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hey guys

me and some friends of mine look for a mixer

maybe you can give us some advice


i would like to buy a dj mixer and maybe 2 cdj, i was wondering if u might know where i can do that online and what is the best to buy based on the price/quality ratio. but i'm not looking for something expensive or very profesional, the mixer should be no more then 200 $. i wanted to buy a behringer a few days ago, but someone told me that they r not very good...

what do u think?

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I would avoid behringer too... I find some of the cheaper stuff noisy... what about buying a better used mixer...?


For cheap, good value, good quality mixers try Numark. I have one for my bedroom and it's great. Apparently, the more you spend, the greater the output the mixer. So for clubs and parties I would say top of the range Beringer, but for bedrooms choose Numark ;)


And avoid mixers with built-in FX. They are dumb! And tend to be more expensive. There is enough FX in psy already IMHO :D



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can anyone tell me what r the differences between pioneer djm-300 and pioneer djm-707, because i've found them both at the same price, but i see that originally 707 was more expensive.707 doesnt have bpm counter. why do u think? also i've red a review online which sayes :"Although the 909 and 707 weigh in at a hefty 14 pounds (approximately) and feel much more solidly constructed than their predecessors, my sound-quality tests proved to be disappointing. DJM-909 and 707 introduce noticeable distortion at levels over +3 dB. Prior to that threshold, they sound fine, but I've always disagreed with Pioneer's practice of dedicating almost half of the meter section to values higher than 0 dB. I tried several gain-structure variations with phono and line inputs, like low input trim/high master volume and high input trim/low master volume, and I'm sorry to report that both boards were markedly distorted way before reaching their maximum meter levels, sometimes below 0 dB on the master meter. 909 and 707 do not have a main output trim on the back, which allows users to calibrate not only the overall output level of the board but also the relationship of the output level to the meters." . what should i understand out of this, that pioneer mixers have a bad sonic performance? and if yes, which mixers are better from that point of view?

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