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Etnica - Equator

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Etnica - Equator


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Artist: Etnica

Title: Equator

Label: Spirit Zone

Date: 1999


Track listing:


01. 10'03" Be On Go

02. 05'39" Patricia ... Our Happy ...

03. 06'49" Mad Crickets

04. 06'00" Trip In Transkei

05. 10'13" History

06. 11'29" Vibra

07. 08'40" Resistance

08. 08'59" Funkadelia

09. 06'48" Baraka




Very Disapointing CD, the first one of Etnica was MUCH better!

I can't even believe this are the same producers as Etnica/Pleiadians!

There are only 3 pretty good songs on it; nr 1,7&9!! The album is also rather

Ambient than Goa!!! Those guys can do much better !!! Bom


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Guest Mindbender

I disagree. Though I was initially disappointed to this album, I've become to

like it. It's definetly very different and not the usual full-on Etnica style,

but in general a nice chill-out, get stoned to -album. The more chilled stuff

(tracks 1 and 8) is very good, the soft, slow trance (tracks 2, 3 and 4) is

ok, but nothing special. History is getting harder, but not quite still there

and is a good track. Then comes Vibra. It's a real stormer dance track! Very

powerful! It took me some time to get into it, but then one night I danced to

it, put it on again and danced through it and then again and... I ended up

dancing the same track 8 times that night!!! Eversince, I've loved it.

Resistance is another dance track, good, but not as good as Vibra. However, I

usually listen to this album when I go to sleep, because most of the stuff is

calm. Full-on keeps me awake. 8/10

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Guest Stathis_gti

I thing this is a VERY GOOD cd.I thing it was about time etnica to change their

musical style.The only track i hate is track 2.Owfull!The rest are great!This

cd starts and ends with "ambiend" tracks which are the best i have

heared.Vibra and Resistance are the most powerfull tracks .Great

production.Highly sujested to those who want to hear something more


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Guest vm[at]alphatrance[dot]org

It's not bad, it's different. If you're looking for the old Etnica sound, go

buy the new Pleiadians album, "Family of Light." "Equator" shows a different

side of Etnica's sound - trance that is more subtle, tribal, funky, chill,

intelligent, I'd dare say even more psychedelic. There's much diversity on

the album, from dub and breakbeats like "Patricia... Our Happy" and

"Funkadelia" to full-on stompers "Resistance" and "Vibra". Give it a few

listens, it'll definitely grow on you. 8/10.

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Yeah! I agree with above comments (except for the first guy - take a good

listen!). This album is dissapointing at first listen, especially if you know

their older stuff like Alien Protein or Plastic/Vimana. But hey - people are

evolving and don't expect them to do the same thing all the time (like Astal

is doing :(). So what that there is few ambient songs, if they're great

(especially Funkadelia). I agree that Histor, Vibra and Resistance are great

full-on tracks, but didn't anyone noticed the quality of Mad Crickets (almost

electro-trance with great acid line) or Trip In Transkei, which is rather on

minimalistic side of things. Go out and buy it! I give it 8.5/10!

Want to talk 'bout psy-trance. E-mail me!!!

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Guest Tequila

I listened this CD at twice in a shop, and I really was disappointed by its

lack of originality and melody whereas I liked Alien Protein very much.Don't

buy it immediatly, listen to it before, because I see that the reviews are

completely opposite.beware beware...

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Guest Young

Mauri, Max, and Andrea have this unique ability to create trax that are so

great one must be careful before yapping bullshit criticism and then bite

his/her tongue. not many musicians can do that. besides, their liveacts are

the best imo, max's dj sets need no introduction and even mauri is invincible

behind the dex ;)

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Guest ChrisdeeACiD

Errh. "Be On Go" and "Mad Crickets" kicks ass. Nothing on this album reminds U

of their previous work but anyhow they still manage to create stuff we love =

) Definitely worth to be a part of your Etnica/Pleiadians collection...

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Guest snarling[at]anakata.art[dot]pl

Yeah. I can agree with many of you. I had to listen to it for a long time

before I really liked it. But know its great! Not all of the tracks are

briliant but some of the are. Thats good enough for me.

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Guest SpaceCowboy2002[at]hotmail[dot]c

One has to listen with a more discerning ear to get the most out of this one,

that is for sure. It moves along nicely, and there is nothing flat out wrong

with it, but if you are looking for a zoomer of a track, you will not find one

here. It is more subtle in its ways of politely vying for your attention.

