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Pigs In Space - Pigs In Space

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Guest Infected Max

Pigs In Space - Pigs In Space


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Artist: Pigs In Space

Title: Pigs In Space

Label: Phonokol

Date: 1998


Track listing:


01. 08'20" Invisible Contact

02. 07'39" Visitors Part 1

03. 08'43" Who Is Feeling Normal?

04. 08'25" Solar

05. 08'44" Some Mental Symptoms

06. 07'40" Visitors Part 2

07. 07'51" Man With No Name Presents Yogy And Grey One : Big Troubles In Outer Space (Oforia Rmx)

08. 08'35" Now And Beyond

09. 07'34" Heliolatry




Ok..This is my first review And that's not an accident if I choosed this album.

When this album came out Ofer Dikovsky had already released Tandu album And

Oforia one so I was really in a hurry to listen this one..& when I got it....i

was kinda deceipted, donno why. Didn't listened it a lot till a December

night...when I first heard it played in a parties...as soon as the DJ played

he put some Pigs In Space And I really understood the album....definitly a

killer one. Since this day this album in in a top place in my heart.

Invisible Contact: Pure party track...the beginning let you think the track

will be very melodic but nothing happens....except killers fat beatz, killer

kick, And metallic sounds. The more awesome in this tracks are the

breaks...sometimes the tracks stop And suddenly Ofer look at his mixtable And

put all the knobs at full levels....waaaaaaaaa incredible.....Big work on the

rythmic section...especially hi-hats.

Visitors Part I: Definitly the best track of the album..& the most party

one...If you're a DJ don't hesitate..put this one And u're sure to do a great

set. Beginning..weird sounds And suddenly the kick drum begin at.let's say 145

BPM..very fast....then a little bass sounds appears....then...again the

charleys....big charleys...at 1'39" the tracks really

explose....incredible....only Ofer can do this atomic metallic sensation..i

really advise people to listen this part at extemely high level to feel the

sensation. At 3'43" the most incredible part of this album begins.....such a

killer sound.....don't miss the voice sample..it's awesome..sounds like the TV

reporters during the race In Phantom Menace Movie. Pfffff the best is that you

listen by yourself.....go to the shop And ask to listen this part!!! All the

album spirit is inside.

Who Is Feeling Normal: This track is my 2nd favourite....sounds like

electronic rock 'n roll to me...awesome....especially the beginning (very

progressive...listen the differents layers appearing...mmmmm I love that) And

the end.....Ofer put a lot of distortion in this track And that's a good

idea....at 4:00 the track is at his TOP.

Solar: Another track I heard so many times in parties....The TB 303 is used as

a guitar or something like that....that riff is very known everywhere....The

kickdrum is very pumping!!! Nothing to say but GREAT

Some Mental Symptoms: Very very good..(sorry to repeat but....) very very

israeli like but the good side of israeli trance. Very melodic..strongs

sounds..nothing to say more.

Visitors Part 2: You need many listens to understand this track. I think it one

of the most psychoactive track...i mean it's a track that make your brain

disconnecting for the quadridimension. I just think it's a bit disappointing

that Ofer didn't developed the beginning melody at 4'56"..:)

Big Toubles In Outta Space: I don't like it....donno why...boooring

Now And Beyond: Waaaaaaaaaaaa what a track!!!! A 100% progressive one with such

a GROOVE!!! Incredible...the voice samples are awesome. Sometimes it's my 2nd

favourite before Who Is Feeling Normal. Depends on my mood And brain. The end

melody sounds like you're in party in HELL...really....strange insane

feeling....maybe you'll feel it too??

Heliolatry: An hymn to the sun I guess....very pumping track that tell to your

body: "body...you gotta dance on my beats". It's impossible to stay on a chair

while listening this track...with cool oriental melody.....very good too!!!


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Guest Tequila

One of the worst CD of Ofer Dikovsky.

The melodies are....are there melodies???

not really.

Boring, with a hard kick and basic melodies, this CD does not have a lot of


OK, The track 5 "Big Troubles Outer Space" is not bad, but that's all.


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  • 3 weeks later...

It's good however it does take time to realise its full potential. Ofer isnt

really one for giving us cheese so this is no different. Long songs that kind

of go nowhere but always finish off being killers. Good stuff for winding up

parties or as fillers. Reminds me of Mind altering drugs by etnica.

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At first, I was disapointed, but now I find it better. I think that lots of the

tracks here are missing something, but they are fast and full of energy. My

favourites are Who is Feeling Normal, Big Troubles in Outer Space and Now and


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  • 2 weeks later...
Guest ChrisdeeACiD

My GoD!.... says it all.. Toooooo damn full on. So great I allmost cry when I

hear it. Just listen to Solar.

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  • 1 month later...
Guest chaffi[at]caramail[dot]com

Maybe things where Ofer is really good at are spacial sounds that make you

think you're flying , pure metallic analog killer sounds AND the most

important , this groovy style that all the tracks have!! I can't listen to a

such album at a low volume , I always finnish listenning at 50% volume on my

160watts hifi , and there...i nearly miss nothing !!! so if you like powerfull

, spacial and groovy goa with hard pumping kicks , don't hesitate and buy it!

