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Koxbox - Dragon Tales

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Kudos on the cover art.


Their Forever After album is more melodic and I like it more. That said, this has some great tracks. Doctor Mesmer for instance has more harmonies, melodies that engage me around the psychedelic work. The album's generally not my cup of tea. Some people will like the computerized, experimental, and robotic approach though. You got to give these artists credit for innovating whether you like it or not.


Best tracks IMO are: 3, 4, 5, 7, 8.

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Changed my mind about this album over the years... :ph34r: didn't like it at first, forgot about it and discovered it again years later. Anyway it's a classic and I agree it deserves credit for innovation and creativity, but most importantly my ears like it now. A success... then The Great Unknown was probably at least as good, if not even slightly better.

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This is a beautiful album, everything from the cover art to the intricatelly sculpted sounds, just oozes of quality. It’s classic psychedelia which transports the listener to some other reality. A very colorful psychoactive experience awaits to be explored within each track.

The sounds all morph around and play around. As if connected in complex shapeshifting geometric shapes. And the sounds possess this intrinsic animated quality to them. It’s as if the sounds are alive, moving together in complex restless patterns. This provides a very organic quality to the music.

There is plenty of replay value to be had here, due to the attention to detail and the elaborately camouflaged approach to melodies and textures. Very creative and inspired music! Highly recommended album and a classic for good reason.

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