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V/A - Holy Mushroom


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V/A - Holy Mushroom


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Artist: Various

Title: Holy Mushroom

Label: High Society

Date: 1997


Track listing:


CD 1

01. 10'12" Planet BEN : Non Sense

02. 06'21" Morphem : Montage (Unreleased Mix)

03. 07'00" Microdome : Clear Halluzination

04. 09'31" Mama Indica : Radioactive Rain

05. 09'12" Four Carry Nuts : Nuts Without Sugar

06. 10'16" Ushaya : Ushaya

07. 07'30" Infrarot : Que Animal (Mammouth Rmx)

08. 06'10" Proton : Get Consious, Find Out, Search Deep

09. 06'00" Temple Of Ellora : Shanti Rum


CD 2

01. 10'20" Four Carry Nuts : Weird Egg

02. 08'01" Etnica : Spheric Concept

03. 07'47" Evolution : 5th Dimensional Craft

04. 09'19" Metacosm : Angstman

05. 05'09" Paradise Connection : Adic 3

06. 09'11" MOS : Gates Of Karma

07. 09'51" Kind Of Intelligence : Eurith

08. 06'32" Astrological : Delos

09. 05'55" Hara Gobi : The Real Trance

10. 06'20" Kinder Der Erde : Spacidy




A mediocre mix between known and unknown names... The well known names give us

good Goa-Trance (except the Middelstandskinder Ohne Strom) but some of the

unknown names make me ill... (CD1 nr4,7,8 CD2 nr 4,5,7) Best song is nr1 on CD

1, and that'd from genius Planet-B.E.N.!! Other good songs are on CD1nr 2,3&6

and on CD2nr2,3&8!!

Bom Shankar

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"Do you think something could be wrong?"


Of course I do. You made a disappointing 2-disc compilation. Let's start with that. This is B team goa trance for the most part. Not terrible, but certainly not worth inflated Discogs prices. As mentioned some good tracks and some real head scratchers. Don't eat bad mushrooms.


Words to live by.

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There's just something about the Germans. Back in the late nineties, German artists and labels took goa in a very different direction than their British, Israeli, or French cousins. You might call it minimal goa, or proto-prog; still decidely goa, but a type of goa that placed particular emphasis on the groove and the space between the notes.


The usual suspects are here -- MOS, Paradise Connection, Morphem, Planet BEN -- along with some lesser known but equally on fire contributions, among them Temple Of Ellora and Hara Gobi with their acid drenched morning minimalism. That Tim Schuldt appears no less than four times should give you an indication of the high level of quality to be found here. As with all experimenters, they break the test tube on occasion; I won't play devil's advocate for Metacosm's Angstman, although it's not THAT bad. Just not so nice they had to release it twice.


No overstuffed melodies or slick production values are to be found, and as such this serves as a reminder of when goa trance allowed itself room to breathe and was actually -- gasp! -- psychedelic. If you're into the deeper, rawer, more tribal side of goa you want this.

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