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Yumade - Danz Ego

Guest Pit-UFO

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Guest Pit-UFO

Yumade - Danz Ego


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Artist: Yumade

Title: Danz Ego

Label: Shpastic Elastic

Date: 2001


Track listing:


01. 09'03" Pit Fits Fizz

02. 07'10" Danz Ego

03. 07'09" The Tube

04. 07'40" Mr Ness

05. 07'29" Modern Terms

06. 07'44" Witch Bedd ??

07. 08'00" None For Child

08. 06'11" True Broken Fields

09. 06'00" Digestive (Rmx)




Mad music from the French masters of minimal techno. Impossible to describe

each track. All of them have something special and are filled with hard lines,

acid soundz, confusing moments and those subliminal kicking drums and idiotic

baselines that characterized this guys and Paps. My favs "Pit Fits Fiss" and

"Modern Term"s. Not for sensible Morning Music lovers or guys still in love

with the old school, this is a piece of the future. Good or bad? You

choose.... 8/10

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Guest DJ Spottycat

This is an okay album, but nothing that I would say highlights my vinyl

collection. The key word in Pit-UFO's review is minimal. It has lots of weird

trippy noises over a really hard beat, and that's it. It sounded alright to me

after I'd taken a hell of a lot of psilocybe cubensis, but normally it's

pretty boring. Definately doesn't deserve 8 out of 10. I'd give it 6.5/10

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this is very VERY minimal.

my favourite: "Witch Bed?" which has an excellent groove.

The rest is too minimalist for me... 5/10.

Album really for minimalism lovers...really.

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Guest Ehsanur

Rather ugly cover and whats this crap about minimalistic

music, soon there won't be anything left in future tracks. It will be utterly

silent and then you guys can celebrate your minimalistic revolt! :-!


Eshanti Brahman (changed my nickname)

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Guest Cnt97

Major disapointment I must say. Pit Fits Fizz is the best track I guess... but

a very WEAK album I think. Boring I'm afraid.

I love other Yumade tracks, but they are not on this album...

WEAK 4/10.

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I found it to be a very good album; stomach twirling, twisting and contorting

noises are intertwined around consistent phat beats. Found it to be deep and

wonderful - worth the asking price +

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I've waited SOOOOOO long for this album, and I was VERY happy when I finally

got it about a month ago... PeÁ and the crew are the MASTERS of minimalism

along with Wizzy Noise and XVK... This is the soundtrack for 2001... Very,

very nice.... 7.9/10! Bom shankar!

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Guest Goa Spirit

Dissapointing,,,,, very dissapointing.. there are no tracks which stick out in

my mind.. and when you make dance floor oriented music like yumade, then it is

really surprising that absolutely no track stuck out in my head... Modern

Terms is an o.k. track.. but then again even that one is very simple and can

be made with a couple of hours at your computer,, way tooo simple... after

tracks like fluffin side, this lets us down.,, 5/10.

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Guest djpsychedelicman[at]marijuana[do

I like used to like yumade tracks, like tripiatrik rmx, fluffin in side, torez

taal, etc, BUT this new album is not really what i was expecting ... none real

killer track...

Maybe modern terms is good to listen, but do not work good at dancefloor...


Maybe they can make something better next time/...

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Guest AMP - heirofset[at]yahoo[dot]com

They are great. I really enjoy their jump style music, with a happy beat into

it. From Tripiatrik, Snug as a Bug and Yumade, the last is my favourite style.

I look forward to watch them on 4th of May. Good one!

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Guest anybodyawake[at]wonderland[dot]b

Come on guys, you canr do techno, youre sound is not good enough for it, and

theres no creativity in this so called trance.All you people who like this

style will feel really stupid in a few years.I hope.

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Guest tobias[at]trance[dot]nu

Whats this talk about that this album is sooo minimalistic ive heard albums

that are way more minimalistic than this. My opinion is that this album´is

very good. It will get 7/10 from me.

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Guest AMP - heirofset[at]yahoo[dot]com

I personally like the old Yumade style, but this new CD is very cool to hear in

parties. I just went to a Yumade/ Tripiatrik live act last night, and it was

really cool. Great beats.

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Guest Mescalinium

I apologize in advance for getting off on a rant here, but I feel I must rebuke

those who completely dismiss minimalism. Minimalism is/was a complete

artistic/architectural/musical (etc.) revolution which sought to redefine the

boundaries of these and other respective aesthetic fields. In the area of

trance, I do concede that some efforts have gone too far in their reduction of

sound but at the same time I believe minimalism has been positive in expanding

the limits of "trance" music. Again, sorry about this diatribe. On to

Yumade. I saw Yumade live back in march in New York and I thought they put on

a very good show. They played for more than 3 hours (!). However, when I

listened to a lot of their singles and this album at home, I was a little

disappointed. While I normally hate making the distinction that something is

"only good for parties", I'm afraid personal experience must classify Yumade's

music as this. I found their deep groovy beats to be very satisfying at a

party, but lacking on my computer. Oh well.

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Minimalism is not Goa! Don't you people understand the whole concept of Psy

Trance / Goa. To be tranced and go somewhere else doesn't revolve around a

bunch of hard, techno throbbing beats with mixed in acid, scratchy sounds.

What is wrong with everyone??? In my country, the USA, I have to listen to

that hip hop/ pop rock crap and it makes me sick. Our countries music is so

commercial that almost everyone listens to and loves the pop rock retart

scene. Actually, us Americans don't even have a scene, we suck so much. But

when I hear most minimal music, it scares me to think that there is such

boring, commercial music in your countries (Europe, Isreal,etc) as well.

Yumade is shit that I, as well as most of you people, can create over the

computer in a couple days, probably less. I can't believe you guys debate what

is or isn't minimal over such crap. Yumade is shit- and I am not even putting

down the whole minimal wave, even though most of it is cheap shit that is

rushed to flood the shelves so that party heads and narrow minded butt nuts

can buy it up, and dance to pure monotony that is disguised by both high

volume and a good sound system. There is so much better stuff out there-

seriously. Yumade is only deep if your on crack. DO YOU ENJOY YOU COMMERCIAL


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Guest re_psycle[at]yahoo[dot]com

Jon Cocco - i would be most interested to hear some of the "shit" that u

"could write on a computer in a couple of days, or less" .....- genuinely,

please mail me

if it is even half as good as the stuff that yumade/tripiatrik/snug produce

then im sure alot of labels would appreciate your demo

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Guest **InFeCTed XeN**

This piece of shit is too much in the same way, literally like just: boom boom

boom....... and I could repeat myself a hundred times without any melogic

sense that matters - if you absolutely gotta hear psytrance like this, go

listen to Paps instead.......... 5/10

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FUCKIN' GREAT CD i'll give it 8/10..... expand your mind

ppl and give minimalistic a chanse...you will love it... I thought GOA was a

plase in asia????

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Guest rokkitz

wow, this is still going on? heh... i too think this is a wild piece of


picture of them chasing cows on the back cover... what they've chosen to

visually represent themselves speaks volumes for their music... it's green,

kinda weird, sounds good under blacklight and seriously silly... i like goa

and psy trance of all sorts, and judge things based on context... minimal has

its own context, both in party and out... a good set of headphones and a

release like 'danz ego' makes long nights of study bearable, and possible...

its weirdness seeps in subliminally and helps expand my creative problem

solving problems... i can understand how some people wouldn't like it, but at

least listen to it in the right frame of mind... i don't understand how anyone

can claim that yumade is so crappy that it doesn't stir any emotion... that's

not always the point... the point is to stir interesting meditations and

brainwaves patterns, and see where the pieces fall from there...

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