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Vax and Willy are back together (after rumours saying they split up and decided to quit trance)


What are they doing? Not too much info on their site, but it says they finished their second album called "Phoenix".


You can pre-listen to the tracks at their website. And... they changed their style.






Personally, I can't say that I'm amazed by the new sound, but I just want to support these guys. The only ukrainian project in the scene today and their first album is totally magnificent!

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it would be nice to know what was that quitting thing all about.

"you can't make money out of psytrance so we quit".

can you ask them amphiton?


Well, it was because they sold too little :(

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well, it's not enough to just make good music and wait for the money to flow.


you are supposed to also have a marketing plan. the competition is big. and the biggest competitor is download programs online.

you have to have also some good label to promote you.

promo CDs, reviews, some resonant names to support you, some parties, etc.

and there are other thingies that matter.

PR is underrated sometimes. :)

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