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Hiscore Xor - Drone IIV / True Freedom


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Hiscore Xor - Drone IIV / True Freedom


Artist: Hiscore Xor

Title: Drone IIV / True Freedom

Label: Polytox

Date: 1995


Track listing:


01. Drone IIV

02. True Freedom




Another classic title from Hiscore! This one was released prior to the Identify

EP but still contains beautiful music. "Drone IIV" contains a warm atmosphere,

bubbling 303s, sweeping pads, and a sound not unlike early Electric Universe

songs. This song doesn't explode at any point but remains a satisfactory old

style song nonetheless. "True Freedom" on the flip is the real classic here,

having been picked up for many CD compilations over the years (such as Sound

of Freedom from Transient). The samples here lift the spirits and propel the

mind through pure trance, with swirling acid noises and deep buildups. The

atmospheres that enter during the climax are dripping with the essence of

trance and the ability to transform your experience into something greater.

This track most certainly belongs on an enthusiastic dancefloor. Another great

EP from the proto-Kopfuss squad. 8/10

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Guest Quetzalgoatl

True Freedom is beautiful, yet could have been better.

Oh what the heck I love it!!! I don't know Drone IIV.

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Guest Selim

Actually the sample is "lead them to true freedom." Like all of the samples on

that classic, classic track ("the sleeper has awakened," etc.), it's from the

movie Dune.


Does anybody know where I can get Drone IIV on CD???

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True Freedom. Everytime one of my old techno-partners in crime comes over to my

gaff he starts going on about this song and always demands to hear it.


Now this track is pure trance escapism at its finest moment. Now, if this is

not a KILLER, then what else is. And no I can't agree with the person above

who says this track could have been better.


Don't bother with the drone IIV track. It's like a monotonous prototype track

of the true freedom track, without the kicks, the breaks, the samples and the

hooks. Similar to doof's old monotonous "trance-mixes" on the flipsides of his

ep's, however not anywhere as good as his.

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This is another great EP (they only had 2) from this 5 member project. I had to download it because I live in the Southeast US. Goa trance in Roanoke? I'd have a better chance of finding out all the ingredients of the McRib. True Freedom really is a cracker of a track and their most famous. The Drone is a good rumbler in its own right, but lacks the mystique of the former.


German trance has a reputation for being so clinical and precise, but these guys brought a liquid, alive feeling to their music.



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