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Electric Universe - Divine Design


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Electric Universe - Divine Design


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Artist: Electric Universe

Title: Divine Design

Label: Spirit Zone

Date: 2000


Track listing:


01. 08'51" One Step Beyond

02. 08'31" High Fly

03. 10'13" Who Are You?

04. 05'43" Storm

05. 08'43" The Coming Mission

06. 06'56" Moonchild

07. 08'35" Love Is Not A Crime

08. 07'32" Almendra

09. 08'29" Heart On The Line




This is Boris Blenn's fifth release as Electric Universe, and my very first

impression of this album is, that he's WAY to busy putting out new albums

without thinking about the quality. It's the old saying, quantity Vs

quality. With that being my first impression, I also have to give Boris

Blenn credit, because this album isn't ALL BAD. There are good tracks, and I

especially like the tracks "Moonchild" and "Love Is Not A Crime". The first

2 tracks and the last one does absolutely nothing for me, and the rest are

average. Packed with boring voice samples and uses a lot of percussions and

electric guitars and the odd "technoish" sound that E.L. seem to have

adopted. All stuff that's been seen before.. Only better! So, come again

Boris. You can do much better than this. Rating 5.5/10. Bom shankar!

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NO! Incorrect Deathposture! EU's tracks on that album are deep and beautiful.

Sometimes it has that kinda monotonious feel to it, but it's still great.

Boris is still Boris, he always made such tracks. It's not cheezy or anything,

nor boring. It is quality. just the way it always was with Boris. 8/10

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Guest [Anonymous]

I totally agree with Tristan on this one. If you expect a bunch of Yumade-like

randomness and Paps-madness from your trance, then this won't do it for you.

But just take it as it is. And what it is ... is smooootttthhh. This is silken

trance, with a wonderful sense of balance. The fact that he can pull of such

beautiful stuff with relatively little variety is a feather in his hat. I saw

him play a live/cd mix set on a beautiful morning on a remote mountain in

Japan this summer, and it was like the perfect sunday paper and coffee

followed by a 2-hour silken sonic massage. too many smiles to count:)

thanks Boris!

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hm, i can't agree with the first review here. this album is really really good,

there are lots of beauties here. it took a while to get into it, but my God is

it good now. the last 4 tracks is the real killers in my oppinion, love they

way he change the whole atmosphere in those songs. how anyone can say this is

monotonius i don't understand, the songs are progressing all the time, love

this, bom shankar! 8.5/10

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Guest [Anonymous]

i love this album, i've been on a spirit zone binge lately(mainly since it's

the only underground style stuff i can get from tower records here in

america...) I've grown to love the style, I love this stuff, it's not overly

trancey, I like to keep my trancey stuff to the old classics^_^ but it's

great...great vibe to it, not dark like lots of the new stuff 8/10

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Guest Goa Spirit

Boris Blenn... i think that alone says it all... typical electric universe

style.. infecting morning music, which will get any party going... this is a

very nice release as usual from him.. i really liked tracks 4,5,6,7.. listen

to this album as a whole.. very nicely done.. moonchild is one of my favorite

tracks at the moment.

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Guest cangel[at]msn[dot]com

I think this album shows Boris's ability to change his style a little and still

make great music. I was taken back at first listen because it's not his usual

more upbeat style like Online Information, StarDiver, etc. But upon listening

again, you hear and feel Blenn's magic in each track. Beautiful interweaving

of melodies, sounds, and a few voice samples. To be honest, I love every song

on the damn album now. Those who speak too harshly of it, listen a few more

times. You'll change your mind. Thanks Boris! You're the best! Electric

Universe RULEZ!!!!!!!!

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  • 1 month later...
Guest Slidingtrancer

This is awful, he shouldn't release this many cds!

It's a definite lack of soundquality here and that a shame because there are a

few nice ideas! It's all too much an ibiza-style for me to wanna own it.

Well maybe its good to other peeps, for me it's 4.5/10

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  • 5 weeks later...
Guest rx7style

I must agree that the technical aspect of Boris Blenns music has not

progressed. His musicality however has become better, and he's a little

better with his use of layering, but I still like this album! I've always

liked the harmonies and melodies that Electric Universe has created -- they

are sweet and simple. There's a lot to be said for simplicity. I think he

does all the right things in this album... good mix of melodic style, nice

basslines and beats, and sound quality? It's not BAD, but it isn't top of the

line. All in all, this was a pleasing album, I enjoyed listening to it, and

still do. Buy it. 8.5/10

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Guest aaronmomenai[at]gmx[dot]de

Wie Boris Blenn mit dem Synthesizer umgehen kann ist genial. Die komplizierten

HiHat-Sequenzen sind perfekt ausgefeilt,was natürlich die Sache viel

interessanter macht. Bei "High Fly" jedoch hätten am Anfang die HandClaps

ruhig ein wenig elektronischer klingen können. Sonst klingt es mehr so nach

70er Jahr Discomusic. Aber trotzdem, einfach super! Weiter so! Aaron M.

