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V/A - Schlabbaduerst ReKkords 2


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V/A - Schlabbaduerst ReKkords 2


Artist: Various

Title: Schlabbaduerst ReKkords 2

Label: Schlabbaduerst

Date: 2000


Track listing:


01. 09'35" Vibrasphere : Roadtrain (Battlemix)

02. 09'25" Battle Of The Future Buddhas : Mr fantastic

03. 07'31" AHS : Puke In The Dust

04. 08'34" Battle Of The Future Buddhas : Sly

05. 06'51" Fripic Bounce And Daardavean : Why Did The Cops Chase The Ambulance?

06. 09'20" Signal : Lost It

07. 07'57" Ka-Sol : Stuck

08. 07'55" Phlat Phase : Pearly Gate Crasher

09. 09'31" Ka-Sol : Fairytale




In one word... FANTASTIC!! Never heard anything like this...

This CD is made by the guys of the Battle Buddha's, Ka-Sol And Subcouds... (the

other names are the results of the co-operations between them)! And this CD is

much lighter than their last Schlabbaduerst-CD which was extremely hard...

This one sounds like the PERFECT morning-Trance... Great basslines, hard

rhytms and véry good and hypnotising melodies, and on those melodies you have

those mindbending and scratching psychedelic sounds... 2 songs on the CD are

more night-music and rather dark (nr 6 And 7)! But I simply can't say what I

feel while listening to the others songs!! I fly far, faaar away... ALL the

songs are véry good but 4 songs are simply AWESOME...

number 3... (David Tingsgard made this CD because of this song), number 8 which

has a wonderful melody and many deep psychedelic sounds on it... Number 2 that

is fast, sunny and dark at the same time... And number 9 that is full with

strange and complete insane melodies...

This CD is maybe NOT from Twisted Records or whatever, but this is high-quality

Psychedelic Trance and that's all that matters for me...

I thought I would never find a CD as good as Twin Sharkfins, but this one is AS

good... So I give this one !!!!10/10!!!! Simply a MUST for everyone, go and

order it NOW at http://listen.to/Schlab Bom Shankar

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Guest psysaber[at]hotmail[dot]com

I completely agree with the review above! This is a trend that seems to be

catching on with all the brand new record labels popping up. Either some

producer gets an idea for a new 'sound' or an existing label creates a

sub-label or sister faction for producing certain kinds of music.


Schlabbaduerst Rekkords is the pride and joy of Battle of the Future Buddahs.

Boom! records released their first full length, "Twin Sharkfins". It's a dive

into the most driving, abstract melodic psytrance available today!! and now

to take the idea one step further we have Schlabbaduerst Rekkords!! A new

sound has been born and Schlabb is the nuturing mother. When this sound grows

up big and strong, LOOK OUT! I expect many more HIGH QUALITY releases like

this one in the future from Schlabb. The production is ace, the sounds are

insane, and the ideas expressed are refreshing and new considering the current

trend of technoid psytrance. Schlabb is a real relief and i recommend this

release to those in search of melodic, industrial, uplifting, psychedelic

TRANCE!! Owners of the Kavator records compilation "Electrik Kool Aid" will

have a small idea of what to expect. A+++ 'Simply a MUST for everyone, go and

order it NOW at http://listen.to/Schlab ' (worldwide shipping is included with



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Guest luisgr76[at]hotmail[dot]com

You are right man, these is a really sick compilation, the battle of the future

buddhas are just in the hole compilation, just scandinavian cold and dark

sounds, very good compilation, keep doing these, all tracks just original and

very fine production, just BUY THESE.


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Guest Ahvenanmaa.. pitäkää vittu hyvän

Swedes are ALMOST as flipped out, as the finns... ALMOST.

This set of reKkords by Schlabba proves it..

The Buddhas are the Faggotts of Sweden.. it is not easy to be the faggotts of

anyplace, so respekkt to the perämiehet of Ruåtsi...

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Guest Respect

Thank`s for the swedish TROLLS from UPPSALA. All tracks are fantastic dance


The best morning music i ever heard, it takes me in a white light after a dark

night. :-)))

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Guest PsiLoCyBe

I can't believe there are more reviews for this !!


This is super nasty atmospheric evil freaky sick psy trance !! Best tune MUST

be either, "Battle of The Future Buddhas - Sly" or Phlat Phase - "Pearly gate

crasher" !! If you heard the other Schlabs then you'd have to agree that the

sound has matured quite a bit.

Other WICKED tunes are "Lost it", How did the fairy tale end", "Mr Fantastic"

and "Puke in the Dust" !! This is aaaaawesome !! 9/10 !

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-Lost it : We lost it, We lost the Signal!! Welcome to paradise, SICK! This is a standout track for me.

-Pearly gate crasher. Extremely scratchy, still very catchy. That melodic energy!! :o


What a wonderful Compilation :)


Hail Schlab!

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