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Yumade - Danz Ego

Guest Pit-UFO

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Guest Defbydelta...

i've had this album for a long time now and i think this one is pretty cool,

its psychedelic to the max..

and it's not bad at all. spoooooooooookey!!!


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Guest diablo_mxmn[at]hotmail[dot]com

all the tracks in here have a lack in bass...

very nice ideas though...

the tracks here lack some power - what they need is a good remix (especially

mr.ness (track 4) which is my favorite) and even thought this is minimal

music, i think that some nice melodies would fit in some of the tracks...


(i am rating these tracks as minimalistic trance NOT melodic trance)


pits fitz fizz: 8.7/10

danz ego: (i love the begining of the track) 8.9/10 (only needs a good remix

to be an exellent track)

the tube: 7.1/10 (too messy)

mr.ness: 9.2/10

modern terms: 7.9/10 (very nice psychedelic music)

witch bed: 4.2/10 (cute bassline though...)

none for chill: 9.1/10

true broken fields: 8.6/10 (all this baby needs is a remix from wizzy noise to

be the best track in here)

digestive remix: never heard it so i cant rate it


the whole cd: exellent night music 8.9/10


keep it up youmade!


psychedelic teacher/psy-t

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Guest agent.smith[at]shpongle[dot]com

whooooaaa!! i'm pretty sure my memory sux now. u see, the way i remember it,

this entire scene was about acceptance, peace, tolerance & havin a good time...

the situation seems to be that if some of u were in the same room, u would get

out your bats & gats and fight this out till the Bitter End!! Jeeez!

why dont we all shake hands and agree on the simple fact that Taste is a Very

Individual Thing? quite a lot of my friends fukkin hate my record collection,

but it doesn't mean that i go off at them for it at all times..

classic morning psy rocks. so does minimalistic, dark, fukt & evil psy.


please be happy.


*dl: yumade-triphased*


(btw: rokkitz is a wise! listen to rokkitz!)

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Guest Cannibal

Had this album for a year or so, and I still think what I thought to start

with: it's a bunch of crap. It's just a beat with a few psychedelic bits and

pieces on top, but there aren't any memorable tracks here.


When are these artists going to learn that 'minimal' doesn't mean 'boring'?

There's nothing here that would get me on the dance floor at a party. These

are the guys who give minimal stuff a bad name. Rather check out Big Wigs or

Parasence to see what minimal is all about. Spirallianz have their moments

too. But Yumade? - sorry guys, back to the drawing board. 2/10

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So much butthurt on this topic? Minimal? ...sorry but this is not minimal, this is techno (I mean 95% techno and 5% of prog trance)...pretty simple, you like techno then give it a try, if not then don't waste your time as you will likely dislike this.


Anyway I would call this psychedelic techno, and yes I mean not minimal at all, quite the opposite, there is much more work and details in this album than in usual techno music, much more effects, (delays, resonance) too. Some really nice tracks, Mr Ness... and Modern terms are my favourites.

Very cold style, nice attention to details, cool percussions it is a nice listen with headphones.

I reckon Danz Ego was superior to Klanguage, the latter did not really do it for me and I tried...


By the way this album was released in 2000 (not in 2001 like it is specified in the original post).

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