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V/A - Destination Goa 5

Guest carl[at]sigurjonsson[dot]net

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Guest carl[at]sigurjonsson[dot]net

V/A - Destination Goa 5


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Artist: Various

Title: Destination Goa 5

Label: Goldhead

Date: 1997


Track listing:


CD 1

01. 09'19" Miranda : Gnocchi

02. 09'44" Crop Circles : Lunar Civilization

03. 09'29" X-Frame : Distorted Reality

04. 09'08" Astral Projection : Life On Mars

05. 07'40" Synchro : Kitchen Sync

06. 06'39" Phoenix : Finger Licking

07. 07'17" Epic-Tone :  Aerosol

08. 06'59" MFG : Inspiration


CD 2

01. 06'24" Hallucinogen : Snakey Shaker

02. 09'58" Planet BEN : Non Sense

03. 09'08" Trancelestial Psychobabas : Blue Psychobabas

04. 09'16" Tandu : Visually Distorted

05. 08'39" Kundalini : Cowden

06. 07'49" Kayseri : Ararat

07. 05'49" I Savastano : Coppertone




People say that this is the best DG chapter, but I still like the seventh

chapter a little bit better. A lot of surprises on this compilation though. I

discovered some great artists I hadn't heard of, like Tandu. The first CD

starts off with a Great intro with the best track from Miranda, gnocchi! It

sounds really fat =) and next track is even better, that high-hat combined with

the bass drum kicks ass. X frame is another group from Germany, never heard of

them before. It's a pretty good track. Astral Projection takes place on track 4

like DG 6. Not much to say about that track. Track 5 is also good. Phoenix


is just as interesting as the title, bores me. And another Swede, epic-tone,


track has a good start but gets a bit repetitive, but it's good. MFG won't

disappoint you with inspiration, it's fast and pumping and with great melody as

usual. CD2, first track is snakey shaker which is one of my favorite tracks

from hallucinogen. Next two tracks are average tracks. Here is were I first

discovered Tandu, with the stomper visually distorted. It makes you wanna jump

around insane, love it so much. Track 6 is pretty good too. And here comes

another kayseri track with almost the same sounds. It really bothers me that

they keep putting tracks from kayseri. They usually suck >:( CD2 ends with a

nice track from I Savastano. 7/10

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heh..this CD is not so good...just a few good songs...And the winner in the

"worst track" competition is:..........ofcourse..."I Savastano"...this track

really sucks...;(((

Lunar Civilization is one great uplifting song...I didn't throw this CD out of

window just because of this one song..;)))

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Guest Jebach

A good,not great,but good, compilation,there are some favourites like

Gnocchi-Miranda,Hallucinogen,Astral ...


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snakey shaker and gnocchi are great

ararat & psychobabas very good

lunar civilization & visually distorted are fucking perfect!!!!!!!!!!!

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Guest swedidish

my first goa cd...

even if it isn´t that good, it still has that feeling that u get when u found

something new and interesting...

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  • 4 years later...

The trickiest part about grading albums is that sometimes they can be so hard to find out. Is this compilation merely a safe purchase or a highly recommended purchase? After listening to Psychedelic Voodoo intensely for the last two weeks it's hard to impress me, but compilations are about supplying hits and DG5 has more than a handfull.


Astral Projection's Life On Mars shows that AP also had a dark side. One I really like and that sometimes can be forgotten in the praise of AP and their legend today. They didn't go from hard to happy. They were happy all along.


Phoenix' Finger Licking gives me another hit to the bone. Wow! Dark psytrance from the early days comes across so minimal and insisting. Why did it ever change, I can't help thinking? Sinister and naive at the same time, I have no choice but to go with the Armageddon psytrance. Thank you, Phoenix! I'm sure I've heard you sometimes in my midnineties and you made my night. Back then I could resist everything but temptations.


MFG graces us with Inspiration which ... is inspired! Another MFG track that goes right in my book of defining goa tracks. Packed with layers, new sections taking over one after another, melodies becoming more and more crazy, and mind more and more challenged. I dig it!


Kayseri wheels in Arafat with an absylum worthy acid opening that's guaranteed granting immunity to hallucinate. Nude Psychedelic Goa Trance, I believe, is the key factor that got todays psy followers in. You have no choice but to obey, face the dj podium, and start moving in sync. Arafat comes a dancer with an agenda that includes you dancing.


The dark tracks, and the ones that personifies this compilation, aside, the key track here is Crop Circles' Lunar Civilization. It actually becomes me quite sickening that I haven't been able to track down one lousy CC track but all have been merritfull. LC is no exception. Pleiadians' layers galore, innovation from outer space planet 9, and more aggresiveness than I've seen birthday parties, CC gives us THE, encore Goa antheme track if you should ever want to pick one. And makes any compilation worth buying, that offers this monster of a f***** up Goa journey.


Still, a couple of good tracks doesn't make an entire compilation. DG5 is almost hitting the Highly recommended floor but with not enough blasters stays at the, respectable, Safe purchase. Well done.

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This is an amazing compilation a definitely must have!

It's my favorite DG comp!

Some ultra classics in here: Lunar Civilization, Gnocchi, Visually Distorted, Snakey Shaker, Inspiration, Trancelestial Psychobabas and many more cool tracks!


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