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Check out our first song.. (Chill out)

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Hey folks..

Click the link and give a listen to the first track me and a friend of mine made.. its not the first I ever did, but the first i did with him.. its ambient/freestyle chill out style.. dont really know how to define it ;)


well.. would be nice to see some comments and... thanks..


Shiva Dreadlord & DoctaD - Conmtrolling The Time



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I think you could keep the pad/strings in the beginning, but on a lower octave and lower volume (: Would sound better IMO. Nice job otherwise!

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Hey PPL...


first, thank u all for ur comments.. we really appreciate them.. about the strings, well.. hehe, we made them on the first day we worked on it and then we let them like they are now, so it may not fit that good.. but still we will keep them :P;)


and about new tracks, we are planning to make a faster psytrance-like track and another chill out tune with singing on it. of course we will post them when they are done..


take care dudes..

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