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Promon - Funky Fumes

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DeathPosture    15

Promon - Funky Fumes


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Artist: Promon

Title: Funky Fumes

Label: Inpsyde Media

Date: 2002


Track listing:


01. 00'59"Tenk

02. 07'21"Beyond Contact

03. 09'50"Xenondorf Cooling-Fan

04. 09'12"Slemvext (Feat Janova Project)

05. 08'05"Defined Inside

06. 07'04"Trolltyg

07. 07'59"Gnillevart Emit

08. 07'33"Bruno Bandit

09. 08'27"Throbbing Hobbits

10. 02'06"Structured




Valerio from Inpsyde Media sent me this CD about a month and a half ago and

I’ve been hooked ever since, and now when Dam1on gave it a 5/5 I think it

deserves a review here… Before I got my hands on this piece of plastic I

only knew Promon from the psynews.org competion winners CD “Psychedelic

Sparks”… But now they have chuncked out a whole CD filled with crazy-ass

sounds deep from the Swedish forrests… A brief description of each track. #1

Short intro-track to get you in the mood for #2 Woow! This track is good

from the first second… This has got to be one of the coolest track-introes

this year… The track itself is more average, but still very psychedelic… You

can just hear the sound of the Swedish forrest-elfs running around in this

track… Nice! ;o) #3 This one is very trippy… Packed with Terrence McKenna

“LSD…Psychedelic” samples which floats on top of a tiiiight, twisted beat

and crazy sounds… #4 Alright, now things are getting REALLY sick ’n’

twisted… Bizarre even! Throughout the track there is a sample of a

kiddies-choir singing “It’s a mushroom, it’s a fungus… And it’s growing all

around us and among us!”. You can tolerate it when the kids are singing it,

but when the Promon-guys themselves launch into singing it’s downright

awfull. Aaarhg… Make it stop! Well, if this track wasn’t as good as it is,

the awful singing would have ruined it… But I can cope with to long-haired

Swedish dudes singing a bit I guess! Also, the melody and well-fitted bleeps

and beeps make up for it! ;o) #5 Great track. Once again riddled with crazy

samples… This time they emphasize a lot on the words strange and weird… This

is a very dark track with lots of hard-hitting acid-sounds… What a

Weird-Sick-Twisted [!] track… In a good way! Nice indeed! #6 Another

crazy-ass tune filled with all sorts of sick sounds… This could just as well

be a Finnish track. It has the same level of madness… I like it! ;o) #7

Woow… Another great intro… This time even scarier… I almost wet myself when

listening to this at a high volume… This is a more minimal track with a few

melodies thrown in at the middle, but the crazy forrest flavour is still

intact… This could be early Delta-material…Good! #8 An equally dark intro

here, though a tad weaker than the one before… This track is also not as

melodic, but slowly develoups into a deeeeep stomper… #9 The last

full-length track is the well-known Throbbing Hobbits from Psychedelic

Sparks… It’s not among the best tracks on this CD but it really shows how

the Promon-sound have evolved … It has a tribal-touch to it and those

twirling sounds are fitted perfectly… I guess we all know the sample “..If

an atom could change itself why couldn’t man change an atom?”… Nice track!

#10 before hitting eject on your CD-player after listening to this album,

you need to clear your mind and prepare for the real world around you, and

therefore we have track 10… Spooky sounds indeed… Well, this is a great

album, and I recommend it to all lovers of Scandinavian madness… This was

conceived deep in the Swedish forrests and Promon have managed to provide us

with a soundtrack of those dark woods… Until the next Schlabbaduerst you’ll

have all you need here… Extremely good! Rating 9.3/10

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Afterhourz    0

When there is a review above you like DeathPosture's there isn't more to be

added by me. I mostly agree with him but I's REALLY REALLY hard to deal with

that awful singing in Slemvext :) The first time it was very funny but a

little bit too long to endure hehe. But tracks like 3 are downright scary :)

Still some songs could have a litlle bit more though . I give this 7.5/10

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damion    0


Funky Fumes

Inpsyde Media (Italy)


Once in a while something so incredibly weird comes up that it sort of makes

you very very confused indeed. And so to Promon. One of the winners on the

recent psynews.org new artists contest (as displayed on Inpsyde’s Psychedelic

Sparks), Promon are sample-friendly duo Lars Arne Mikael Forsberg and Sven

Robin Gunning. And Funky Fumes is an oddity, full of Scandinavian mythology

with the forest alive and breathing, and out to get you… After the short intro

of Tenk, Beyond Contact has an organic growl over hollow-swallow bass with

technoid percussion going ape as it builds. There’s squiffy sounds all over

the place, and good layered squeakage over the top. Zenodorf Cooling-Fan

features Terrance McKenna over the top of a particularly sharp, bed-o’-nails

bit of nighttime music. But at Slemvaxt things get really weird. They have a

little song – "it’s a mushroom, it’s a fungus, and it’s living all around us

and among us." Some little urchins sing the ditty, before a very psychedelic,

very alive bit of schitzo-minimal, with disjointed melodies all over. Very

disturbing, and doubly so when the Promon guys themselves appear to sing the

same song. Badly. It’s delightful in its sheer insanity. After that, we get

into the insane synthwork of Defined Inside; the harsh, reality-twisting

pneumaticadelia of Gnillevart Emit; the hypnotic Bruno Bandit and the

brilliantly-named Throbbing Hobbits, a very bouncy and seasick-making journey

to another part of the enchanted forest. Massive standout has to be Trolltyg,

with Scandinavian folklore getting a real-old psychedelic workout. Mad noises

and even madder voices get the pulses racing, and it smacks you around the

room like nobody’s business. Plus, just when you think it can’t get any

higher, it does. This is classy, quirky stuff steeped in murky mushroom mulch,

with some mindblowing moments in its mythical madness.



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eudaimonia    0

Well this is a difficult one.... I really like the slow entrancing style of this music that combined with darkness usually is enough to turn me on..


But in my opinion it lacks complexity. It sounds to easy most of the time. And the "lsd", "acid", and "psychedelic" samples are really not original. With just a bit more work and attention to it I would really love this music but now its too simple..


but because I really like the entrancing dark organic scando sound I still enjoy this album but its not good for listening with great attention or really going into the music... 3.5/5

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