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V/A - Download


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V/A - Download


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Artist: Various

Title: Download

Label: 3D Vision

Date: 2000


Track listing:


01. 07'14" CRMB : Wonders

02. 07'16" Absolut Noise : What

03. 07'51" GMS Vs Manitu : The Vampire Strikes Back

04. 09'23" Wizzy Noise : Tripoid

05. 08'02" Absolum Vs Nomad : The Game Part 2

06. 08'19" Deedrah : Reload

07. 08'14" Bamboo Forest : Analyser

08. 07'58" Sonic Kinkies : Method Of Oria

09. 09'15" Yucatan : His Brain Has Gone




Alert: blockbuster here ! This is a great great compil !

'Wonders' is a very very good fasttrack, perfect for psychedelic dancefloors.

'What' is an Absolum And Wizzy Noise production and it crashes your brain

during the last minute. waw!

'The Vampire...' is a tune by GMS And DJ Saïdu/3DV. I'll learn you nothing if i

say it looks like a GMS track plus the 3DV touch. The break is awesome! - This

track rocks (grâve)!!

'Tripoid' is good if you don't know Wizzy Noise. Else there is no surprise

since the track looks like another W-N track.

'The Game pt2' is typical Absolum stuff (boomboom-break-psychedelia), and if

you like this style, you'll love this track for sure. A killer on parties.

'Reload' begins like a dream, then it blows your mind, and makes you happy.

It's difficult to explain. The track is really 'different'. At the end you

think you've heard everything from it and it still surprises you. Deedrah

showed his expertise on this killer piece of music!

'Analyser' unrolls perfectly, climbs hard, breaks, kicks your face.

'Method of Oria' (notice the play on words) tells you Mr Dikovsky still exists.

The track has the typical style And instruments we used to like. It's also

deeper, especially near the end!

'His Brain has Gone' is a downtempo track. Just here to calm down. Nothing

special to notice.

Although this compil is a 3DV prod, it's not repetitive...that's good. My

favourites are track s nr 6,3,1 but the other ones are really impressive too.

Download is a good snapshot of what the mad guys from Paris-Ibiza-Thessaloniki

are able of and you are urged to buy it.


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Ok... here we go.. another great release by 3dVision. Quality tracks in this

one. First track by C.A.M.B. starts of with nice dark sounds. This track

sounds so much like GMS I start to wonder who are they ?

Second track by Absolut Noise.very dark basslines and sweepy sounds.. low

melody which doesnt sound like a melody more sounds everywhere ...

with a little touch of funky slap bass on top..driving constant kickdrum..Third

track by GMS Vs Manitu. This one starts of with very creepy haunting

sounds..and that typical Gms kickdrum like "StarWars"

You can really make out the diffrence between GMS and Manitu in this one...

Party Killer!!!Fourth track is by Wizzy Noise... Intro with not much happening

just a hard kickdrum and some very minimal sounds. slowly getting the snare

and hi-hats in.its progressing as time passes.. this track breaks alot.. at a

part it goes into a triplet feel. which is just excellent... with scractchy

noises.. They are really Wizzy...! Fifth track Absolum Vs Nomad.. Game Part

2.. Many of you have heard this track on the EP.. This one is a killer... one

of my favorites.. specially that siren at the end of the track and the

bassline is just killer. This one is going in a straight direction and then

suddenly turns into the oppisite way .. which is what I love about it..Party

Killer! Sixth one is by Deedrah...The intro has some tribal drums and into

that very deep bassline...the kickdrum stops and it goes into some violins..

and someone shouting and back into the trancey part of it... sounds going ev!

erywhere...this has very subtle thin spacey melodies..very diffrent deedrah

track! Towards the end this track just goes somewhere else with those

melodies...Seventh track is by Bamboo Forest. Very dark sounds.. not much

melodies..more about the mids in this song... Eigth track is by Sonic Kinkies.

Dark sounds into melodies.. and back into dark.. this track is an excellent

one.. just has so many nice breaks and very flowing melodies.. and HARD

basslines...and nice samples...progressing into something very nice. Ninth

track (Closing track) is by Yucatan. This one is kind of downtempo... very

nice hallucinogenic one.. evry typical nowday ambient sounds.. lots of

percussion... and those sharp sweepy waves.. nice one!

I really liked this album.. I give this a definate 9/10 without hesitating!

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Guest jsbedard

The most KICKING-ASS compilation i've never heard. To be played really loud !!!

Excellent Work from French companion Christof. 10/10 for wizzy noise, absolut

noise, absolum vs nomad, gms...

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  • 2 weeks later...

