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V/A - Freaks In A Frenzy

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Guest Soulmission   
Guest Soulmission

Well me listened to this a few times now and me thinks that every time I do, I

get a new insight into some wicked,maturely produced tracks.Yet to blast it

out proudly on my speakers and when I do I know that magic energy will form

around me to dance in!Its not as insanely mental as 'Vibraspirit23' but has

its own serious vibe that allows each track to evolve steadily to wicked

culminations of melodic/tonal fusion.If this music we listen to is actually a

saving grace from a horrible world then 'Freaks in a Frenzy' is definetly part

of the soundtrack to welcoming the Holy Spirit of trance!!My favourites at the

moment r Psyside's 'True Power'and Stralia's track does the business.Must

admit Im yet to find the magic in Sienis track, I'll listen again

later....8.75/10 and increasing by the play!

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mars    139

V/A - Freaks In A Frenzy


Posted Image


Artist: Various

Title: Freaks In A Frenzy

Label: Procyon

Date: 2002


Track listing:


01. Virtuart : Kalki

02. Shift : Optical Delusion

03. Stralia : Transducer

04. Psyside : True Power

05. Sienis : Snakes And Sparklers

06. Nomad : Party Time

07. Mr Peculiar : Prophecy

08. Atomic Pulse : 360 Degrees

09. Mastermind : Excalibur




Ok, I have seen some steps of the creation of this compil, I have seen Roopak

selecting the tracks, I have seen Danger, the other manager, at Samothraki

trying to promote it, I have seen the flyers for the release in my backpack in

the way back...but i had never listened to this compil until...


A few days ago i put several new cds to play in a row...and at a moment i

thought "wow after 5 hours of disappointment, it's been 4-5 tracks i really

enjoy, what is this one ?...ooooh the Procyon Records compil !!"


Globally it's hard and powerful and i really like it !!!


So :

the Vituart quality is not perfect but the music is first dark, then pretty

melodic and wicked. good one.

the Shift is damn good as usual. lots of little musical tricks, the usual

wobbles, and the little anthem melody at the end is evidence that the guy must

go to an asylum quickly.

the Stralia is quite mainstream (all the same sounds as atomic pulse)...but,

well it should not be put in any hands cause it gets more and more and

crazzzyyy ! your legs are gonna suffer if you dance on it :)

the Psyside is intelligent and various with lots of small themes, all very

oldschool...and at the end, yhaââââ whooo an Etnica-like melody !!

the Sienis is...a masterpiece. Psytrance should definitely be like that. just

listen to it. THANKS !!!!

the Nomad is not bad but too linear. The end gets better with a twisted climax.

the Mr.Peculiar is too 32-bang-32-boom-32 to my mind but fortunately it gets

better and better till the end.

the Atomic Pulse track is


emixed...no. well it's actually *very good* with a very uplifting melody at the

end, but i'm tired of the Atomstrixprojnection style :)

the Mastermind is a surprise (remix of Esxs' Bloody Sword), unusual, crazy,

violent....thats perfect to end such a compil.


Favourites are the Sienis, and the Psyside following closely.


After that i noticed several tracks are built the same : running begining, late

break, powerful climax. it's not a problem here because all the tracks have

different enough styles.

So that's probably one of the best full-on compils this year. Various, you

know, various !!


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Guest Goagabba   
Guest Goagabba

This years best newcomer for me. Procyon Rec from Hungary, Budapest. This

introductory comp, showcases a full on psy assault, with acts from around the

globe. Very much dance floor orientated, with BPM's reaching a hectic 150.

Virutart from France open the comp, meaning business. We are thrown headlong

into an industrial full on psyscape. South Africa's powerhouse, Shift, brings

us a tribal scorcher. Nice deep sounds, good percussion and clear effects.

Good sample use, and pumping quality throughout. Next up Stralia, from NYC,

begin with big atmosphere's, which explode into a freaky 150bpm frenzy. Good

solid full on. Psyside keeps up the pace with True Power, prob the best track

on here. Good melodies, brilliant composition. Nice deep kick, and

squelching madness, with a bit of melody thrown in for good measure. Parts of

it have a sort of old school goa feel to it. Then Sienis, who you may now

from the Scrambled Heads comp. Nice, twisting, Scandotrance. It's dark and

guaranteed to fill any dancefloor during the witching hour. Nomad brings us a

new track, which starts good, but the beat missed something on the way. It

picks itself up nicely 3/4 of the way through though. Favourite newcomer of

the year for me, Mr Peculiar, brings us a hypnotic track, filled with echoing

samples, and building melodies. The song breaks into a haunted atmosphere,

but journeys us along to other places yet unknown. Israel's Atomic Pulse start

with a spacey theme, and bring us into a more progressive frame, which becomes

more full on as the track progresses. Excellent tune. To end it off, we have

a collaboration between Psyside and ESXS/Neuromotor. It's got a lot of

technoid influences, but when the tune progresses, one can hear that this is a

remix off of ESXS' The Bloody Sword. I'm not too keen on the melody, or the

'Excalibur' sample, but the track makes up for it as a whole. Generally, this

is an awesome album, and should be bought by all full on fanboys and girls : )

I'll give it a jolly 8/10 Bom!

