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Battle Of The Future Buddhas - Demonoizer

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garraeth    0

Battle Of The Future Buddhas - Demonoizer


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Artist: Battle Of The Future Buddhas

Title: Demonoizer

Label: BooM!

Date: 2002


Track listing:


01. 50,000 CC

02. Reversed Vertigo Complex

03. Master Of Deception

04. Demonoizer

05. Primetimeslime

06. Hippy Crack Panic

07. Hubba Bubba Rub-A-Dub

08. Scoobydoo Meets The Fluff Monster

09. Leprechaun War Dub (-1% Edit)




This is my first review, so go easy...

I'd consider this more "static-ie" music. Tons of distortion. But, when I'm in

the mood for something that I can workout hard to and kick some ass, this is

the music for me. I'd say it's full-on, not AP like (*whew*), more like Deeper

in Zen or Xenomorph or Sonnenvakuum. It's not the Infected Mushroom type

either...all the sounds kinda mix together with a static-like background woven

through all of the songs. You have to listen to this music loud and on a good

system or it just sounds like static with drums. On to the songs: 1. This is a

catchy tune thats got a really cool melody that is of the really trippy flange

type that I oh so love. 2. Very cool with samples from 2001. 3. Nother cool

one. 4. This is one of my favorites. I downloaded this off the net (I know,

taboo) before I got the cd, and this song is the main reason I got into BFB in

the first place. It plain and simply rocks! 5. Good one. 6. This is another

good song with a ginding sample of that stupid robot from the movie "Short

Circuit". 7. Gots some funky rasta guy sample in it and a bit of rasta flavor.

8. Nother cool song. 9. Some more rasta flavor mixed in here. It's a slower

chill-out song. It's cool and all, but its no Shpongle. I know the individual

song reviews are short, but if you like their earlier CDs/songs or you like

the noisy loud full-on sound, then you'll like these guys. I give this one a

8/10 only because I hate that Short Circuit sample and I'm not so hip on

rastafari (even when it's hardly there). But, on the other hand, Demonoizer is

outrageous! and 50,000CC is almost as gnarley. Orebro Freak Factory is still

my all-time BFB song -- go get that CD!!! :)

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Guest Koirraaah   
Guest Koirraaah

Me likee. I love the first CD and though this one is NOT on par with it (almost

like as if the buddhas were hesitant this time, afraid of using the full scale

of their talent, they're holding back all the time) it's still the crazy good

pumping good old Battle of the Future Buddhas. One of those CD's you never get

tired of, like the first one. One of those CD's you do NOT want to listen to

while doing anything else - it absorbs you body and soul as whole. As much as

I dislike Sweden I have to admit the psychedelia pouring out of there is more

to my liking than domestic (finnish) stuff. 8/10, not a must-have but a good

addition to anyone's collection. This stuff grows on you. Great with

headphones while walking through the boring hordes of mainstream.

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Guest Rx7style   
Guest Rx7style

I'll admit; I haven't heard anything else like Battle Of The Future Buddhas --

not that I'd want to, but that's beside the point. The psychedelia created by

this group must really be an acquired taste, and a taste that not many will be

willing to acquire. At times these tracks sound hollow and poorly mastered...

why is this? Aren't we in the year 2002? In any case, I don't care for any

of the tracks except for Hubba Bubba Rub-A-Dub which reminds me of sounds from

Sandman - Witchcraft, yet even stranger. The last track is actually really

quite interesting, and the title is very appropriate. Almost a "ghostly" dub

sound and I liked it. Good sound quality here... why not in some of the other

tracks? I don't know why there are these inconsistencies in the album, but if

you like strange and anything BUT the norm/mainstream, you may be interested

in this unique sound. Too weird for me though.

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Guest Slave2rave   
Guest Slave2rave

As rx7style said, this must be an acquired taste. I say this because, at the

first time i took a listen to their Twin Sharkfins cd, i found it veeeeery

strange. Must say it wasn't my taste. But then it began to grow intensely on

me, till the day it was one of my all-time favorites. On the other hand, i

must admit that this cd isn't their best. As the finnish buddy said above,

looks like they were hesitant and holding their psychedelia a bit.

Nonetheless, if you're into the Buddhas' sound, go get it! But don't expect

something better or alike Twin Sharkfins. It's good, not excellent. 7,5/10 for

what they could have done. 8,5/10 when compared with the rest.

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Gnome    5

I walked into the records shop the day it was released,gave it a quick spin,i was buying it anyway i just couldn't wait!,and i simply cannot forget how excited i was listening to Reversed Vertigo Complex,what a monster tune.I thought dance like nobody is watching,but nah.

Anyway some amazing tunes in here,very good overall.

A must for the Schlab cult.

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Ormion    425

Quite of dissapointment if you compare it with their previous works but still dark and ''subterranean''.

Best track is of course Demonoizer, a really demonic track. Hippy Crack Panic is also a great tune just like the ambient one.


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Gnome    5

Quite of dissapointment if you compare it with their previous works.

Not really ... if you compare it with their previous works on Schlab records (Sly,Silver Surfer etc) and their unreleased works around that time,it sounds like it should.

It wouldn't be fair to compare it with Twin Sharkfins,different times different sounds.

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