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V/A - Module 1

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Insejn    63

V/A - Module 1


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Artist: Various

Title: Module 1

Label: 3D Vision

Date: 2002


Track listing:


01. Jadis : Passage Du Lalung La

02. Entheogenic : Impossible Landscape

03. Solar Fields : Electric Fluid (Early Rmx)

04. Asura : Lost Eden

05. Talamasca : Brain Activity

06. Toires : Ma Wal Hob

07. Aes Dana : Suspended Grounds

08. Tiya : Taxi Drive

09. Nomad : Zamba

10. Javier De Galloy : Dream Vain




This is some jewels, and some bad cheap things. As I like the

drummy and beaty chillout more than the

"nothing-happens-in-the-whole-track-chillout" there are some decent tracks

here. The first track is the best. The best chillout i've heard in a while.

More track like these. Other than that, the Solar Fields are ok, along with

Talamasca and Toires. Oh, i forgott the Entheogenic track. It's fast and the

most psychedelic of them all. The rest is not my cup of tea. Even if its some

drums is doesnt do it for me. Final Verdict: 6/10

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Guest Le Lotus Bleu   
Guest Le Lotus Bleu

First of all, Module 1 isn?t a presentation of 9 simple clones of Enthéogenic.

This compilation takes many ways into Chill Out.


A long Chill out track Starts the cd, with asian tones as let guess the tiltle

Passage du Lalung La, even if these ones happen lately in the track.


Few things to say about Enthéogenic except they?re good producers,just this one

seems to me quite fast or danceable as Yage in their album.


Solar Fields makes an ambient one, wonderful.


Asura-Lost Eden, goes on in ambient with some woman vocals, very good.


Talamasca proposes a melodic downtempo stuff and prooves he can produce

something else than full on.


Next is some maroccan chill out by Toires, i?m personally not fond of this



Come back to ambient, Aes Dana-Suspended Grounds will totally catch your spirit

due to a sonic waving - vibration present all along this track.


Taxi Drive from Tiya is strange, give the impress ther?s an hesiation between 2

directions in t his track, as the vocals don?t fit with the rest.


Zamba, a dubby one from Nomad in the same way he let foresee with the last 2

tracks of his album Hyperactive but of course in more downtempo style.


Javier De Galloy promptly concludes Module 1 with an aquatic ambient jewel

testying of « l?ivresse des profondeurs », siren?s song in the same way that

Juno Reactor - Shark.


Favorites :2,3,4,10

other good moments :1,5,9


Overall, the journey proposed by Module 1 happens whithout too many mishaps

along the 10 tracks.


Mark :8/10 (may be i'm a bit kind but it's the first Ambient - Chill-Out

compilation from 3D Vision Relax...)

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Guest 1400Miles   
Guest 1400Miles

High expectations since Entheogenic debuted on the 3DVisionrelax label but its

a bit of a let down, I'm afraid. Even the Entheogenic track sounds rushed, a

bit chaotic and certainly not as subtle as previous efforts. The Jadis track

is decent, nicely bursting in a psychedelic fest of weird stuff near the end.

The Solar Fields track is also good but a bit generic, early ORB without the

weird thrills. Asura apparantly listened to a lot of Enigma and Delerium

lately since 'Lost Eden' sounds a bit like that. Nevertheless, its imo the

absolute highlight here. Superb use of voices and effects and a majestic heavy

synth. Can't wait for the new album. The Talamasca track is okay but lacks a

serious bite. 'Ma Wal Hob' is typical Toires but there are better trax from

him available on 'Sanati'. Aes Dana, ex-asura, and having an album (Season5)

on Ultimae soon comes with a soundscape assault but this is not on ISHQ level

yet. Tiya track is decent but progresses without any highs or lows. The dub

from Nomad is good but suffers also from staying on the surface and not diving

deep. Javier De Galloy created a great outtro which definately should be

converted into a full 12 minute ambient epic but as it is it suffers again

from the 'too short' paradigm. Still, a lot of promise here, eagerly awaiting

more material from Jadis, Asura, Aes Dana and Javier De Galloy. 7/10.

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traveller    5

I really like this one. IMHO Entheogenic presents their best track this far..

great solid compilation that stays fresh for ages! Worth buying.. I give it


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Trance2MoveU    366

I just broke this out and man it is good. 5 years old and still vibrant. Music tastes change for sure, but this is good old fashioned downtempo bliss!



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