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Electric Universe - One Love

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Artist: Electric Universe

Title: One Love

Label: Spirit Zone Recordings

Date: 1995


1. One Love

2. Out of Time

3. Orange Night

4. Galaxia

5. Equilibrio

6. Electronic Pulsation

7. Virtual Landscape

8. Visiting Venus

9. Nexus


If you're only knowledge of Boris Blenn is the limp dicked psytrance that he's been peddling lately allow me to further your education. Almost 20 years old now his debut album set the bar so ridiculously high that he himself has failed to reach it. The entire album is a dreamy and floating experience highlighted by the epic and transformative title track. This was his drop the mic moment. So fluid with melodies that linger and meander sending the listener to the highest of highs on a trail of psychedelic bubble wrap. Out of Time was nice, but it unfortunately followed the opener. The last quarter though is a great journey through space filled with loop de loops!


Orange Night picks up the pace (it seems) and throws you back into twirling and hypnotic territory. Galaxia is another strong goa effort replete with a bubbling 303, but my complaint has always been with it's brevity. And if you think 5 and a half minutes for a goa trance track is short Equilibrio slices a minute off of that time! The final cherry on the cake of this masterpiece is the almost equally epic Electronic Pulsation. Set cruiser to auto pilot and enter the dream chamber as the nebulae and innumberable stars cascade by.


Virtual Landscape has some nice bounce to it with very clear tones where Boris shows his mastery over the 303. And Visiting Venus is another quality track. Nexus is like a tuxedo at a nudist colony...just doesn't belong.


This was the absolute best thing to come from the Electric Universe project. He never matched it or even came close with the exception of Cosmic Universe. Perhaps he knew this was the pinnacle. He reached it and maybe decided that goa bored him. Time to experiment. Oh well, at least we as fans have this release. A reissue though with perhaps a second disc where goa artists of today remix the tracks would pretty much make everything in the world unlistenable.


"I'm sorry I can't hear anything over the sound of f*cking awesome!", is what I would say.



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Over 20 years old and still fresh.

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