this is sure to be one of the albums of the year. 10/10 ~*~

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i'm listening to this right now after years and it still rocks my house. the first half is simply great, already with the first track S>Range conquers the room and shows how spacey psy with a drive should sound like. unfortunately the second half can't stand the power of the first, but it's still nice. if you never heard this before and you like original psytrance from the days when fullon took over give Space a spin, you might like it.


btw, anybody knows what this guy is doing now?

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I am a little surprised there is not more love for this album, nice spacey but melodic prog that goes down a treat.

Star Alliance and Dimension jump end a great album very well, very climatic for me to have the best tracks at the end and build up to them.

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