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Jaïa - Blue Synergy


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Jaïa - Blue Synergy


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Artist: Jaïa

Title: Blue Synergy

Label: Yellow Feather

Date: 2000


Track listing:


CD 1 (Blue Energy)

01. 06'46" Sommeil Paradoxal

02. 09'26" Anawa's Paradise

03. 07'25" Breathing Ocean

04. 08'13" Brainstorm

05. 09'44" Nasty Angel

06. 09'21" Maï Maï

07. 08'59" Spiritual Drops And Eternal Ices

08. 09'25" After The Rain


CD 2 (Blue Synergy)

01. Sentences To Heaven

02. Sillenium

03. Time Machine

04. Kannibal

05. Factory Of Mind

06. Meditation




The first CD is the reedition of Jaïa's album released in mid-1998.

To have an idea of it, just take a look at the Jaïa : Blue Energy review page.


The second cd is a compil of tracks released -or not- at different ages, and on

different labels.

Sentences to Heaven....a typical Jaïa track, fast and cool at the same time,

charming voices. There is also a powerful break! ok.

Sillenium was written with Deedrah. This is a true killer with psychedelia

everywhere...a total dancefloor tune. Once again, the break near the end is

perfect and it's difficlt not to dance on that track.

Time Machine also used to be a very good party track. It rolls quickly over a

guy saying 'le temps....' all the time...then there are voices, a break, and

it restarts to roll again and again! Everything is very well studied.

Excellent track.

Kannibal is new: it's fast and more minimalistic than the rest:mainly rhythmic.

There is a good work on the drums. Near the end, there are a few waves And

people shouting. The groove is OK, the track is OK.

Factory of the Mind is also (nearly) unknown. It has a powerful bassline, the

track runs fast, there are shy little sounds dealing with other drumworks And

quick plastic sounds over that. sure the effect would be excellent on a

dancefloor !

Meditation is a very emigmatic calm track, with voices. It's cool And still

really good ...something to calm you down after 2 hours of powerful energies.

If you've never had the Original Blue Energy, or if you don't know Jaïa, here

is your chance to repair the offense!

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Guest Tequila

True.Blue energy is a killer, but no need to waste time on CD1, it's already

reviewed.So, Blue Synergy begins with Sentence to Heaven.A powerful nice track

that immediatly shows the Jaïa new style: both powerful and

melodic.great.Sillenium is a killer, made with Dado -we immediatly hear this

transwave influeunce in that track- and I really enjoy it each time I listen

to it.But I regret that it's already been released on the comps QuestionMark1

and DreamCreation, so, not a real discover.Track 3, Time Machine, is perfectly

made.The sounds fits nicely together, showing the maturity Jaïa has 2 years

after Blue Energy.It begins with a nice clock sound, that seems to disappear

during the main part of the track, and that comes back again and again each

time there is an explosion:)gooood!Kannibal is original, based on its fast

rhythm.as wrote mars, minimalistic, but powerful and well made, so it's an OK

track that reminds me Anawa's Paradise.Factory of mind is a killer track.For

me, it's The track representative of the new Jaïa style: Fast, powerful, Hard

bass line, and some beautiful sounds assembled together that makes an

harmonious melody.wow!

and it ends with Meditation, a nice peaceful end, terribly relaxing, and truely

beautiful. aow, and don't look for recognizing where does the samples come

from for hours, they're taken from a french radio named France Culture.8/10

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Guest hitch-hiker

I wonder about the second CD, because my tracklisting is (no order):


7:58 Rebirth

6:30 Phase 2

5:45 Deep Pulsations

7:50 Time Machine

9:03 Drum Explorer

5:29 P-re Noel 2000

7:55 Meditation

6:58 I'd like to live

8:48 L'ivresse des pr.


It seems that Meditation and Time Machine are the same tracks, altough you

forgot to mention the playtimes in your review for comparision...

All tracks on this CD are Ambient style which I like, but Blue Energy was a

better mix of styles!

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Guest Goa Spirit

Great stuff!!! sentences to heaven, time machine and kannibal are three awesome

tracks... love the drum they use... overall really good stuff... these french

and greeks really do make some amazing psy trance..