Certainly a different style than their Pleiadians IFO. album, which was a Feat

hard to match. Could be somewhat better, could be much worse. Overall, 7 out

of 10.

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Guest adp028[at]mail[dot]usask[dot]ca

I love this album. Very experimental melodies and sequencing, and not in the

least bit predictable too. What really gives it is the SH-101 style kick,

sequenced for a deep tribal tough engaging sound, especially in 'mad crickets'

and 'trip in traskei.' Very cool. This is a superb production.

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Guest kristan[at]x-treme[dot]gr

After over a year home(and party) listening of this album i believe its a very

integrated piece of trance art.Sounds really complex and i am really

astonished with their ability to be so forward.If i can choose the worst track

(i said if..) i would say "history" which is more predictable.Be on go and

baraka are just the tracks you cant help listening in every aspect of your

life.9,5+/10 definitely(The best is yet IFO)..Bom!


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I don?t think this album is a Bad one, BUT I also think that?s the worst one

from Etnica, because absolutely not the same style and I prefer the style of

their 2 first albums ... However you can easily hear their talent in most of

the Tracks ... Anyway, there are 5 Tracks I don?t really like : Tracks

2,3,6,7,9 (really don?t like Track 2) ... my favourite is BY FAR Track 5, but

Tracks 1&8 are pretty good too ... the problem with Track 8 is that it uses

the same Independance Day sample as Release Me in The Gathering album ... so I

always find its use on this Track quite strange ... Rating : 4,5/10

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I know people have mixed feelings about this album, but I think it's because

Etnica evolved and changed their style a bit. It's definately different from

their older stuff...not as focused on melodies. There are some great

improvements here, though. First of all, I was blown away by the beats. I

thought Etnica beats were somewhat weak before, but not on this one. They put

the beats more upfront and made it more complex. On top of that, you have the

Etnica signature melodies and samples, and it works! Absolutly fantastic

production. "History" has become one of my favorite tracks of all time.

Don't expect the old-school Etnica on this one because they've evolved quite a

lot, and it may take a few listens to sink in, but this is super quality

stuff. This album really blew me away, and put huge smiles on my face. Thanx

Etnica, you guys are just unbelievable! 9/10

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Guest Ravemail10

For 2 months i have tried to convince myself i like this. Pleiadians for me are

an aural orgasm, etnica is very good, but WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS??? I'm very

open in my choice of styles, my prime listening is goa trance but i can listen

to everything from soft rock to happy hardcore. BUT I CAN'T LISTEN TO THIS!

This doesn't make any sense. How can such a great quartet produce something as

retarded as this cd? I agree that some people might find meaning here, and i

can find meaning here too, but i think that a line must be drawn between weird

innovation and nonsense. For me, this is waaaaay beneath that line into the

stinking realm of nonsense. Heh, Vibra is ok... 0/10 This cd is NOT goatrance,

it's unuplifting ambient funk! Unuplifting funk = bad! Bom! - Raven

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Guest connor[at]mind[dot]net

If you don't like this album, your not listening weill enough. Even if you

don't like the sound of the tracks, the production is enough to kill a man.

Etnica progressed with this album to a state of electronic genious. Those

drumlines in certain tracks seem like they could have only been played on a

drum set, but they weren't. Etnica are the masters of creation and this is a

testament to what they can do. Sure, it's not flat out goa or psy, its far

more intelligent than that.

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Guest Ravemail10

I must change my opinion. After all this time, I really like this album! Sheer

brilliance, never have I listened to an album that took so long to grow on me.

8.5/10 now. - Raven

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Guest Psymushroom[at]goatrance[dot]com

Be on go... Baraka. These two tunes are my favourite ones on the album, but

check out Resistance! What a tune. Well done Etnica, but a remark here. Since

you compose such good music, why does Max always sound so disappointing in dj

sets? Love to you all!

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Guest jayhen[at]mweb.co[dot]za

First of all, I think that History is one of the coolest trance tracks ever.

Secondly, the people who do not like this album should give it another listen,

and then another... see from the above, it grows on you. It is a lot deeper

than squealing trance, and when you get it, it is great.

Speaking of great, Etnica are unbeatable live.

Don't condemn this album because it is different, and shut your mouth if you

only heard it in a record store and not concentrating on it.

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