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V/A - Goa Classix 2


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V/A - Goa Classix 2


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Artist: Various

Title: Goa Classix 2

Label: Nova Tekk

Date: 2000


Track listing:


01. 10'25" Astral Projection : Searching For UFO's

02. 08'36" Pleiadians : Alcyone

03. 10'14" Chi-ad : The Flame Of Eternal Life

04. 08'42" Miranda : Space Baby

05. 07'48" Shakta : Spiritual Beings In Physical Bodies

06. 07'55" Green Nuns Of The Revolution : Ring Of Fire

07. 10'33" Children Of Paradise : New Cop

08. 08'28" Planet BEN And Spiralkinda : Triple Helix

09. 06'16" MOS : Der Nachste Tag




Second edition of the midpriced Goa Classix series from Nova Tekk. I'm not

sure, that if I'd had to compile a series of classic tracks I'd chosen all

these tracks. But there are REALLY good tracks on this CD. And when

considering the price (Available across Europe for about £5-7) this is a

VERY GOOD cd. Personal highlights for me are Shakta, Pleiadians, and

Chi-A.D. If this cd was full-prices I would have been more sceptic, but I

really think you get your moneys worth with this, and this is also a good cd

for ppl getting into psychedelic music, and wants to get to know some of the

old stuff before buying the full albums. Crappy artwork though! This gets a

7.5/10 in my chart! Bom shankar!

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Guest donthave[at]email[dot]com

i fully agree with you deathposture, this is a very good album and I would

definitely pay full price for this. the best goa is classics, the goa produced

today is so monotonous, all heard before. the tracks on this compilation beats

EVERY track that's produced these days. just look at the tracklist; (old)

astral projection, shakta, green nuns, planet ben, chi-ad and pleiadians...

says it all... damn goa was good back in the day.. go buy this album right now

if you're fed up with all the crappy goa nowadays

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  • 4 weeks later...

Yeah, very good stuff on this album, not to mention it costs like 10

bucks...there's not any track I don't like, but many good ones instead. I'm

lucky I found it. Chi-a.d. 's track is worst actually. 8/10 total.

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Guest niels_knigge[at]ofir[dot]dk

I don't like this compilation. Searching For UFO's is good, but not as good as other Astral

Tracks. Ok agreed, Alcyone is great, but then comes The Flame of Eternal Life,

one of the worst tracks i know. Space Baby is ok, compared to all the crap

Miranda has made (except for Phenomena, love that one) Shakta has the best

track of this cd, his best track probably. Green Nuns is ok. Last three SUX,



5/10 ( perhaps 4/10 but I'm very nice (lol))

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  • 2 weeks later...

I don't have this compilation either but still having lots of songs from it

except the last one...and those I have it : 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 are real

classix...10/10 here too...

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Guest spiritual being in a ring of ete

This compilation is one of the few cd´s in my collection I don´t get tired of

listening to. Shakta´s Track is simply wonderful, as well as the ultra-wicked

Green Nuns track, which takes you directly to outer space. Alcyone is really a

masterpiece, never heard a track like this before: so many melodies & sounds,

and everything fits perfectly together, never sounding overloaded, simply

beyond words! I´d disagree with niels knigge, the chi-ad track is also quite

good, very deep atmoshphere, so is the astral projection track!

Space Baby is above the average, as well, especially with its baby-laughter

break! Tracks 8 & 9 are ok, but nothing more, I usually skip them. Only "New

Cop" is a very bad track in my opinion, I don´t like it at all.


So space cadets all over the planet! if you do not have the tracks on other

albums or compis, buy this one at once! ;-)

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"Ok space cadets prepare to hurtle through the cosmos!"


Almost guys, almost.  This was almost the ideal goa trance starter kit for the uninitiated.  But then the final three tracks happened.  I realize they probably tried to get a larger cross section of the goa experience, but the momentum and power was just sucked out like a vacuum.  Something like a Syb Unity Netwerk, Psygone, and a Cydonia track would've been much better replacements.

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