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Psysex - Expressions Of Rage

Guest Infected Max

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Guest ultra-poefy

a terrible cd!!!!!!! imature beat driven crap with silly nonsensical samples.

what a complete waist of money. sorry max, but this is shitty stuff.

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Guest Infected Max

Psysex - Expressions Of Rage


Posted Image


Artist: Psysex

Title: Expressions Of Rage

Label: HOM-Mega

Date: 1999


Track listing:


01. 9'47" Psysex : The Alien Panic

02. 8'34" Power Source : Sky Walker (Psysex Rmx)

03. 8'59" Psysex : Experimental Procedure

04. 9'13" Psysex : The Evil Turkeys

05. 6'30" Psysex : An Expression Of Rage

06. 7'34" Xerox : Blast That Rock (Psysex Vs Freeman Rmx)

07. 8'22" Psysex : LSDance

08. 4'56" Psysex : The Beat Of The Year

09. 9'55" Children Of The Doc : Bionic Bong (Bonus Track)




Pretty Cool Cd...but i was a bit deceipted really. Some tracks are definitely

killers(especially in parties...) And some a really too cheesy for

me.Let's begin by the tracks i don't

really like..."Expression Of rage" And "The Beat Of the Year" are quite

innovative i agree (with acoustic sounds) but besides that, nothing

really awesome.

"The Alien Panic" (With yahel) is not

so bad....but to be honnest i never listen it.

Let's enter the better part of the


"Blast That Rock Remix" And

"Skylwalker Remix" are good...Skywalker is a bit cheesy for me but a lot of

people will apreciate it i think. Never heard those tracks in parties but i

guess they must be cool there."Evil Turkey" Is aaaaawesome, good

South Park sample And they really fit in the song.. very good job..the

sounds are very innovative And are not the fat sounds you are used to hear

in a Trance track..Happy sounds And happy track...& not

cheese..."LSDance" is a Standard...who never

sang LLLLLL SSSSSSS DDDDDDD.....It's a pity it was already released on

"Israliens" compilation.

"Bionic Bong"....woooooooo!!! To me

it's one of the best track of 99'...Class "A" track.

The best surprise is certainly "The

Experimental Procedure"...oh my god it kicks ass...If i had to play ONE track

of this album in a party it would be this one...very hard to understand at

home but in party this track morphs into a atomic BOMB!!! Woooooo The end is

killer....sample from voices are creating a very new And dark atmosphear!!

This track worth the whole


5/10 if you already have Bionic Bong

& LSDance (9 And 7), 8.5/10 if you never heard them

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Guest Tequila

really basic israeli trance.Not a lot of originality, no strange sounds, no

exploding melodies, just a large kick and some classic israeli sounds.Maybe

will their next album be excellent but know, it's too basic.5/10

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Guest Avi and Lior

Good dance floor stompers here with a few cheesy bits thrown in, however the

worst thing about this and Israelli trance in general are the samples-they are

always stupid cheesy make no sense kiddy samples that always destroy the

continuity of the CD. If it had a little bit more maturity I would take it

more seriously.

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Guest durhef[at]troly[dot]dn

well i think psy sex are one the best new talents in the global trance

comunity, and i guess they are a very serius artists . when i first heard psy

sex i understand this is the music of tomorow and if any one is saying that

this album is emature or stupid i think this guys have to try and be more open

to music .....


defenetly the best album ive heard in years


after a quick look at this site i can know that the peaple who are writhing all

the reviews are must be kids who dont know much about trance music BE MORE


KEEP ON PSY SEX, this is a great cd

with owner


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Guest Kvin2000

I just don't like this one. I agree that the samples are childish and full of

gimmicks which I don't like to hear in "serius" trance releases. The beat of

the year and Expessions of rage are the only two tracks I really like.

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Guest AtomikElf

aargh!! this leaves a nasty taste. childish, immature samples, outdated

keyboard/synthesizer use. a cd maybe to be played for kids in kindergarten.

not for those who enjoy good solid intelligent psytrance. if u like

cheesiness, then this would be your cup 'o tea. it's not mine. 4/10 too bad i

had to go and frickin buy it ¦[

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Guest ChrisdeeACiD

Hmm.... I expected alot more before I'd heard it. This album is actually pretty

bad with repetitive songs all the way through. It's tooo israeli for me.....

don't buy this

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I notice a pretty even split, with around half really liking the record and

half really hating it. First of all, this is definitely not the music of

tomorrow. I can listen to it today, and in fact I could listen to this sound

in 1997-98 with the Oforia and Tandu releases [no slight intended to Ofer D:

I'm just talking about the crunchy synthesizer sounds]. The samples are truly

horrible though; they have to go. Guys, a sample is like toilet paper: great

to use once, then you don't want to go near it again. There are a few decent

filler tracks in here with the characteristic Israeli sound, but no way is

this making my top ten of 2000. It's for kids.

