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Guest Rx7style

V/A - Psychedelic Dreams 1

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Guest Rx7style   
Guest Rx7style

V/A - Psychedelic Dreams 1


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Artist: Various

Title: Psychedelic Dreams 1

Label: Transient

Date: 2003


Track listing:


01. Quirk : Tribodelic (Mumbo Jumbo Rmx)

02. Cosmosis : Weird Sick And Twisted

03. Mino : Gated Reality

04. Cosmosis And Shakta : Supernatural

05. Process And Slide : Creepy Crawlies

06. Logic Bomb : Thoughts Crossed Back

07. Bamboo Forest : Automix

08. Astral Projection : 1.000.000 Years From Today

09. Mumbo Jumbo : Mysterons




At first glance, this compilation looks amazing. But really the tracks are not

that great... certainly nothing spectacular here. Lots of noisy sounds and

not too much musicality IMO. It's like so many compilations where you either

like it or you don't, so anything I say probably won't help someone in chosing

whether to buy this or not. If you don't have money to burn, listen first

before you buy. I was most dissapointed with Logic Bomb; I usually like most

everything from that artist, but this track is reallly crappy, aside from the

interesting phasor sounds with some nice rhythms. Seems to me like a step

down from the quality I'm used to from such big name artists. Automix is also

really poor, and that's really a shame for Bamboo Forest who, again IMO, has

always released such quality, which this is not: it is annoying. And that's

how I'll end my review.

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Guest SykoDelic   
Guest SykoDelic

I agree with the review above and want to add some notes.... This is one of

those comps released for the heck of it ... all mediocre tracks from good

artists .. and certain traxx for the hell of it .. Tk 1 .. I never liked the

original so mumbos rmx fails to do nything for me .. Tk 2 the wierd sick and

twisted rmx from Cosmosis' Contact was not as good as the original so.... Tk 6

The Logic track was out on the net a year and a half ago ... and sounds like

on of their worst efforts... LB has now come back to their original power..

check out Insert Coin and Computers and Microprocessors....Tk 7 Bamboo Forset

disappoints too leavin the only decent tracks 3 & 4 Tk3 is actually Logic

Bomb not C&S .. Supernatural again an old track but at least a listenable one

and Mino who I've never really liked so this was a surprise..... but in all ,

highly avoidable comp sounds like compiled due to boredom and marketing...

3/10 ... my lowest review yet.

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Guest Kindgok   
Guest Kindgok

Um...track 5 is actually Tim Schuldt's "Mummy Machine", also taken from

Transient 6. Can't this label get its own tracks right?

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PKS    2

Transient Records is still releasing good quality stuff. Their latest album

release was the fantastic Contact album by Cosmosis. One of the best psytrance

albums of 2002. Now they are starting 2003 with a new compilation called

Psychedelic Dreams. There will probably be more Psychedelic Dreams to come,

but this is the first chapter in this series. First of all, this is not only

new tracks. It`s more an overview of releases from Transient the last couple

of years. So if you have bought most of the Transient releases lately, you

probably have most of these tracks already. First out is the Tribodelic track

by Quirk, here in a Mumbo Jumbo version. Mumbo Jumbo is a side project of

Cosmosis. Pretty nice track, especially since Mumbo Jumbo has put on some nice

sounds as always from Bilbo Bagginz. Track 2 is a taste of the Contact album

released by Cosmosis on Transient Records autumn 2002. A really cool track,

with crazy voice samples and twisted sounds. Mino released his second album in

2002. Here we get a new track. I think this is pretty boring techno trance.

Noisy, dark monotonous track. Track 4 is another taste of the Contact album

released by Cosmosis. On this track he has collaborated with Seb Taylor

(Shakta). And that is what it sounds like! The break beat trance of Shakta,

mixed with the crazy melodies and sounds of Cosmosis. Great track!


As mentioned earlier, this is not only new tracks. Track 5 is from 1998. An

interesting collaboration between Sean Williams (Process) and Pete Martin

(Slide). This is a dark almost industrial track, with dark melodies and heavy

stumpy rhythms. Not among my favourites, but this will sure do good at a dark

party location in the middle of the night. Then we get a track by Swedish

Logic Bomb. This track is not on any of their albums. Typical wonderful

psychedelic Logic Bomb sounds and melodies. Nice one. Track 7 is a Bamboo

Forest track from 1999. Not very good track in my opinion. Not much variation,

and a little boring sound picture in my ears. I like their latest releases

better than this. Track 8 is a taste of Astral Projections latest album Amen.

They still make the same full on goa style as they have always done it, but

this track is a bit darker than usual. The last track on this compilation is

by Mumbo Jumbo (Mitch Davies and Bilbo Bagginz). Pretty good as always from

these guys. Not as psychedelic as Cosmosis, but still a great track. Watch out

for a Mumbo Jumbo album this year!


This album sums up the music style Transient are releasing these days. If you

have bought most Transient releases earlier, this might be a little

superfluous, but it is possible to buy this compilation pretty cheap.

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Manuser    237


Agree with the other guys, it's mediocre. The first 4 tracks can be skipped, Weird Sick And Twisted has this irritating vocal sample, and the collaboration between Cosmosis and Shakta is very disappointing. The compilation gets interesting from track 5. As mentioned previously, it is not by Process & Slide, even a half deaf psytrance fan can recognize here the sound of Tim Schuldt (track Mummy Machine). It's a catchy production and really launches the CD.
Logic Bomb - Thoughts Crossed Back is pretty nice (more technoish than usual but still melodic), and the Astral Projection track is the highlight here, very energetic and possibly one of the most underrated works from the band. Track 7 and 9 are fillers for me. 

Rating: 5/10. 

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