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V/A - The Future Sound of America - Psychedelic Trance

Guest Goa Sage

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Guest Snow Dog

A great introduction to psytrance,

with classic tunes like "Green

"Man" and "Stardiver". Great if

you don't already have most of

these tracks. 7/10

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Although I'm not too keen on the more Goa-ish side anymore, I actually still do

enjoy the MWNN track: it has a nice rolling mainly-black-keys synth line and

a pleasant tight kick-drum. Most of others are very good work too. Get this

comp if you're looking for a 1997 exhibit in the psy-trance museum, but I

wouldn't play much of this stuff today.

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Guest Goa Sage

V/A - The Future Sound of America - Psychedelic Trance


Artist: Various

Title: The Future Sound of America - Psychedelic Trance

Label: Distance

Date: 1997


Track listing:


01. 09'32" Astral Projection : Kabalah

02. 08'32" Miranda : Green Man

03. 07'18" Deedrah : The Wizard Demo

04. 07'04" Hallucinogen : Gamma Goblins

05. 07'11" The Infinity Project : Hyperspaced

06. 07'27" Transwave : Land Of Freedom (Radio Edit)

07. 03'37" Man With No Name : Jack In The Box

08. 06'43" Electric Universe : Stardiver

09. 08'06" Transwave : Malaka Dance

10. 09'49" Cypher O : Psychedelia Junglistia




This compilation was compiled to fit the American market and to introduce the

Psychedelic Trance scene to the Americans. Therefore, many of these tracks are

standard Goatrance tracks - melodic, stomping and great on the dancefloor. The

compilation is pretty average, but there are a few nice tracks as well...

"Kabalah" by Astral Projection, Simon Posford's famous horror tune "Gamma

Goblins" and The Infinity Project's alienated party tune "Hyperspaced" from

their album "Feeling Weird". The other tracks are rather boring and the MWNN

track is pure crap. Altogether, an average compilation.

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Guest Goa Sage

I forgot to mention Frederic Holoszewski's cool track "The Wizard Demo" in my

review above. It has a dark, psychedelic and mad atmosphere and an evil,

mechanical groove. I still think that this compilation is average as a whole,

though... ;)

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No shit on this CD, only pure melodic tracks. #1 is well-known, no need to

review it but excellent !! #2 by Miranda is quite good, classic but enjoyable

!! #3 is not very good, I hate these french vocals. In fact, it's from the

movie "C'est arrivé près de chez vous" avec Benoit Poelvoorde, but anyway, it

doesn't fit in this track. #4 gamma goblins, very good, but less than the Part

2 on the lone deranger. #5 is ok, melodic and so on... #6 is one of my

favourites here, such a good track. Listening at the melody that comes at 3'10

makes me shiver !! #7 is a short remix of jack in the box, by MWNN,

uninteresting I think. #8 is great, nothing to add. #9 is also from transwave.

And I love that track, the bassline is so special dunno why, but... wonderful.

excellent track by the way and finally #10, only average not really

interesting. So on the whole, it is a very taste of pure goa trance, for those

who missed the golden days of psytrance !!!! Nevertheless, the cover is

absolutely awful, bahh, disgusting, but doesn't matter !! 9/10

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Some great classics here.  According to Discogs track 7 is an ambient piece by an artist called Genetik System.  Fairly unremarkable and I don't understand how the hell that made it on here.  The last track is from half of Transwave (aka Deedrah) and is very interesting.  High techno / drum n bass influence yet still with a goa soul.


Great album that is dirt cheap on Discogs.

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