Okay, I must not be getting this or something 'cause for some reason, I don't

dig this all that much. I agree that these tracks are quality, but they're

not the bangers. It just sounds kinda standard. Absolum sounds the same and

boring, Bamboo Forest is weak compared to their other tracks, and even GMS

seems a little weak. I really like the Wizzy Noise track and the Sonic

Kinkies, but as a compilation as a whole, it didn't blow me away. Deedrah is

not on the vinyl, so I don't know about that one... Is it just personal

preference, or am I not getting it? I would give it a fair 7/10, but I may

change my mind. If 3D vision is your thing, then this will probably be a


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  • 2 weeks later...
Guest rmoench[at]hotmail[dot]com

This one is a real no-brainer--typical 3D Vision sound. You either love it or

hate it. Personally, I hate it. GMS, Absolum, etc just keeping on churning out

the same dancefloor burners at the same high BPM's. GMS in particular have

become a parody of themselves. This is great for the floor, terrible for the

ears and mind. In other words, e-music. (I have to admit the Wizzy Noise is

above average for that style, though, as it has a bit of depth.)


Deedrah, however, is in a world of his own. There is more creativity and

imagination in his track than the rest of the album combined. I still have a

hard time believing he worked together with Christof. Some people perhaps were

saddened by the break-up of Transwave, but this album shows why it had to

happen. Christof can make great sounds, but he has no ideas. (His dj sets are

also atrocious--145 bpm the whole way without any purpose.) Deedrah, on the

other hand, has so many ideas he doesn't know what to do with them, hence the

Dado, Deedrah, Synthetic collection of musical personalities. It pained me to

buy this one for one track alone, but the Deedrah track is worth it.

Deedrah--11/10; rest of album--3/10.

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  • 1 month later...

Not as good as you could hope by reading the first reviews, but a cool comp

nonetheless. Starts pretty bad with the CRMB track, which is in fact another

GMS track with exactly the same sounds than in the whole GMS vs SB album...

Next track is nice, mainly a killer bassline with nice percussion then goes

crazy after the break. After that it's much better, GMS song is quite good,

even if there's still nothing really special, the wizzy noise track is one of

their best, deeper than usual. The Game II starts very well, very fast and

groovy, then get lost a little and the break near the end is cool. Deedrah

track is as usual very original with lots of good ideas. The bamboo forest

song is OK, but some of their previous work is much better, and the two last

tracks are nice. Overall 8/10

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  • 2 weeks later...
Guest shesh_nag[at]hotmail[dot]com

Have only heard Deedrah's track but that's fuckin genius!!!!!!!! Deedrah is one

of the best in psytrance scene!! come on folks, vote on him at this site =)

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  • 1 month later...
Guest Roman Rox ( psychedelica.chat.ru

Deedrah BEST!

All compilation ... sometimes it realy kickass , and i wold give it 9/10 ,,,,

but sometimes it sounds too died ... not anything alive , and then it 3/10

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  • 2 weeks later...
Guest Acidhive

This one is a classic?? Well, that's f****** correct mate! A compilation with

no bad tracks, all very full on (except the last one, a bit more ambient) It

starts off amazing with Wonders, progresses into that same style until you hit

Wizzy Noise's Tripoid. Damn, what a great track! These guys know how to

produce dark stuff!! Respect to them... Respect to all guys on this comp!

Really, really good!! 9/10 from me

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Guest inri777[at]worldnet[dot]fr

Deedrah is BIG! CRMB and SONIC KINKIES are very good too. But Bamboo Forest and

WIzzy Noise aren't as good as I expected. Wonderful cover anyway! 7,5/10

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Guest simon magus

This is pretty good. But as usual, DEEDRAH KICKS ASS!!!

6/10 for the whole thing, 8/10 for tracks 2,5, 11/10 for reload.

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  • 4 weeks later...

The CRMB track with the jackhammer-like keyboards is a medulla massage. All

the rest is pretty samey sounding, but hard hard hard. The Bamboo Forest

track, well, didn't he release basically this track a year ago only on Flying

Rhino somewhere? I don't know if it really needed updating. Still, stonking

tracks for 4 AM. 8/10.

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Guest synthetic1[at]mac[dot]com

excellent bunch of "night-stylish" hard trance ain't it?

i personnally hate the reload track.theses violins(taken from new model army)

have got nothing to do with trance.

and this melody in the middle,much too cheesy.

anyway ,reload s got far too much bass and my cd player just refuse to handle


dado go back to sound ingeniering school!

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  • 4 weeks later...
Guest Xymaths

I thought nobody would recognise the New model Army-Vagabonds sample, well

done!! As for the track reload, yep Deedrah is talented, nice track. As for

the rest CRMB etc-fuck it doesnt get more out of control than that-I also love

the CRMB track on Tribal Uni. Nice one 3D at least you arent into making

minimal trance and are continuing on the upward path of real psychedelic


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  • 2 months later...
Guest FinnHawk

WOW! I've just listened to this compilation for the first time, and I loved

every track, especially the last one... nice breakbeats, very groovy! I'd

love to hear more breakbeat goa like this. This is one the first non-mixed

compilations I've found that I've liked all the way thru on my first listen.

I also love the fact that almost every track has a nice rolling bassline.

Great stuff 3D Vision!!

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  • 4 months later...
Guest Defbydelta...

THIS is a very VERY good Compil from 3d vision, with some name i never heard

about before and the cover art! the cover art are awsome like every single

track on this one.. u wasting ur time reading this, GO by it now!!

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