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my last track : 100 years old


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When people don't give feedback is very shity!!


Hi secretside :)


The first think that I can notice is that quality is very good. B) I like the bass that is little bit high freq.I can hear everything very clear.Nice. :) Like also the paning of the fxs.A lot of things inside the track that I like a lot.Like the percs for ex.Hihats are also nice and very well compressed.The same about the synths.Very easy listening.As you understand I vote 9 from 10 about quality and production :D

As for the structure now....I'm a hard fun of psy and experimental and I found a lot of nice things into your track.It has nice psy feelling.It isn't repetitive or boring.You make a lot of changes and little breaks that keep the interest high.I enjoy it a lot.It's a funky little bit techy psy .Think is at sign level pal ;) 9 from 10 again from me!!


Thanx for sharing it man.Really brillant job.



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This indeed a very good track. The production is very polished and everything is clear. There is no complaining on that part

As for the musical fell, isnt exactly my type of psytrance. For ex i didnt like the melody that started around 4:00, but then it turned out nice again

Anyways, i loved the atmosphere, and very nice use of fx!

Overall, very good track. Spot on!

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Nice piece of psy.

I like that noisy fx that kicks at 2.15, also the speech sample is fine and fx are cybergreat :) That melody between 4 & 5 min is verry funny, like from Shaolin movies :D

The cons are that the bassline starts to get obnoxious after 6 minutes (at least for me) and sometimes sounds somewhat out of harmony (the bass).

This tune is really kinda funky and I like that. You created an interesting flow that keeps the song interesting from beginning to end.

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