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my new psychedelic melodic goa trance....

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Guest Cosmogenesis

Man, very nice track with maybe some Astral projection influence (sorry if I am wrong). I very like and appreciate this tune. Excellent work at his whole with very good vibrations and variations !

Can't wait to see more from you!

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thanks...my music is very high influenced from astral music...i like the


atmospheric sound,and the mixed psy melodies,dancing galaxy style...and i am


glad that there are pepole who respect and love this style,so when my next track


will be finished u can listen to it...


thanks again, and keep the GOA tune alive...

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first thanks man... and second where did u hear an earlier version of this track?


beacause this is my original track,and i was first released it before 3 days ago into


my website...


,so i think u heard another track,but not this one...because before a month


ago,this track was not "born" yet....


but thanks man...my music is in that tune...and i will keep making that music...




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I believe it was called Travelling about a month ago, it was on your site. This one is different but if it was intended as a different track they sound too similar.


Your music is inspired by Astral Projection, I can tell that much, but I wouldn't say its like them, I can hear more originality :) However, what I notice is that your goa and the melodies that you use are of the wonderful kind that are sad, but at the same time they make you smile, they're very...sonically beautiful :) I'm very much interested in hearing more, what are your plans as a producer, what can we expect from you?

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yes...my oldest track was TRAVELING,it was the same style like that one,and i am


very influenced from the astral style,and u have a very very good listening


because my melodies are like sad but with positive feelings...this is what i feel,and


i put my feelings into the track,i like those kind of melodies tune...with a lot of


feelings but still psychedelic...the most astral track who influenced on me is


LIQUID SUN from the album DANCING GALAXY...the meoldies in that


track are sad,


but makes u smile...so i am happy that u had that feeling on my track to...that is


my goal, at the parties in the morning that pepole will dancing with smile and


tears in their eyes....i think that is the most powerfull expirience that pepole can




so for now i will continue make music,music that came from my feelings,and it


is allways some how i create this goa style tune,thats how i can express my


feelings into the trance music....


and i am happy that u understand the messege i tryied to put in the melodies in


my track...


i am making the music first for myself,and second for the pepole who like this




i dont think labels intrested this kind of tune...because it is an old style...but i am


not making my music for the labels...and pepole tell me that they exited from my


music,and they realy understand the melodies,so i am happy...


i am making my music 100% from what i feel,and not for money,or to be known at


the world as a trance artist...


so pepole...keep the good vibes of goa trance spirit...positive psychedelic tune...


with a lot of the great TB303 acid sound who allways makes me smile...



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I know exactly what you mean with the sad yet happy melodies... and that track from astral projection I believe is the most trance-inducing track I have heard, there is no other song that you can get so lost up in, for everyone else... try listening to that with closed eyes and just try, try to guess how much time has passed since you started listening or what part of the song you're at (middle beginning or end)... its very hard and you'll be entertained by your results.

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the last track i heard from you (the last dance) was very good and i like this one a lot too when i listen to it..


Man you should get your songs released.. there are still goa trance labels..

suntrip by example.. mayb you should contact them

www.suntriprecords.com they release pure goatrance, so your songs could be there as well


good luck man and keep posting your songs here

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Hi Elad , yepp listening right now. Very nice clean sound, like this style. I am producing the same style and are pretty new to Cubase and computer productions...


One of the favorites right now ;) Keep it up , maybe u want to share some thoughts about music on msn or mail. You are welcome, and so are the other ppl who reading this. Add f0rce@punkass.com if you´re interested of chit chatting :D

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