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  • 3 weeks later...
Guest Ktaadn

Admit it. You have at least twenty CD's in your collection that you bought,

listened to once or twice, and haven't touched since. You don't remember much

about 'em, wouldn't recognize a tune, and don't recall them being especially


or good. Today is your day to get reacquainted. Grab the disc that never


you. Pop it in the Discman, take a walk. Perhaps you just missed it altogether

before. It happens. It happened. It happened to me. See, I idolize Ofer

Dikovsky. Everything he does makes me smile and dance and close my eyes and

radiate and feel SO alive. Strange then, when I got "Pigs In Space," I wasn't

feeling it. I listened a few times, but it just passed me by. Maybe I was busy

at work or preoccupied with petty life problems. Whatever the case, I set it

aside as other CD's came in. One night, I figured it deserved another chance.

Why not? Expecting nothing at all, I instead heard everything at once. Trippy,

spacey synths bend and contort themselves every which way. Thick, fleshy

basslines churn along at breakneck speeds. Amid the chaos, there is order and


is good. It makes me grin like a kid on Christmas. "Heliolatry" in particular

can spread a smile on my face instantly. This music just FEELS good -- reminds

me why I like psy-trance so much, why I feel so lucky to have found it (or that

it found me). Obviously, opinions on this one are mixed, but I think this album

is nothing short of brilliant. At! the least, even if you don't buy this

album, grab one of those long-forgotten CD's in your collection now. Give it

another listen, and maybe you'll hear it like you've never heard it before. It

happens. 10/10

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  • 1 month later...
Guest jsbedard

With TANDU the best work up to now of Ofer Dikovsky. Full-on kicking

psy-trance, with a great powerfull bassdrum. I don't like the Oforia's album.

The "Off the ground" album is a real disaster. But this project, oh man! what

a bomb. Just listen to it, you'll understand...not too much cheese melodies,

not too dark, just okay. 9.5/10

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  • 1 month later...
Guest voxel[at]zort[dot]org

First, you should maybe take some time with this cd. Straight and hard goa with

nice high kickdrum and bassline. Typical sound from Ofer. Most of the tracks

have nice speed and some beautiful melodies(not so many..). For me, this is

one of the best albums in year 98.

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  • 3 weeks later...
Guest Ovegrov

great album. did'nt think so in the beginning, but after listening to it for a

while, I started to like it more and more. Give this CD a shot, it's worth it.

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  • 5 weeks later...
Guest Acidhive

OK. Let's get one thing straight. This is, in my humble opinion, the best stuff

Ofer ever released. I simply don't know why everybody seems to prefer Tandu

above this one. Don't get me wrong, because Tandu is also great, just not as

good as this!! This one starts great immediately with Invisible Contact and

manages to keep that great style up until the very end of this 80!! minutes

long album. It's really amazing, the way it rocks you off your feet with the

great hi-hats and fat basslines. Combine this with some of the more darker,

uplifting sounds and that familiar Metallic Ofer sound and this is a trip

you'll not soon forget. I give it 8,5 !!

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  • 2 weeks later...
Guest F-AcTivE

This was my first album with the Oforia dude , and this album is worth a buy! I

like the whole album , but track 2 and 3 is my fav tracks on this album

..amazzzzing stuff :) , I can see those little pigs flying around in outer

space when i listen to this hehe.. , Go and Get it ! i give this album...8/10

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  • 1 month later...
  • 1 month later...

This album has been growing on me since my last review and now I find it really

good. Solar and Who is feeling normal are amongst the most energetic tracks

I've ever heard and I simply love the break in the last track with this

oriental melody. 9/10

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  • 1 month later...
Guest colostomb[at]null[dot]net

Long after I stopped listening to psytrance seriously, or following any sort of

'scene,' there are two albums that remain with me. Twisted by Hallucinogen,

and this. It does take a little while to properly understand and appreciate,

but it's entirely worth any effort. When I first heard this album I

definitely wasn't enthralled; if anything, I was a little bit annoyed that I

had wasted my money on something mediocre. Out of some sense of obstinacy I

continued to listen to it, and I began to realize that this album was

something entirely different from what I had been listening to before when

listening to psytrance. The sounds are richer and more contemplative--they

carry a sense of what music is actually about, which isn't, amazingly enough,

dancing. It's about bypassing language to interact with some numinous

vitality in our brains: good music should bemuse. This album influences the

way I think when I listen to it.

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  • 3 weeks later...
Guest danny_avital[at]hotmail[dot]com

This album is the INCREDIBLE!!!

Dikovski at his best, the dark tunes and and storng base lines make me wanna

cry from joy, 10/10 for sure

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  • 3 months later...

Aside from the first track which I don't like at all, the songs sound all the

same...yet I love this album ! Very hard to explain. The dark bass is just so

powerful, BOM BOM BOM BOM, yeah ! Killers at parties or at home for the

neighbors hehe ! 8/10

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  • 4 weeks later...
Guest psyentist

HEYYY it's offer he slips and crashes but you listen to this very carefully,

What am I saying it's hard to listen carefully you have to analize it on the


IF you get hooked then there's your answer if you don't then change it.

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  • 2 weeks later...
Guest jimmy.m[at]home[dot]se

I'm totally into this album!...Incredible sounds, powerful grooves and simple,

yet awsome, psychedelic melodies!


easily a 9/10

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  • 3 weeks later...
  • 6 months later...
Guest Defbydelta...

pigs in space r good but a little ol' school...

but u can listen to it when u do crazy pics on the computer or somthing and its

inspires u alot for an exampel.. I like some tracks very mush..room and som

tracks i hate very mush..room! 7/10

best track 2,3,4&7!!

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  • 2 weeks later...
Guest joemrmeat[at]hotmail[dot]com

This cd will never be one of my favorite. That's only a hard kick with the same

fuc**** cybals in each and every track !! There are no great variation in the

drums, boom,tchi,boom,tchi,boomtchi...etc...

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