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Psytrance Party In Italy!

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Hi everyone,

Ill be going to this in Aug,


Hope to see some fellow South Africans there, it's going to be a blast!!! :lol:


The line up:



Infected Mushroom (BNE/Yoyo - Israel)

Hallucinogen (Twisted Records-UK)

Altom (Neurobiotic Records - France)

Psysex (Hommega - israel)

Tikal (Neurobiotic Records - France)

Pixel (Hommega - Israel)

Joti Sidhu (Neurobiotic Records - UK)

Polaris (Neurobiotic Records - France)

Wrecked Machines (Spun Records - Brazil)

Domestic (Hommega - Israel)

Wizzy Noise (Exposure Productions - Greece)

Bamboo Forest (MP records - France)

Sub 6 (Hommega - Israel)

Etnica (Etnicanet - Italy/Ibiza)

Strider (Etnicanet - Italy)

Nick (Neurobiotic Records - Israel)

Silicon Sound (Neurobiotic Records - France)

Intelabeam (Spun Records – Israel)

X-NoiZe (Hommega records . Israel)


DJ Sets:

Bon (Digital Psionics – Italy)

Pulsar (Magma Records - Italy)

Antaro (Spirit Zone/Voov Experience - Germany)

Edoardo (Neurobiotic Records - Italy)

Ans (Nano Records – UK)

Xp Voodoo (Spun Records - Russia)

Gabe (Spun Records - Brazil)

Mack (Spun Records - Brazil)

Josko (Neurobiotic Records - Italy)

Kaio (Neurobiotic Records - Italy)

M45 (Neurobiotic Records - Italy)

Shane Gobi (Alchemy Records - UK)

Dual Head (Hommega - Israel)

Marcello VOR (Neurobiotic Records - Brazil)

Marios (Oktava/Samothraki Dance Festival - Greece)

Erez vs Duvdev (BNE/Yoyo - Israel)

Alexis vs Thomas (Neurobiotic Records - France)

Arno Polaris (Neurobiotic Records - France)

Joti Sidhu (Neurobiotic Records - UK)

Kristian (Psygate-Phantasm Recs-UK)

Simo (Psygate-Alchemy Recs-UK)

Psychotrop (Neurobiotic Records - France)

Chriss & Schippe (Full Moon Festival - Germany)

Du Serena (Hommega - Brazil)

Tommy (Crystal vision - Italy)

Meko (Sonica - Italy)

Marchello (Fairy tales - UK)

Peyo (Trancemission - Italy)



And in the chill out:


Simon Posford (Shpongle DJ Set) (Twisted records - UK)

Ott (Twisted records - UK)

Cell (Indica Music - France)

Aes Dana (Ultimae Records - France)

Gaudi (Interchill - Italy/UK)

Youth (L.S.D. - UK)

Loic Van Poucke (Total Eclipse - France)

Tripswitch (L.S.D. - UK)

Nick (Interchill - UK)

Scene (Indica Music - Italy)

Nick (L.S.D. - UK)

Antaro (Voov/Spirit zone - Germany)

Josko (Indica Music - Italy)

Nova (Ultimae Records/Fairy Tales - Italy/UK)

Arianna (Liquid Connective - Italy/UK)

Will (Omni Festival/Missing frequency - UK)

Justin Chaos (Spain)

Zizou (Sonica - Italy)

Franjo (Moon Madness - Italy)

Beka (Turbo Trance Records - Australia)


Aliji (Sanjita)

Frank (The entity - UK)

Fernando (Zig Zag Records - Brazil)

PKS (www.trance.net - Finland)

Tom Jenkin (Antiworld - UK)


…and more to be confirmed.



General infos


Tickets will be on sale from april 20th. They will have different prices according to this schedule: from april 20th to may 31st, from june 1st to july 15th and at the door... THERE WILL BE A LIMITED AMOUNT OF TICKETS to be sure that everybody will have a wonderful experience and the area will not be too crowded.



Tickets will be on sale online with various payment modes (paypal and credit cards) and from our presale points around the globe.


From April 20th to May 31st - 40 EUR

During this period you will be able to buy your ticket at the best price.




This is going to be one of the greatest annual events experienced by spiritual searchers!" :D

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