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V/A - Psychedelic Electronica 3

Guest Isra-Alien

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Guest Isra-Alien

V/A - Psychedelic Electronica 3


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Artist: Various

Title: Psychedelic Electronica 3

Label: Psychic Deli

Date: 2000


Track listing:


01. Yumade : Gugang

02. Mumbo Jumbo : Weird, Sick, Twisted

03. Double Dragon : Tactile

04. Bisto Boys : Spacerace

05. Arcadia And GMS : Minus 1

06. Mino : Mindblow

07. Mindfield : Junkyard Dawg

08. Orion : Rehab

09. Fluffy Puppy : Dinky

10. Shakta : Dogma Freak




Night Trance! We have here a pure evil minimalist trance, the

best comp. in the series so far. The best tracks are 2 (great samples =),3,5

(yes! a

decent gms!), 6 & 10. Overall - 7.5/10, not recommended for fluffy melodies


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Guest Ktaadn

When it happens, you can just feel it. Electricity seems to have replaced

oxygen and everywhere you look are dancing, writhing bodies and Cheshire-cat

grins. The music is deafening, fast & furious, and each note leaves you

pulsing with pure energy. The tallest stack of Mitsubishis couldn't get you to

the same place you are now. It's the peak of the night - you and every

partygoer have earned this moment! The party has "exploded."

In tribute to the spirit of a psy-trance party gone mad, Psychic Deli delivers

this album. In its best moments we get tracks ready-built for the peak of the

night. Mumbo Jumbo's "Weird, Sick, Twisted" slashes and burns with brutal

force, topped off with a spooky sample from a very excitable Homer Simpson

(EVIL STUFF!"). Double Dragon and Bisto Boys offer up tracks both funky and

tribal that bend and break in all the right places. Yumade's "Gugang" is dark

and hypnotic but don't even think of calling it minimal. An unexpected

surprise for me, Fluffy Puppy come with a track that is just plain


Phantasm does it again with full-power! Like the parties they're played at,

look for these tunes to explode in 2001...9/10

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very nice compilation to finish off what has been a great year for psychedelic

music! most track explosive, peak-hour dancefloor killers, my favorite being

track 2. "evil stuff!", says Homer =) 9/10

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Guest Goa Spirit

One of the better albums released recently... the whole album resonates

electricity. I don't want to go into the details but you just have to hear

tracks 1, 2, 5 and 9... the others are equally good.. full on psychedelic

music for the mind and body.. :-). Great job guys..

a 9/10....

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Guest manicmagicmmushroomman[at]hotmai

Gaaaaaaaaaa... This album left me twitching on the floor in a big ugly

writhing heap, trying to draw the fragmented peices of my brain into something

resembelling normality. I loved it. Nice and dark samples in track 1, with

"melody"??? Dunno, but it certainly works. Definatly evil, sets the tone

extremely nicely. Track to is the best Mumbo Jumbo track I have heard for a

long time. Sample should not be allowed. Old School rising acid squelch, but

with thoroughly modern production is TO DO FOR. DD track, provides breif

respite - not that it isn't evil, but perhaps a little more subtle - before

Bisto Boys kick in to their thang. Brilliant Intro/Outro with zany voices and

plenty of FX. The way the beat and bass interlock at the beggining. Then into

tribal funky jam, hits all the right places. GMS track - OH MY GOD. By this

point the intensity was far to much for the common mortal, and this track

ripped my inards out. Absolute perfection. Rest however is fairly ordinary

stuff. Dogma Freak is however exceptional good, whilst (very disappointingly)

Orion track is a bit shit.

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This is a good compilation. Has a flying rhino tweak with a 3DVision energy.

Fast, dark, and sharp melodies. Arrangement is also good. Never too minimal

and sound quality is on point. Most tracks are peak hour pieces, the non peak

hour pieces serve as tension builders. Enjoyable. 8/10

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"Anyone who isn't dead or from another plane of existence would do well to cover their ears...right about now!"





Or just, I dunno...turn over and hide under the pillow. Yeah that'll work. Right here is proof that not everything ages well. Wine...I'll give you that. Halle Berry...yep. But this...nope. First there is nothing really goa to be found here and that's fine. Certainly there is good psytrance, but man I had to pinch myself to stay awake during this. The music is like a transition from minimal to the full-on version of psytrance. The early version. Not a lot of melodies to speak of and I personally didn't find any atmosphere to speak of.


Just not a lot here. I'm going back to bed.

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