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I've traded with Denis two times already

on the second time (today got the cds) he bought me several cds from saikosounds due to solidity finding stuff from my want list from local shops and due to the high prices on the local stores where he live. he purchased the cds before I prepared my part of the trade for shipment.

On our first trade we made a “regular” trade, I got the cds pretty fast and they were in great condition!

MOST reccomanded!


Also I want to add that Denis is a wonderful person! -May the shwortz be with you!

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Recently made another great trade with Denis

I must say that this guy is very honest and fair guy!

Out of three cds he sent me two he held and one he had to buy from some guy on eBay (or something…) so the cd was sent to me straight from the seller himself

Unfortunately the cd I got wasn’t the one I wanted… same name but totally different cd

I notified Denis that there was a mistake and he immediately told me he will make it up… and ordered the right one


This guy is very trustworthy and more than recommended to deal with!

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Guest The Journey Man Project

Very honest fair trade. Reliable and the cd's came perfect packagin in perfect condition. Reccomended for sure.

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Guest antic

My first trade with Dennis went down without any problems - we had v. good communication, the CD came fast, very well packed and in excelent condition (still shrink-wrapped!).


Very nice guy too :)


Hope to deal with you in the future! :D

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