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Guest ArchNemesis

Sillenium is so cool it hurts me badly. I cannot get over it... ever. The

sounds which slowly emerges, and then a hard kick followed by a small

bassline, and it continues with the rough style all the way through. As I

said, I cant get enough

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Guest Ravemail10

Sillenium - aaaaaaaaaa!!! choo-choo-train-run-right-over-you elements, but

different from spirallianz. And then the break enters with those cool

whackwhackwhack sounds. Other tracks have totally different personalities,

theres a track for every mood. Nothing particularly special about these

tracks, they are just beautiful. Money well wasted :-) 7.5/10 - Raven

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Guest donthave[at]email[dot]com



BEST SHIT I'VE EVER HEARD!!!!! 100/100 !!!!!!!!!!!


"these french and greeks really do make some amazing psy trance..




who are you talking about ?? wtf?? this is a review of infected mushroom right?

hmm.. strange guy..

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Guest Ehsanur

"Feel good"-music which flourishes in its own purity.

The melodies are taken to another level and the drums are very much present at

the fullon tracks. This french/greek-group really know how to create awesome

synthlines, and as a fundament the bass pumps and the drum thumps. Some of it

is just nice music regardless of any genre and their usage of vocals blend

nicely into the music. Even if it is melodic, I still wouldn't put this winner

in that typical uplifting category a la Israel. No, Blue Energy and Jaia in

general stands out from the trance scene as something pure and genuine. Really

nice mediterian/oriental focus.Fav.tracks must be "Sentence to heaven" (killer

on the dancefloor),"Maï Maï","Breathing Ocean","Time Machine" and "After the

Rain". Too bad " Drum Explorer" isn't included in this release... 9/10


Bom Shankar from Eshanti Brahman

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Guest skaba[at]iobox[dot]fi

I fall in love these sounds! Even better and tasty than AP cheese sounds... Got

to have some more!

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Guest rx7style

Jaia is a truly wonderful sound. Jaia has to make some of the sweetest

melodies in electronic music today. I absolutely love the track Rebirth! The

harmonies are simply astounding! If you already own Blue Energy [AMAZING

ALBUM], you should buy this one too. It's just so damned good... and I really

can't say anything else!! Go buy it, you'll love it!

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Guest rx7style

I have a question though, why were the releases different? Some of these

albums included completely different tracks?? What's going on? What am I

missing *whimper*???

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Guest sunconscious

i love Jaia's light songs.. they are so beautiful.. but i find their dancey

songs boring. for me jaia means "breathing ocean" "mai mai" "rebirth" etc.

beautiful songs! you cant go wrong with this unless you are one of those

progressive trance snobs

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Guest hit it

I've heard a track that will be in the next jaia album, (the jaia guy told me

when i was asking him after a live show)and it make me crasy waiting it!!! I

think fans will not be dispointed by it, just be patient, theese guys need

time to do this kind of amazing music

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Guest Glaeken

Second cd was dissappointing after I heard the first one. Blue Energy rocks!!!

Blue Synergy sux !!! Rate: Blue Energy - 9,6/10, Blue Synergy: 4,5/10 !!!

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I doubt I've ever come across an album as widely praised as Blue Energy. Everyone seems to love this album frequently labelling it a classic of the golden 95-98 goa era. Even I.F.O., Twisted, Mystical Experiences and other classics have their foes, but Blue Energy seems to meet everyone's taste. So how does it fare in 2006 together with Blue Synergy on this 2000 re-issue?


As a bloody statement of what the Goa sound was and is all about!! You simply can't help but surrender to BE's melodies, build-ups, sounds and mindblowing energy. BE tugs you in and run you over. If you're looking for one worthy statement of the classic goa sound, this could be your pick. And add to the 6 psychedelic goa monsters here (2-7) the opening and closing ambient beauties.


Disc 2 Blue Synergy has the ungrateful task of taking over and one can't help but think that Kamarinos and Blanchet must thank themselves today that they chose to add these tracks so soon after the original BE issue! That task would have been WAY to hyper today, but on BS they manage to follow up with tracks that both point back to BE while at the same time adding their own characteristica. BS has a more aggressive sound to it, but places itself nicely in the streamwater of BE. A worthy addition that in itself justifies a purchase of this package.


Which as of this date is still available directly from Dakini Records, mind you! Yes, there is NO excuse.

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