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Droidlock - High Phonic For A Replicant

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lespagnol    0

Droidlock - High Phonic For A Replicant


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Artist: Droidlock

Title: High Phonic For A Replicant

Label: Kagdila

Date: 2002


Track listing:


01. 04'22" Intro Then I Begin

02. 06'08" Syncussion

03. 08'02" Origine X

04. 08'21" Life Form

05. 07'32" Black Jack

06. 08'17" Stomp

07. 07'25" Believe In Faith

08. 07'17" Channel 21

09. 06'36" Golden Gun

10. 05'56" Acid Jade




I haven t heard the whole cd ,only stomp that is very energic and violent.

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Guest las22\mad   
Guest las22\mad

i have heard a bit this album...

at the psynews staff



very vrey energic very interesting

the st pierre colaboration is good


so many colaboration is a good point for the future for me




i gonna see in bx the digital talk live act


should be great

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Guest DJ Zen   
Guest DJ Zen

Very nice album, original and well produced.

Many tracks made without the collaborators are better and more original IMO.

Track 1 is a great "D'n bassy" oriented but could be shorter for "a better

surprise effect"!

Track 2 is hypnotic,slow,minimal..great for starting or playing between 10 and


Track 3 is great collaboration, IMO Paps & Droidlock is a good

combination.Great track to be played between midnight and 2.

Track 4 is a surprise here!I met Dj St Pr in Canada 3 years ago and I was

exited to hear this track,I know St Pr as a tribal/minimal but also melodic

oriented vinyl dj

and this track is a good mix between both Droidlock and St Pr

influences.Unfortunately not too much my cup of tea,but I have to listening

again.Hear by yourself.Could be played also between 12 and 2.

Track 5 is another great combination w/Joti Sidhu this time.Could be played

also between 12 and 2.

Track 6 is the worst IMO.A big bad trip.As when they made this track they was

unconscious or something.The police or ambulance sirens reminds me maybe

something very bad.Who knows?.Listen by yourself again.I won't

play this one at all even a 3 a.m when

it's time to play hard,I wouldn't like all partying people go away from the


track 7 is the best IMO.Another track Damien made himself without

collaborator.Deep,fat..to be played between 1 and 3 a.m.Great voice sample.

Tracks 8 & 9 sounds too old for me, maybe old work they did w/Serge Souque &

Pea.IMO nothing interresting.

Track 10 is a great ambient-trancey track,deep and good to be played in a crazy

lounge or so!i like it.

In final, thanx to Cagdila to release this very good cd, very good production

and mastering.I was very impressed and surprised!

final verdict: 8/10!

Best tracks: 1,2!!,3!!,(4),5,7!,10.

reviewed by Dj Zen (Indigo Child) Canada.Peace!

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Guest mindgap   
Guest mindgap

only droidlock & Paps its cool. Paps rocks . The rest are boring.

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Trance2MoveU    372




"No, yeah...it looks...you know, great! I would love some, but my doc...he says I should, kinda stay away from...what do you call it...food."


When your girlfriend makes you something for dinner you can approach it one of two ways. If it's good you eat that sh*t up and shower her with compliments. By doing so all but reassures that she'll make you more food. If it's bad...well, that's where the two ways come into play. If you choke it down and push through the gag reflex you spare her feelings, but condemn yourself to more sh*tty dinners and the dog under the table can only consume so much.


If you tell her it's bad her feelings get hurt and you might find yourself sleeping on the couch.


Well I choked this minimal bore shard down and let me tell you...it f*cking hurt. This is very boring with very few melodies and changes. Straight ahead, no turns. There are computer and futuristic noises and effects, but I feel that angle could've been played up to maximize the atmosphere. Instead it just leaves me empty.


And let me tell you I couldn't wait to pass this thing. I looked like Usain Bolt in the hundred meters sprinting for the toilet.



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