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V/A - Goa Head 4


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V/A - Goa Head 4


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Artist: Various

Title: Goa Head 4

Label: Nova Tekk

Date: 1997


Track listing:


CD 1

01. 07'53" MFG : When We Dream

02. 06'41" Hallucinogen : Jiggle Of The Sphinx

03. 08'45" Radiotrance : Boctok 5

04. 07'17" Nada And DJ Jörg : Viking

05. 06'23" Multiplex : Flotation

06. 09'27" Oforia : Timelessness

07. 06'54" Beach Buddha : Warrior

08. 08'24" Organic Noise : Labyrinth

09. 06'44" Astralasia : The Seven Pointed Star (Full Version 97)

10. 12'10" Slinky Wizard : License To Slink


CD 2

01. 12'34" Technossomy : VTOL (Full Length Version)

02. 06'04" Zodiac Youth : False Prophet (Man With No Name Mix)

03. 08'50" Synchro : Power On

04. 07'25" Ominus : Sunimo

05. 07'23" Chi-ad : Paranormal Activity (Spooky)

06. 09'15" Planet BEN : Songline

07. 09'30" Fluro Conspiracy : Ancient Suns

08. 04'50" Hara Gobi : 303 Gold

09. 04'10" Donat Junkie : Blue

10. 08'42" Pleiadians : Taygeta




The second worst of the Double CD Compilations I own ! Good Tracks are ......

Bad Tracks are CD1 Tracks 1,2,3,4,6,7,10 and CD2 Tracks 2,3,4,5,7,8,10 :-(((

Rating : 2/10

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Guest Psychedelic Gav

Not a classic of the Goa Head series at all. Nevertheless, there are a few

nice tracks here including Hallucinogen, Organic Noise and Astralasia. Too

many fillers though which leave you feeling rather cold a lot of the time.

Nice to get the excellent ?Songline? by Planet BEN on CD2. Only one for those

in desperate need of any of the tracks, there?s many compilations better than


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It's not the best Goa-head, but it's listenable!! The first CD starts with some

good songs (nr1,2,3) but after that there are alot fillers, only nr6&8 are

good and nice for listening!! (And the track of Oforia also for dancing...)

The second CD is mediocre, a few songs are ok (nr1,5&9) but the rest

BweeuuHhh... Not good...

Ok, off course this CD ends with the best song of the Pleiadians ever, but that

song is soooo famous that it doesn't have to be on another compilation I


Bom Shankar

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Guest Phaeton

actually i think this one is pretty nice.. had it for quite a few years.. the

first cd is not that good but the second one really rocks.. favourite tracks

cd1 : 1, 2, 6, 7, 8, 10.. but only track 1, 7 and 8 are _really_ great.. but

cd2 is a whole different story.. i seem to like it from the beginning till the

end, except for track 8 which is just a joke.. track 1, 7 and 10 are

classics.. 4 and 5 are nice melodic tracks.. hell they're all nice..

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Guest admin[at]profanity[dot]dk

Can't believe anyone can dislike License To Slink by Slinky Wizard. One of my

all time favorites, and probably THE highlight of this compilation.


The Hallucinogen track is not one of hist best, but as always a quality track

from Simon.


MFG, Oforia and Taygeta got some pretty good tracks here also, but not the best

from them either.


Overall i think it's a good compilation, with a lot of good quality tracks, and

very few bad tracks.



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Very good compilation...Can't get why no one likes it here....There are only

few not so interesting tracks but the best are CD 1: 1,2,3(!!!),4,5,6,8,10 and

CD 2 : 1,2,6,10


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  • 13 years later...

One of the worst Goa Heads IMO, as most of the tunes are mediocre and forgettable with the exception of Oforia, Organic Noise, MFG, Hallucinogen, Nada and DJ Jorg, Synchro, Planet B.E.N., Fluoro Conspiracy and Pleiadians.

Rest is just boring...



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