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Noise Unit - Drill


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Here is the fourth album by Noise Unit, done in entirely different way than previous one Decoder. While previous one was sort of happy and positive this one is rather darker and with lots of industrial influences. I find this one as good or even slightly better than Decoder cause it is harder and much better produced.


First song THE DRAIN is heavy industrial pumping song with many psychedelic sounds and nice harmonies. it is nice intro to this rather harder album.


DOMINATION is stunning song ! It also has heavy industrial feel but so many trancey effects and melodies that feels very massive and entrancing.


PROSTITUTE is nice breakbeat stuff, with lots of weird noises and demented sounds. It has very funky feel and it is pretty nice. And no, it is not made for sex. :P


MIRACLE is fantastic guitar industrial madness. It has weird atmosphere and many funny breaks. It starts slow and weird but turns into massive song. It is great track, pretty psychedelic !


EYE BURNER is the second best track here...Melodic, dark, generic, with amazing structure. Its melodic and harmonic structure is so delicate and to the point, sounds great !


SLOTH is very nice track with 303 and some breakbeat rhythm and it goes nice with the flow of the album.


NEURON is the best track here...dark, melodic, frightening, spooky, with great effects and sound design ! Stunning ! Sounds like a climax of some horror film. :D


OTHER WORLD is pretty nice track, but it sounds like it is 'one of the hits' or other words commerical...it has many melodies but they are done in that kind of poppy mood, still very good track though.


PENANCE is third best here...Bouncey, funky, psychedelic, melodic, and all of that in 6 minutes...very short but so effective, it sounds like they used at least 40 channels...hehe


All in all, VERY good album, nicely produced and with many influences thorugh whole album, variable...9/10

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Noise Unit alias Frontline Assembly are one of the great pioneers in the EBM & Industrial scene. ;) Btw. Mentallo and the Fixer and their sideproject Benestophe are very recommend too. ;)

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Noise Unit alias Frontline Assembly are one of the great pioneers in the EBM & Industrial scene. ;) Btw. Mentallo and the Fixer and their sideproject Benestophe are very recommend too. ;)


Yummy ! Didn't know for those...will check them out for sure...;)

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On the track descriptions it seems like psytrance. Doesn'tit belong to this scene?



It is not psy trance nor defined as such, it is as Kai-Q said EBM & Industrial sounding which is somehow similar to trance structures cause of melodies and harmonies, especially that these guys use...You can hear strong musical background of experience and they make conceptual kind of albums.

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Guest The Journey Man Project

It is very trance like, and FLA as well had a few tracks remixed byt eh likes of Cydonia and Tim Schuldt into heavey Goa tracks :D

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"Tell me your fantasies. Tell me your secrets. Tell me your deepest. Darkest. Fears."


"Ugh, gee ma'am, that's a little...I mean, isn't that a bit personal? I just wanted to know where there toilet is."


Noise Unit was a project between Marc Verhaeghen of Klinik and Bill Leeb from Frontline Assembly. When Marc left for whatever reason (my daughter suggested unicorn hunting) Rhys Fulber stepped in and it became a FLA side project. This album however brings everyone in including Haujobb which to me sounds too much like hand job and now I'm all hot ans sweaty.




"Honey? Babe, will you help me do some uh...research?"


This is very dark industrial music without the screamy vocals. And it's more dance oriented as well. Sometimes it flirts with goa and guitar riffs resembling the FLA classic albums Flavour of the Weak and Millennium. It's futuristically post apocalyptic and sometimes downright funky! If you're a fan of FLA or industrial tech-trance then lace up the Doc Martens and step to this. Awesome stuff here.

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