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Guest Bugsy   
Guest Bugsy

I heard most of the tracks on this release a little while ago, so i've had the

time to explore them...and enjoy.

The 1st track by Virtuart is a good intro to the compil, a heavy bassdrum

combined with some acidic sounds and a background atmospheric melody.

Optical Delusion by Shift is a monsterous track, filled with rythmrumbling

drums & percussions a crazy psychedlic twist and a funky touch.

Track No 3 by Stralia is my less favorite one on the compilation...i usualy do

like their sound but this track just doesn't go anywhere...same repetitve


The title on track No4 says it all:"True Power" i heard Psyside play it @ the

Psynews Summer Launch party, it blew my mind off...a chemicaly potent melody

that will twang ur nerves:~)

Track No5 by Sienis is highly rythmical & melodious it has an InfectedMushroom

symphonic feel towards the end, very different from most Sienis tracks i've

heard so far...a perfect party filler

The Nomad track starts surprisingly slow, it is then infiltrated by a fat &

shaky bassline, and the usual Nomad melodies, it gets better as you play

it...a hyperactive journey!!!

I can't make my mind as to wich track is my favorite... Optical Delusion or

Prophecy??? Prophecy is filled with intoxicating sounds a perfect festival

track by the Wizard of Oz...:)

No8 by Atomic Pulse is a typical Spectrum/MDMA records sound, it's a massive

track that aims at keeping the freaks bouncing from one side to the other of

the dancefloor

The compilation ends with a morning track by Mastermind(Fred Talaa of

Neuromotor & Jean-Luc of Psyside)both known for their night time full-on

bombs...a beautiful track to dance to under a sunny sky, it has a gentle

melody throughout the whole track and a few samples taken from the movie


So all in all this is a quality release from this newly born label, thank you

Roopak&Danger for the good work...

i give it a 7.5+/10

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Guest Smarthowie   
Guest Smarthowie

Well(!)I really like some of the tracks on this compilation, first track is

good, never heard of him before now..But I was impressed, nice track! Track 2

is also good, but track nr.3&4 are REALLY GREAT!!! Both at 150BPM, two

excellent killer-tracks, in my opinion...PSYSIDE is GREAAAAT!! stomping

madness:) LOVE it! Track nr 5 is also good, but after this the comp. looses

the quality a bit, more full-on at the end of the comp. The last track is a

bit different, not a track I will listen to very often, but anyway: I give

this compilation 8/10, and Psyside gets 11/10!! pEAce:)

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Guest Le Lotus Bleu   
Guest Le Lotus Bleu

i globably appreciate this compilation, very energic,powerfull, psychedelic and



The presence of names like Mr Peculiar,Shift,Virtuart,Stralia,Sienis,Psyside

which aren't the usual names names apearing on every tracklist is the real

"plus" of the compil.


Furthermore some of them are very talentuous or quite rare to find

(Virtuart ,Mr Pelicular & Shift especially).


Highlights by order:7,6


other nice moments by order:1,4,9


There are just Atomic Pulse & Sienis that i don't really dig into, the first

mainly too flat & diesel morning stuff (but like the others Atomic

productions), for the second just too linear.



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Trance2MoveU    372

"I also have some telepathic powers."


Then you probably knew this compilation wasn't going to hold up well. I had kept it for the first two tracks, but after that I could take it or leave it.


Mostly leave it.


I'm sure back in 2002 when the psytrance scene basically went into hibernation this was dark and powerful, but nowadays it is unremarkable full-on. The worst track for me was the final one Excalibur where the artists tried to fit a movies worth of samples into 10 minutes. Also of note...it was 10 f*cking minutes. Really terrible. Made me want to cold cock some British people. However the worst part of the track was the "give me the power" sample. It was repeated 86 times.


In succession.


Eighty. F*cking. Six.


Their software should've kicked them in the nuts and walked out of the room. Inexcusable.



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