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Guest Henke

When I first got this album, i had only heard ONE of EU's tracks... But I got

suprised! This is good stuff! But it doesn't sound like goa... more like

trance... but it kicks ass anyway! Get it!

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  • 3 weeks later...
Guest Spineless

Hey,guy.....the more albums you make,the more they suck.I'm sorry but this

album really suck.What is that-Ibiza-influenced music?Go make a video for

"Storm" and put it on MTV.Success is guaranteed.....Rating:4/10

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Guest heierli[at]library.ethz[dot]ch

Sorry, but this album is shit. Music for MTV or VIVA (i agree with spineless),

boring Trance-Music à la Ibiza. Sounds like "D-Trance" or "Club-Rotation". I'm

very disappointed, only Love is not a Crime and the Ambient-Track Heart on the

Line are good; the rest is bad. Boris, please make music like Stardiver and

not this shit (sorry again). I know that you can make better stuff. Please, we

want goa, not trance!!!!!! 5/10 :(

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  • 3 weeks later...
Guest [Anonymous]

I really like this album. With all that shitty minimalistic (only bassline with

some sound fx on top, made in 30 minutes) psytrance being released, it's

really great to hear these electronic, pumping, full on sounds!

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Guest Spineless

Something strange happened with me and I got deeper into this album.Now I think

its design is really divine.10x,Boris.

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  • 2 months later...
Guest [Anonymous]

I like this album very much, it's much better and more original

than all that monotone psytech

Keep up the melody....Not that bad dark and angry bassline.. 9/10

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Guest patricklang[at]mail.utexas[dot]e

I have the vinyl, so can't speak for a few of the tracks (including "Love is

not a Crime"), but I have to give Boris some props for "The Coming Mission."

It works from hard driving minimal then adds his trademark smooth as silk

layering and really brings something out of it. Its almost evil sounding, but

yet so beautiful at the same time. I love it :) Out of the whole album, I

look forward to playing this track out most.


Moonchild is an excellent track, reminds me Meteor from Blue Planet, but it

sounds smoother. Its the same guitar sample, only not as overused as Meteor.

That sample really wasn't good enough to be used as much as it was in Meteor.

I suppose if you did a really long mix, it could almost sound like one song

which might be interesting. Originality wise, not as good as the rest of the

album, but its definitely building on what was done right from Meteor.


Nobody mentioned Who Are You, I rather liked it, the track started out strange,

but pulled me in. Its third on my list for this album.


Storm - I'll agree that its borderline cheesy, seems kinda shallow like the pop

'trance' that's hitting US airwaves. Its alright, I just wouldn't want to fit

it into a nice dark psy set.


Overall, good listening and worth the buy, but not quite a masterpiece. 8/10

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  • 4 weeks later...

Good but nothing special...Definetely better than WAVES...And, yes, It does

sound sometimes IBIZA influenced but dosen't matter...There are no BEST tracks

on it but good ones are WHO ARE YOU ? , STORM, MOONCHILD and LOVE IS NOT A

CRIME...rest is soooo average....


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  • 3 weeks later...
Guest pamela

Hey, I don't doubt Boris Blenn is a genius and has some great stuff, but this

sucked. I do like pretty, melodic stuff and hard shit, and stuff in

between...but this was really hard for me to listen to. Couldn't swallow it

at all and I listened to the whole thing. Some nice parts, ok, but I can't

help but imagine some New Age kind of trance when I hear it. Nothing stands

out, except Storm and Love Is Not A Crime are cool. But not enough. The rest

is just not very good. I'd say save your money, this is not necessary. My


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  • 1 month later...

Yes, it took me a while to get into it and it is rather good now...I don't know

why I even doubt about the master...This album is more soothing, mellow and

light than his other albums...Grade goes up to 7/10...

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  • 13 years later...

"Isn't it beautiful just to listen?"


Well that depends. I think to appreciate this you have to divest yourself of what you think Boris is. Forget One Love, Cosmic Experience, Silence In Action....all of it. This was made 15 years ago when trance music was in flux so there is a more minimal, morning trancey feel to it. The sound is a progressive one. As a matter of fact it doesn't even sound like Boris unless you're talking about the production which continues to be great. So if you just look at this album from a music standpoint and not who made it then I think it's more tolerable and possibly even good. Hell The Coming Mission with its goa crunch would've fit on his debut.


If you're searching for the sound from any of the above albums then disappointment you shall find.

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