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Guest Tequila

SUN Project - Drosophila

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Hazard    2

Not the best of Goa, but quite good. I love track 4. The Awekenening...

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People who hate the guitars in Goa forget that this music has massive roots in the industrial music scene of the 80s.

Skinny Puppy

Front Line Assembly

Front 242






Guitar has always been around in the Goa.

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GhostOnAcid    17


Good Album. It has three outstanding tracks, and all of this are written only by Matthias Rumoeller.
"At The Edge Of Time", "The Awakening" and "Going With The Flow" are very good tracks with nice melodies and a nice flow. :-) "The Awakening" is the masterpiece of the album. The composition @4:25 is sooo cool! And the melody, which kicks in @4:52 is amazing!!! Full of energy and joy!! :-) :-)
"Drosophila" has a memorable hookline. And here again Rumoeller is involved.
The other tracks are sounds ok. To repetitive and little boring after a while of listening.

The artwork is very good.

My results:

Tribolus 7/10
Fatal Error 6/10
At The Edge Of Time 9/10
Drosophila 7/10
The Awakening 10/10
Sexdrugs & Acidtrance 5/10
T.O.T.C. 5/10
Transformation 5/10
The Norb 5/10
Going With The Flow 10/10

Final result: 7/10!

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