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  • 2 weeks later...

just recieved this mail from him after i asked for my cds



Sorry Lars,


I've had a bit of a personal crisis at this end,

so things have gone a little tits up. Most of the packages have gone now,

i'll check on yours, if it's still here it will be posted tommorow, you have

my word. Sorry for making you wait.



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My CDs arrived this morning! Finally! ;o)



I'm owing him 250 sterling but I trust him, he seems like a straight forward

guy, very reasonable fellow.



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just recieved these:


Johann - Blow Your Mind - Blue Room

Nervasystem and Aether - The Mama Matrix Most Mysterious - Elektrik Orgasm

Cwithe - Illegal - Blue Room

The Green Nuns - Rock Bitch Mafia - Flying Rhino

Various - Order Odonata 1 - Dragonfly

Various - Order Odonata The Technical Use of Sound In Magick - Dragonfly

K90 - K90 - Aquarius

Various - Faith, Hope and Psychedelia - Aquarius

Pleiadians - Identified Flying Object - Dragonfly


and a very very happy person i am! :) 7€ for IFO :D

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  • 4 months later...

if is for some use i tracked down a sort of homepage of this guy:


and to answer some questions about CHI-A.D. they were Dave Young and Andy Cotta so he is not the guy in question :)

hope u all get what u paid for!

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I got my records and all were in excellent condition, but it took several months between payment and the arrival of the records. It seems some unfortunate real-life circumstances may have been to blame, so I'm not willing to make judgement.

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