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Eat Static - Science Of The Gods

Guest Isra-Alien

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Guest Isra-Alien

Eat Static - Science Of The Gods


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Artist: Eat Static

Title: Science Of The Gods

Label: Ultimate

Date: 1997


Track listing:


01. 09'44" Science of the Gods

02. 10'02" Interceptor (Parts 1 & 2)

03. 10'11" Kryll

04. 07'22" Spawn

05. 08'55" Dissection

06. 01'15" Pseudopod

07. 07'28" Bodystealers

08. 08'37" Contact ...

09. 10'06" The Hangar




Eat Static's music never could be called trance, especially not psytrance. This

stands for this album aswell. However, Eat Static are in the psyscene, like,

forever. Science of the Gods is their third album after a break of three

years. It's a very peculiar album: it moves from hard jungle (Interceptor), to

even harder psytrance (the excellent Contact). Most of the tracks are built on

the same formula, soft kickdrum plus storming breakbeats. The style is quite

similar to Joujouka. Some exceptions of course, like tracks 1 & 4, which I've

no idea how to classified them...

But Science of the Gods isn't truly a jungle album. I doubt that a real jungle

lover will like it, and I'm sure a regular psytrancer (if there's sucha thing

;) won't.

Eat static tried combining trance with drum & bass, and got a quite confused

result. For these who like breaks in their trance and can enjoy a good d&b

(most of the tranceheads can't), I fully recommend it. Personally, I really

liked it =)

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Guest Agoraphobic

Its true, Eat Static are the gods of originality...

They keep coming up with new refreshing stuff.

And the track Science of the gods is the best I've heard from them ever!

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Guest Stormbringer

I think it´s an album that still sounds fresh and interesting but it can be

demanding to listen to because it´s pretty experimental with lots of

influences from here and there. 30% Jungle, 20% Electronica, 20% Psytrance,

20% Ambient/Chill and 10% Techno or something like that ;-) In any way it´s a

very good record for homelistening but maybe not for the average

psytrancedancefloor where people usually likes a plain 4/4 beat best. (7/10)

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Guest Sir Horrace fanny

Why are Pepler and co revered as trance gods ? They really havent made any real

psy trance.So this is a load of rubbish-nothing new/danceable or exciting here

infact its at the bottom of my cd pile-give it to some crusty with loads of

shit in his hair-he might be able to find somthing to do with it or

alternativly make a chillum out of it.

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Guest iNFiNiTi500

Indeed a tad strange that Eat Static is so associated with psy whereas their

tones are much more broad and flexible than that. But Eat Static always

deliver quality stuff, although the new album "In the Nude" is simply miles

better to consume for the average psytrancer than this heavy on the Jungle

beats leaning effort. So if you want a taste of Eat Static go for the new

album instead, although this one has also its charm...7/10

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Guest eat static

I don't like this album. The style is always changing so you cannot get into

it. The moods are too differents and i don't like drum&bass.

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Excellent expermiental psychedelic electronica... you got it right that it´s

hard to classifie Eat Static but who cares,,, really? :))... This is excellent

(like every release from theses guys/gods)... Can´t find any weak track

really, ...If you´re into experimental but still beutiful music,,, get this

one (and every other release from EAT STATIC)!

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Guest Vystril[at]aol[dot]com

what are you all talking about? this CD is simply AMAZING! i've never seen so

many unintellegent responses ever.. its fast complex and ALWAYS keeps me

interested; track number one is simply astounding :) the speedup after the

oriental stop makes my heart pound :) all the tracks are amazing! hanger is

crazy to chill out to, and i could dance my ass off to any of the other

tracks -it may not be pure psytrance but its definately excellent music! and i

LOVE the spaced out style they created on this cd

its definately their best and i always bring it back out to listen to it

i'd give it a 9/10

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Guest -Shroom-

He is right! This is one of the best albums ever! Their music is just so

intelligent, the sounds are amazing, i dont know why you guys hate everything

that is not goa/psytrance. You guys should listen carefully to this album, and

see what will happen.

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Guest thomas.moerman[at]student.kuleuv

This is a masterpiece. Admitted, it's not psytrance, but very intelligent

electronic dance music. Each track has its own identity, its unique style and

atmosphere. When I first bought this record, i didn't like it, but listen

after listen it just sank in deeper. This may be due to the complexity of each

track, there is so much detail. Nifty little melodies, filtered drumloops,

oozing synthpads, distorted soundscapes, and so on. Just listen to 'the

hangar', you feel like you're in some alien laboratory on a barren planet,

with machines screeching and sizzling. At the end of the track the synths

sound like they're talking.

This is just an example of how original this record is. Also, it sounds a whole

lot darker than usual Eat Static stuff. Maybe because it was produced in hard

period for the ES lads Merv and Joie... but that 'darkness' is the essence and

character of the album.

So, if you don't like it at a first-time listen, listen to it again...and


In my opinion the best ES album, period (and i own all of them) Don't kick this

record, savour it. 9.5/10

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Guest [Anonymous]

this is STILL my fav. if you can't see the genious of this album - open your

mind a little more.


it seems to me that Eat Static IS psytrance, which i DON"T consider the same as



if you are looking for that "goa sound" - don't look here. this stuff is PHAT

and original.

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Guest djcpr[at]hotmail[dot]com

Unadulterated Electronic originallity. Eat Static are and will continue to be

one of the true artists of the scene. A scene that in my opinion is split

into way to many factions.

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Guest Jikkenteki[at]extranormal[dot]or

This is by far my favorite Eat Static album. Someone previously complained that

this album it too all over the place. I realize opinions are just that, but I

disagree with that statement. Eat Static have a very individual sound that

envelops the whole disc, dispite the fact that Eat Static are not afraid to do

just about anything musically. Few artists can take such a wide range of

influences and have them come together in such a total whole. I suppose I

could see some goa/psy-trance "purists" (which to me is totally against what

the goa/pys-trance scene is about) maybe not getting into every aspect of this

album. But for the open minded individual, this disc gives one a large sonic

meal to chew on.

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Guest quoz[at]obscene[dot]nl

true, it's not goa, it's not psy, but it's totally spaced out.. considering

that that is my favorite "style" (more like atmosphere) this album is one of

my favorites, with track 9, the hangar, as a chilling dark climax, altho it's

the 'slowest' track on the cd. whoever said you should stick to style, the

tracks flow together, telling different stories.. love it

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Definitely going to be in the minority here, but I couldn't wait for this collage of noise to be over. I found no emotion in it nor a melody to follow. Just a collection of abrasive sounds with a drum 'n' bass backdrop. Having said that, it's just my taste. Even though I didn't like it, I can appreciate its complexity. For me this is not the kind of CD I can just put on and listen to.




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