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Guest Damien

I had 2 songs (4 days of madness And Alien Cop) of psysex before I bought this

one. Those songs were dark and so cool! But this cd sucks so much. 3 decent

songs, the rest is just crap. Like someone else already said: kindergarten


Sorry guys

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Guest humanabanana[at]madasafish[dot]c

Hi guys,


about a month ago I bought the Psysex album in Germany and I have to write to

tell you how much I love it's crazy sound.


WOW! It lifts my head right- -off- -the- -pla- -net!

I just can't take it out of the CD player (well, OK, I can, but it goes back in

several times per day!)

For the record then, Experimental Procedure, Evil Turkeys and Blast that Rock,

as well as (au natrelle) the Children of the Doc track just make me dissolve

into a pool of total yumminess (which is most pleasurable by the way) so,




Love, Light, Peace.



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Guest damoneves[at]hotmail[dot]com

those that have just payed out PSY_SEX have egg on their face. Simon Posford

was recently quoted saying Psysex, DJ goblin more specifically was one of the

only trance acts embracing the future and actually going somewhere.

Although Evil Turkeys voice overs are overdone it's still great as is L.S.Dance

and Children of the Doc - a great cd from an Israeli about to rule the region.


Who are you to disagree with KING POSFORD...huh?

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Guest Snow Dog

Ok, here's what I like and dislike on here. "The Alien Panic" is well-produced, but nothing

spectactular. "Skywalker Remix" is an awesome night-time anthem, that I hear a lot of at

parties in my area. "Experimental Procedure" is good too, typically warped psytrance.

The samples on "Evil Turkeys" and "LSDance" are pretty cheesy, but I can live with that.

"Expressions of Rage" has a wicked psy-breaks sound. "Blast That Rock" is a bad remix

of an already bad Xerox track. "The Beat of The Year" is a novelty track, but a really good one

(you gotta love that rap sample). Wisely, Psysex has saved the best for last :

a 10 minute stormer of a tune called "Bionic Bong". Talk about your progressive trance;

this progresses from hard to psychotic! An older track, but one that destroys 95% of today's

releases. In summation, the good outweighs the bad, and I recommend this album,

especially if you don't have "Bionic Bong". 6/10

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Guest andrescottin[at]hotmail[dot]com

nice....anyone who doesn't like this album has never mixed it. you can tell DJ

Goblin is behind this cuz the way he holds the beats (that bum, bum, bum,

silence, bum, bum bum) and accents with inverted kickdrums is so much fun to

mix it should be illegal.

the samples....well, some are good, some depend on your mood, but I agree they

could be better overall.

this album is not as deep and complex as those from the masters of melodies,

but it's really good party music.

my only major problem here is that the fuckheads at ballonia records have no

respect for DJs, the vinyl has less tracks than the cd and even is you buy the

single with two of the missing songs, LSDance (arguably the best song on the

album) is not available unless you bought IsrAilens 1, which is no longer


8/10 (7/10 on vinyl)

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NOT good cd!! I knew two songs of it, LSDance And Bionic Bong... And hell yeah,

that are also the only good songs on this CD!!! It's really full with really

childish, cheesy and simply véry BAD samples... Please STOP THAT!!

Song 2 is nice though... But all together a big dissapointment! 4/10 Bom Shankar

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Guest kickflip4[at]hotmail[dot]com

i purchased this cd about half a year ago. i was stoked wheni got it, but it

doesn't really spend that much time in my cd player. however, when i do pop

it in i am always happy with it. evil turkeys is a great song, trancetracks

that make me laugh are great on occasion.

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Guest [Anonymous]

All I can say is this, I saw these guys live a couple weeks ago and I had such

a good time, not all of their songs are quality but they're fun to listen to

at a party. As far as the cd, evil turkeys is a pretty cheesy song but its

still cool to listen to. L S Dance, Experimental procedure, and the skywalker

remix are all great tracks. I wonder what happened to the rest of the tracks,

those tracks literally took away from the rest of the cd.

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Guest agibson684[at]earthlink[dot]net

This album isn't breaking any new ground and doesn't offer much in the form of

swirling melodies, but it is a solid ride from front to back. "Beat of the

Year" is a nice psy-downbreak treat (is that Kurtis Blow I hear?). I'd love

to hear this album stripped of it's cuteness and remixed by DJ Goblin.

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Guest Kindgok

What's wrong with samples? What's wrong with a little bit of fun and mischief?

That's how I'd describe this album : fun and mischievous. If you want to

listen to music that's 100% serious, trance probably isn't even your genre to

begin with. Bleh.

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