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XIS - Electric Rites

Guest Trancers303

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Guest Trancers303

XIS - Electric Rites


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Artist: XIS

Title: Electric Rites

Label: Nephilim

Date: 1999


Track listing:


CD 1

01. 07'17" Mindphazer

02. 09'17" Broken Spirals

03. 05'36" Psi Lock

04. 07'51" Electric Rite

05. 08'52" Klangwelt

06. 08'04" Shifting Shiva

07. 09'23" Annunaki

08. 08'22" Dussehra

09. 09'03" Live At Atropa


CD 2

01. 07'59" From Single Cell To Multiply

02. 06'52" Scatterd Light

03. 06'41" Digital Breakfast

04. 06'33" A Dream Game

05. 07'00" The Trip Of The Space Goblin

06. 07'46" Hole In The Sky

07. 06'58" Beyond The Brain

08. 06'43" Clockwork Clown

09. 07'45" Demon Flower

10. 07'03" Window To Reality




As you can see this is a double cd...A very intrresting album from XIS.

There are all kind of styles in this album...Melodic, hard, psychedelic,

noisy goatrance and I am sure everyone will find something they like...My

favourite tracks on the cd.s are on cd 1....nr 2, 3, 6 and the best track on

the cd is nr 5, Klangwelt...so hard with a tweaked 303 and tribal

drums...awesome track, a real dancefloor killer in my opinion...anyway I

will give this cd 5.8/10

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Guest Kuldipsidhu

great stuff from nephilim my choise is more in first cd

all track on cd one is great all track are full on just track three is bitt low

but xis is beast with nephilim record looking forward more stuff like this

from xis ............love kuldip

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Guest Per Sterud

If you've heard one song from X.I.S. you've heard them all. Which is

unfortunate because that one song is really pretty cool. Maybe they might

learn how to create diversity in their music and thereby have it hold one's

interest. 5/10

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A bit all over the place isn't it? Some tracks are minimal sounding and some are powerful with some good goa licks. But like others have said they're pretty much a one trick pony. The tracks sound similar with a few good parts, but they don't evolve. Just stagnate. Broken Spirals, Psi-lock, Klangwelt, and Annunaki are most appealing to me as well as the booming last track on CD2. That bass will rattle some windows.



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