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Total Eclipse - Delta Aquarids

Guest Tequila

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Two trips rookie. There's no shame in two trips.


Yeah this sh*t is weak. It really hasn't gotten better with time, actually the polar opposite. I gave it 5 years and all that grew was my disdain for this album. This is your mom's VHS sex tape in the era of streaming media. Tell her to Go Pro next time she wants what the mailman will deliver. A cathode ray television in a world full of flat screens. You get the idea.


I thought that some new and awesome headphones from an awesome benefactor would help. And they did. They helped me realize how much weak sauce this is. And that it no longer requires any trips.

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Never got in to this. It really to me sounds like a b-side or unreleased track compilation. The Remix of Le Lotus Bleu is so much better. This should have come out remastered now as a bonus CD on a DAT Records release. PPL would be like oh wow, whereas it is just forgetable.

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