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  1. thanks.. i'll try to find that sonic talkbox.. for u to test here is what i was talking about.. its freeware: http://www.plugzilla.com/support/plugins/d...4-25.1959333190 or in a JS package of plugins: http://www.pc-magazin.de/datatip/common/dt...d=1677&sfiles=1 cu
  2. well.. maybe i could use a vocoder but then i dont know how to use it properly.. but what im looking for is some kind of thing that makes a normal synth sound like a voice.. the humanizer i wrote about "lays" himself over the synth and adds the "human" vowels a e i o u over the sound.. but its not really controlable.. astrix and other artists use other synth.. and its very clear.. the humanizer not really.. but maybe i should just learn to use vocoders a little more... thanks so far
  3. hi all.. maybe some of u know the wider remix by astrix.. and im wonderin what vst or effect he used to create those "vowel-sounds" he uses in this and several other tracks... i already have an effect synth called "JS humanizer" but it doesnt work the way i want it.. so im wonderin if someone may name me another vst that is able to produce those kinds of sounds.. thx
  4. hi.. today i received my midi keyboard with USB output. after installing the driver etc id like to "wire" it with cubase sx2. and when i start cubase, load a vst, and want to play some notes with the keyboard, i can see that it is wired correctly cuz theres an input information in this "master thing"(the thing u see when pressing F2), but i cannot hear any sound.. no matter what vst i use, no sound is coming.. how can that be?? of course i loaded the keyboard to the channel's "in" section, and the vst to the "out" section, and even if i choose "all midi xyz" in the midi in section, i cant hear anything. but as i said, the program recognizes that there is a keyboard that wants something.. and of course i also marked that red button in the midi channel for playing with a keyboard.. so.. i guess i described now what my problem is and i hope that anyone can help me... thanks. SD
  5. Air! Dont know if they were mentioned here before or not, but still they make quite good chill out, bit different from the standard ambient tunes.. now u may think i only listen to pop music, but that is not correct i just like dido and air from that genre. and anothre great artist i just discovered: La Boom - Atarihuana 2 german hiphop producers discover the world of electronic music without any rap etc on it. very nice tracks, very experimental, and very unknown.
  6. Dido! No wait.. dont go away, let me explain.. I know that dido's music is pop music, no doubt, but just take a listen at their 2 albums, they are just amazing (really no joke). i didnt expect anything from this music, but then i listened to it and i must say that its awesome, the bg music is just fucking great and her voice is totally beautiful. the only pop artist i really like!
  7. hmm.. first.. thanx to all to digital psyence for giving a hint.. and to all the others for making the topic more interesting well.. i used jeskola buzz, a tracker program, before i used cubase, and in buzz its kinda easy to control the tempo but somehow theres no channel for automation of the master in cubase.. however, i will test DP's way and see how it works.. thx
  8. hi dudes and dudets.. so.. heres my question: as im interested in making music with cubase, id like to know how to change the tempo of one track in the automation. for example start the track in.. lets say 130 and at some time in the track let it arise up to 140. i just couldnt figure that out, so id be happy if someone may help me with this.. thx
  9. Hey PPL... first, thank u all for ur comments.. we really appreciate them.. about the strings, well.. hehe, we made them on the first day we worked on it and then we let them like they are now, so it may not fit that good.. but still we will keep them and about new tracks, we are planning to make a faster psytrance-like track and another chill out tune with singing on it. of course we will post them when they are done.. take care dudes..
  10. Hey folks.. Click the link and give a listen to the first track me and a friend of mine made.. its not the first I ever did, but the first i did with him.. its ambient/freestyle chill out style.. dont really know how to define it well.. would be nice to see some comments and... thanks.. Shiva Dreadlord & DoctaD - Conmtrolling The Time Cya
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